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There’s nothing worse than feeling discomfort ‘down there’. You know, like when it’s not even time for period but your nether regions feel…well…a little bit icky. Maybe it’s because it’s hot outside, maybe it’s because you’ve had a hectic day – but whatever the reason, no woman wants to feel less than fresh down below!

Ensure you feel fresh, dry and confident every day with CAREFREE® ACTI-FRESH® Liners. Designed with an air-infused cover for two-way airflow, the panty liners draw sweat and moisture away from your body and are available in an ‘Oxygen’ variant (for active sweat control), and a ‘Tea Tree’ variant for odour control. Plus they’re so thin that you won’t even know you’re wearing them!

But don’t just take our word for it. Read the reviews below to find out what our Trial Team members thought of their road-test of CAREFREE® ACTI-FRESH® Liners….


“The Tea Tree liners really do live up to their claims of 8 hours of Odour Control. In fact, I think they last all day without me worrying about being smelly, even during "that time of the month"...The Oxygen liners are my favourite for in between periods. They're comfortable, absorbent and they keep me fresh & dry...
Overall, I loved these. Carefree remains one of my favourite supermarket brands and I’ll use these again in the future.” – Missteaaddict

“I trialled both the Acti-Fresh Oxygen and Tea Tree liners. The packaging was very neat and compact and the scent of each liner was subtle. I especially like the cute design of each individually wrapt liner. The liners itself are very thin and I felt comfortable wearing it as it feels like they are barely there. These liners are probably the thinnest liners I have ever used. The absorbance characteristics of both these liners were good in keeping me dry throughout the day. There were no marked differences between the Oxygen and Tea Tree liners, besides from the subtle scent. I would happily purchase either of these products as they live up to their claims.” - pinkheart

“I was so happy with this product and will definitely purchase these again. They are a Godsend! I would recommend these for any female, absolutely anyone and it doesn't have to be that time of the month. If you have discharge, are experience sweaty days, or just want to keep your underwear clean and fresh from morning to evening they are great!” - SparklesSuzi

“We got both varieties to trial and have used each for a few days, I prefer the scent of the Oxygen as I am not a big fan of tea tree anything, however both were light and discrete...I would recommend these especially if you have a long day/ night planned with no chances of having a shower and getting changed, as they would keep you feeling refreshed. Great to keep in your handbag for many situations, as they take up almost no room. I think price and wide availability would make this product a winner for many people.” – Lorir16

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How do you ensure you feel fresh and confident all day long?