LYNX - Africa Deodorant Body Spray


Africa Deodorant Body Spray

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LYNX Africa Deodorant Body Spray is inspired by the masculine ‘outdoors’ man. The warm scent features oriental overtones with amber and fruity undertones. For best results spray under the arms and over chest.

$6.29 / $3.99

Pack size:
100g / Roll-on (50mL)



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my hubby's fave spray

this is as part of a gift pack i got for my hubby and we both love it on him.

It is alluring, quite sexy and refreshing altogether! He refuses me buying him other spray except this one now. And it is very him, as he's such a sporty man, who loves his soccer



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My Dad's favourite

My Dad loves Lynx deodorants and has tried all of them over the years...then one year he received the Africa Lynx...since then this is his requested deodorant for birthdays and Christmases....I agree too. The smell is awesome...really warm and enticing and quite sexy.....



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Smells nice.

My brother used Africa for a very long time, as it was a staple in his getting ready regime. It's a very musky, polished scent, that I've noticed many guys wear.



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This deodorant does its job as a deodorant and smells good too. I love going into the bathroom after my partner has used this. He likes it and loves the name of it. Probably brings out the cave man in him LOL On a serious note its a good product that does what its supposed to do!



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Best smelling lynx product

This is my favourite out of all the lynx deodorants it smells yum and always turns my head.


Men please use.

Ideal for

All males.



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Best smell

This is a classic. Everyone who uses Lynx would know of this smell. It smells masculine and fresh. However, the smell doesn't last that long



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my favorite!

This spray says on the fron that it isnt a antipersperent so it is just like a womens body spray so to use this product you will have to put on your normal deoderant then put this on your body, so really its just a cheap perfume!


i love this smell because my boyfriend has been using it since we first started dating 2 years ago.. so it reminds me of the good times..

Ideal for

This spray smells great i recon and i really love how lynx brang out africa as a persperant deoderant aswell..



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my favourite mans spray

this takes me back to one of my first loves! He always used to use it. my partyner now sometimes uses it.. everytime i smell the orential notes it always takes me to a happy place :) just love it. i spmetimes use it my self lol



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It does the job

I've pretty much always used Rexona spray deoderants, but recently, I lashed out and tried this for a change. It works well and smells pretty good too. My wife likes the scent too, which is handy:) I liked it so much that I also Bought a mini one, which is a great size and shape to throw in my sponge bag. I will re-purchase.



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Love it!

I love this!


It smells so great and isnt harsh like most lynx deoderants. fantastic!

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