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Wash Odour Control Wash

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Vagisil Wash Odour Control Wash is infused with Odour Control to keep odour from happening. Exercise, your period, or even what you eat can cause feminine odour and make you feel unfresh. It is gentle enough to use every day, it is gynaecologist tested, hypoallergenic and enriched with skin-soothing chamomile, vitamin E & aloe.
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Available at Coles, Woolworths, Chemist Warehouse and all leading pharmacies.

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Tamara 369


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I was prone to getting bacterial vaginisos every month after my period. And I stopped using any form of body wash or soap, simply because I was so sensitive down there. I stopped using tampons, thinking that the cause of it was old blood trapped. I would take inner health plus, and any other vitamins thinking it would somehow assist my body in fighting off any bad bacteria. Didn't work. I saw vagisil and I thought I'd give it a try! It worked wonders. I haven't had the infection in the 4 months I've been using this product. It is sensitive, and the smell isn't strong, but yet it's very effective. I'm much more confident, and I know when I use this product my pH levels will continue to be at normal level, therefore prevent any infections :)! I recommend this to every woman out there! Especially if you're sensitive like me.



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I received a few samples of this Vagisil Feminine wash and I was pleasantly surprised. Housed in a simple squeeze bottle with a convenient flip top lid, this wash is a gel clear formula that has a very clean, soft, fresh and feminine scent. I find it cleanses well whilst being gentle as it contains one of my fave ingredients, aloe vera and calming chamomile. Knowing that this product is designed specifically for the area, is PH balanced and controls makes me feel more confident.



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So clean

Being a girl I am alway self conscious of smelling so when I received this product from BH I trialled it and I have used in every shower since. I really love how it gently cleans the area. I am a huge fan of this product!!



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this is so nice and smooth I use it every time I shower and it just gives me the clean feeling every time i use it



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I have never used a woman's wash before but I thought I would give it a go as I feel that sometimes my body wash effects the ph and isn't the most appropriate wash.

The vagsil feminine wash is a clear slightly fragrenced odour that is smooth and soft. The wash has a slight fragrance that is floral but very light and on application disperses gradually. The clear formula doesn't foam up too much but you only need a tiny 20 cent piece.
I find the formula really lovely and it works so well. It's ph balanced and non irritating. It makes me feel so clean and fresh, removes all smells and is perfect after your period. It keeps me so clean and fresh.
The wash is also great for the whole body and perfect for underarms too. Totally recommend this for every woman especially those with sensitive skin and for a freshen up.



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Great to freshen things down there

I use them when I want to do some housekeeping and freshen things down there. Its effective for me because its lightly scented and mild and non-irritating which is very important.


They have changed the bottle over the past few years, I guess they must be improving on it. Anyway, it still works for me when I need it. It is a bit expensive and I havent found a lot of similar products out there on the market.

Ideal for

It is very lightly scented for me and not irritating so I use it when I want to. I have also used it just as a body wash-but not regularly as a body wash because it is expensive for its size.

Enchanting- ...


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As a woman with very sensitive skin and paranoid about keeping clean "down there" I love this product. It is gentle, yet effective. When I first opened the bottle I was a little skeptical, mainly because other products I had used were just....underwhelming. Vagisil was a pleasant change. It has a nice, subtle fragrance, a little goes a long way, and it is PH balanced. I would definatly recommend this to any woman.


The bottle can be a little flimsy, so don't drop it. I learnt the hard way it cracks easily. Also, less is more with this product.

Ideal for

This is ideal for all over the body (probably not the face), although it is secifically designed for the private areas.

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