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Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

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Rexona Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant is designed to prevent and provide relief of everyday heavy sweating. Formulated with trisolid body response technology, this deodorant protects against wetness and odour. It also contains Dimethicone, which works to moisturise the skin and help reduce irritation. Available for men and women, and suitable for use everyday.


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Cherry Ace


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Small cost for excellent reassurance, LOVE IT!

I start using this deodorant when I started a new job because it was quite physically demanding and I was feeling very self-conscious about sweat. When I first got it I read the instructions, it required a bit of turning before the product actually came out, and after that just two clicks of the dial were required for each application. It is recommended to apply the product at night before going to bed because it is absorbed more deeply while you’re sleeping, I chose to also reapply on my way to work. It had a nice floral fragrance to it without being too overpowering for perfume, but the cream texture of it was a little rough. It wasn’t very gentle on the skin, and so I started to use the Dove version and felt that was better in caring for and moisturising the skin. But I have tried it again more recently as I came upon it on sale, and it was too much of a bargain to not, and it seemed to be less irritating, smoother even. The protection itself was excellent, I feel so much less conscious about it knowing I have strong protection again perspiration and odour, and it’s one less thing making anxious. This stuff is great in summer, when you need that little more protection, it means one less thing to worry about. Plus I like the idea of applying it at night while I’m getting ready for bed and putting on my hand cream and lip balm etc because if I’m worrying and in a rush to get out the door and happen to forget my deodorant it doesn’t matter, I have full protection. The container isn’t huge, but it lasts quite a long time, with very little required to be applied for full protection, so I think for the $14 price tag its worth it for that bit of extra reassurance. My only issue is that for some reason a lot of product seems to get caught up underneath the top of it, like there’s something going on with the twist up mechanism, and it’s annoying because I can see it all stuck in there but I can’t get to it (this has been an issue with all that I have bought, not just a once off). This deodorant even stands the test against exercise, no sweat or odour, and you cannot believe how thankful I am, truly. Overall, I will continue to buy this deodorant as long as I can, the extra reassurance is one less load off my mind, and I love being able to get through a hot summer day without having to worry that I smell, or feeling sticky and gross because I’m all sweaty.


Keep it on your bedside table so you'll always remember to apply directly before bed.

Ideal for

Any woman feeling extra self conscious about sweat or odour, this product will give you the extra reassurance and one less thing to worry about. And don't we all need one less thing to worry about?



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Best in Beauty 2014

Rexona Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant deodorant contains trisolid body response technology, this formula promises to prevent heavy sweating. When there's no wetness, there is no odour. Dimethicone moisturises the skin helping to reduce irritation, making it suitable to use daily. I often get underarm sweat, as well as being inconvenient, this can also be embarrassing. I find myself constantly having to reach for deodorant. This is not a solution, but merely masks the problem for a short amount of time. After reading the reviews for Rexona Clinical Protection, I thought that this could be my answer. The deodorant is packaged in an oval container. It has a pop top lid, revealing an interesting looking surface containing a circle of many holes. This allows for the creamy product to be dispensed. To do this you simply twist the dial on the bottom, only 2 clicks need to be heard to release enough product sufficient for the underarms. I love the soft scent of the fragrance collection deodorant. Not over powering, but fresh and barely there, which is what I want.Being an avid wearer of perfumes, I don't want them in competition with an anti-perspirant. I applied this product, as per instruction, just before bed. There was no irritation, and being a cream formula, it just glides onto the skin. Totally fuss free. My ultimate test was to see how this deodorant withstood sweat inducing exercise. Well, I was completely surprised when there was literally no sweat under my arms. No sweat, no odour! Even after showering, my day continued without sweat or odour. No reapplying throughout the day. I am so relieved to find a deodorant that indeed provides what most anti-perspirants fall short. Sweat free, odour free all day. If I had to choose a con, it would only be that it's best to apply at night, as this is unusual for me, I found myself forgetting to apply. My solution was to leave the deodorant on my bedside table. For those "sweaters" out there, you must try Rexona Clinical Protection deodorant, it really does work!



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Best in beauty 2014

This deodorant was meant for me!
Amazing clinical protection in a jar!
I think this deodorant is amazing; it comes in a roll on formula with a twist bottom in which you click once or twice to disperse the amount up to the top. It applies through holes in the top which are each separated on the applicator.
The lotion is very creamy but I find it applies very soft and smooth to my underarms; my underarms feel a lot softer than before after use and with daily use.
The Rexona clinical protection is designed to prevent and provide relief of everyday heavy sweating. Formulated with trisolid body response technology, this deodorant protects against wetness and odour, and it delivers on what it promises.
I apply this after my shower at night and it lasts 24 hours or so. I don't sweat at all during the next day and I am left very soft and smooth- it doesn't irritate my sensitive under-arms or give me ingrown hairs like a lot of other deodorants have in the past.
It gives great protection and leaves me very soft and smooth; I love the smell too its very light and soft- a very feminine fragrance.
I am sold on this deodorant because not only does it give me great protection, decreases sweating- but because I’m left with very soft smooth under-ams.... and nil irritation. I'm sold- super protected.



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Best In Beauty 2014

Whilst I wouldn't say that I'm a heavy sweater, I spotted a TV ad for these and decided to give it a go and it's amazing! The best deodorant ever.

I always purchase the scent Shower Fresh which is a lovely fresh scent. It comes in a wind up tube and the actual product is white in colour and has a creamy feel to it. One thing I really love is the clear packaging as when you are using the product and winding it up everyday, you're able to see just how much is left.

The product is dispensed through many holes at the top of the tube and you only need to twist the tube a small amount to get enough product for use. I find that you dont need to use a lot of product to get the amazing protection and because it has a creamy consistency, it spreads easily which also helps minimise usage and with a product that is expensive for it's type, that's always great!

The product whilst creamy is still light and it melts/absorbs into the skin well, keeping it hydrated but sweat and odour free. It doesn't cause any irritation or dry the skin under the arms.

It's best applied at night so I apply it after I shower and before I get into bed and I can then go through the next day knowing that I will be sweat and odour free for the entire day and not having to worry. The formula doesn't leave any white marks on clothes nor does it cause any discoloration on white tops, etc.

Definitely a holy grail product I'll continue to buy for years to come.



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Good but expensive

I actually use the men's Adventure one, because the fragrance is less offensive than the female ones. It works really well and I can face extremely hot days knowing that (1) I won't get overly sweaty and (2) that I won't stink when I do sweat.


Put it on at night.

Ideal for

If you sweat a lot, this really will help.



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Works great!

Ive been using this product for a while and i think its great. It has a soft creamy consistency that is really gentle and doesn't cause any irritation. The smell is amazing and leaves you feeling really refreshed. Definitely protects my underarms from sweating and is a major step up from regular spray on deodorants. Although when it gets too hot i still experience a bit of wetness under my arms but its not extreme. Over all I really enjoyed using this product and definitely will no longer buy any kind of spray on deodorant again!


Use daily!



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No irritation

I've been using rexona clinical protection fragrance collection for a couple of weeks and overall I'm really pleased with it.

I have previously used a similar product called "bone dri" which I purchased online and although this product kept me totally dry it did cause irritation and I couldn't use it daily.

Rexona on the other hand is so gentle that I can use it twice a day without experiencing any irritation. The level of protection is definitely higher than regular anti perspirant but I still experience a bit of wetness with this product and don't have the confidence to wear long sleeved tops or light colours.

The creamy texture is not as heavy as you would expect and it feels really light and fresh when applied. I haven't experienced any problems with white marks.

The best thing about this product (fragrance collection) is the amazing smell! It smells more like a lovely perfume or body spray than a deodorant and the smell lasts for completely covers any unpleasant odours, even at the end of an 8hr shift working in a hot bakery!


From my experience you have to use it frequently, once or twice a day, in order for it to work effectively

Ideal for

Sensitive skin



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I was never a sweaty person until I had surgery 3 years ago. I would have sweat patches in both summer and winter. I only work black or dark colours to hide my sweating until I started using Clinical Protection. I found the more i used the deodorant, the better results I saw. I would recommend to anyone especially with sweating issues.


I starting using a little at night before bed then in the morning and i found this worked really effectively.



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It Works, Fantastic BO Protection For Women

The anti perspirant deodorant comes boxed.
It comes in a 45ml hard plastic container with a pull cap lid.
A twist dial situated at the base to dispense the deodorant from several holes at the top.
Its an ultra dry variety for women giving clinical protection wetness and odour protection for heavy sweating.
In general its a great deodorant for daily protection.
The deodorant is applied at night before bed for best results and still can be applied in the mornings and after showering.
The deodorant is white with a thick consistency.
Texture is smooth, light, dry and creamy.
It has a refreshing scent, clean and mild, its nice.
Use 2 clicks of the cream deodorant for each underarm.
Smooths onto skin, it softens and moisturises skin instantly.
It feels dry and velvety and so lightweight.
The deodorant absorbs into skin and also leaves a protective layer to help control any wetness and odour.
The white cream blends into skin appearing invisible.
Its a mild formula, I have no skin irritation even after shaving.
I allow the deodorant to settle before dressing to keep it from possibly marking clothes.
The deodorant is excellent, highly efficient in stopping BO and wetness in their tracks.
It works well, deserves full marks for being so effective.
Its a more expensive anti perspirant, but its worth it because I can rely on it.

Made in the Philippines



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Keeps me dry, sweatproof, smelling fresh. Love It what more do I have to say.

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