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Mineral Deodorant

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Garnier Mineral Deodorant contains mineralite a natural mineral ingredient that locks in four times its volume in water. Mineralite is also five times more absorbent than talc, is dry and soft to touch and acts a second layer of protection to naturally absorb and evaporate excess moisture for up to 48 hours. Formula allows the skin to breathe while fighting humidity and odour. Free from alcohol and parabens and is also dermatologically tested. Available in six variants in sprays and roll-ons:

Invisible Anti-White Marks – protects without leaving white marks on skin and clothing.

Ultra-Dry Intense Effectiveness – is designed for 48 hour protection under conditions such as heat and stress.
Extra Care Depilated Skin – cares for sensitive skin with bisabolol and allantoin to soothe and protect.
Sensitive Hypo-allergenic – designed and tested for sensitive skin. 

Fresh Intense Freshness – provides an intense sensation of freshness with an energising feel.

Clean Sensation - provides 48hr protection specifically designed for intense perspiration due to heat, stress and sports.
Silky Smoothing Micro-Pearls – enriched with smoothing mother-of-pearl to even skin tone irregularities and imperfections due to shaving.
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$5.45 / $4.25

Pack size:
Spray 150mL / Roll-On 50mL


Pharmacies, department stores, variety stores and supermarkets nationwide.

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For stockists, please call 1300 659 259


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Felula Phala...


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Poor/rash/darkened skin

At first the smell was really good but it definitely doesn't last for 48 hours, after several hours of using it i can feel that i have body odor, which i don't usually have.. And the worst part is after i use it for less than 2 weeks my skin got dark spots near the area that has been sprayed. I felt the itchyness before but i thought it was nothing, turned out to be a really ugly dark spot!


I personally don't recommend this product, especially for those who have sensitive skin. It is not quite worth it.

Ideal for

I'm not sure who will suit this product, but i can say those who are lucky enough not having sensitive skin.

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Quite good

A nice gentle deodarent that is caring to your skin. I found it good on those that I exerted no effort, however upon exercising the deodarent was not very effective and i had to swap brands.



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Love it!

I have used the roll on version for more than 3 years! Great product and it gets the job done so I have no reason to switch to another deo. It kept me dry for the whole day, no marks, no allergies and light scent.



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So far I haven't tried any fragrant (ie. nice smelling) roll-on deodorants that apply without needing a min 5 minute period to dry. This included. I like the feminine smell, but it is a bit overpowering up close.

I guess it does help as an anti-perspirant as well, but I haven't used it enough to determine that with certainty. I just couldn't deal with the intense scent on myself all day.



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Leaves me ultra dry!

Got this in a goody bag and was pleasantly surprised. I can rely on it to keep me dry throughout the day and I love how it i enriched with minerals. My friends are always queuing up to use it as they love the scent of it



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Great job

I decided to try a new deoderant as i was sick of white marks and sweating throughout the day, and i am pleased to say this one has great results. It keeps me fresh, stop perspiration and body odor . I am happy . There are no white marks. I love the smell, which is not overpowering or chemical. The packaging is great ! It is pretty and feminine. A great product that i will continue to use.


Use morning / night after showering or to freshen up

Ideal for

all ladies



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Ultra dry is amazing

I don't think this is the exact product I am talking about - I have the "ultra dry" version and it is AMAZING. Holy grail deodorant. I am a heavy sweater and this product is the only one I have found to last the day. Also smells good and the bottle lasts ages (tube? Not sure). Just the best. I definitely recommend if you sweat a lot.

Ideal for

Heavy sweaters.



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Wow, it does as it says.

Keeps you ultra dry! No sweating or need of respraying.
Minimal fragrance so it does not interfere the my perfume.

Ideal for

Any occasion as it does not leave white marks.



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A must have

When it comes to deodorant, it's either this or Rexona (if I plan to sweat a bit more). This stays on all day and have a pleasant scent. I wish the packaging was a bit more portable. Personally I prefer the old scent but this one is growing on me.



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Incredible rash after use

I used the roll on for a few days and it worked fairly well to begin with, though it definitely wouldn't work as a 48 hour protection for me. After a few days of use I developed horrific itchy rash under my arms that took approximately 7 - 10 days to clear up. I have never had a reaction to antiperspirant before and I would not class my skin as sensitive at all

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