10 reasons to stress less

06 Sep 2010 17:00 PM | Posted by Editor
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The next time you feel yourself getting into a flurry, stop and think about how it might be affecting you…

1.) You’ll inadvertently furrow your brows, which, if done on a regular basis, will speed up the formation of deep-set wrinkles across your forehead and between your eyes. Do you really want to look older than you are?

2.) High anxiety triggers a chemical reaction within your body, causing your skin to become red and inflamed, and sometimes even sensitized (meaning the products you’ve used and loved for so many years may suddenly start to irritate your complexion).


3.) Those pesky little things we call breakouts love all things stress-related and will jump at the chance to add to your list of woes.

4.) Your digestive system won’t work to its maximum, causing essential nutrients to pass straight through your body without being absorbed, and nasty toxins to hang around.

5.) When you’re highly strung you’re more likely to revert to bad beauty habits, like biting your nails, chewing your cuticles, or splitting your strands – none of which are ever a good look.

6.) Stress equals sleepless nights, which equals puffy peepers, dark circles and eyes with no sparkle.

7.) Your friends and family will suddenly desperately need to wash their hair/the car/the dog rather than make an arrangement with you – no one wants to hang out with a stress pot!

8.) Your poor muscles will become all tied up in knots, causing headaches, joint pain and overall bad posture.

9.) Try focusing on getting a task completed when you’re super stressed – bet you’ll have a lot of trouble getting anything done! You’re more productive when you’re calm and collected, so take a deep breath and things will seem clearer.

10.) Life is hard, but there are also loads of fun parts too - if you’re constantly stressed or in a bad mood they’ll just pass you by and you may miss loads of exciting opportunities.


Deb x


What's your biggest cause of stress? How do you try to alleviate it?