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Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

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Rexona Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant is designed to prevent and provide relief of everyday heavy sweating. Formulated with trisolid body response technology, this deodorant protects against wetness and odour. It also contains Dimethicone, which works to moisturise the skin and help reduce irritation. Available for men and women, and suitable for use everyday.


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Best deodorant!

Surviving in 30+ degrees Celsius weather and being 30 weeks pregnant is no easy feat! I feel I’m much more sensitive with heat(waves) and sometimes I just want to stay indoors with the aircon.

Lucky for me, Rexona Clinical Protection Deodorant works like a charm!! While I historically prefer deodorant sprays versus types that you roll on to your armpit, this product worked wonders for me!

This deodorant claims to have clinical strength wetness protection and motion activated odour protection. You can even apply it at bedtime for optimal results and lasts throughout the following day even after a shower.

The test for this product was on Friday when it was a sweltering 35+ degree Celsius day. As it was a work day, I was indoors but for lunch I did head out in a non-airconditioned restaurant for at least 2 hours. Plus also had dinner out after work. By the end of the night, after inspecting my armpits (as you do…) it still smelled clean and fresh and I did not feel any sweating or wetness. AMAZEBALLS!

What I also loved about this deodorant is the scent. It smells clean and fresh like as if you’ve just stepped out of the shower. You don’t drown in a spell of floral, musk or spice type of fragrances! Plus, I think this product can definitely also be used by males…but no sharing!!

For me the only drawback was the packaging and application. You need to twist the bottom of the stick for product to come out through the top. I would have thought simpler packaging would have been more user friendly, as some of the product would get stuck in the pore-like holes at the top. I suppose it was designed like this as a way to “portion control” the amount of deodorant used each time.

In anycase, this is a product I would definitely repurchase, particularly as summer is about to hit Sydney in a couple of weeks, and its definitely a (pregnant) girl’s best friend! Check it out if you are looking for a new deodorant :)



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An absolute must for the hot Australian summer if you want to stay dry

From my teenage years I have had an issue with sweating when the weather gets too hot. I can distinctly remember the embarrassment of trying to hide my noticeable sweat marks on my school uniform once it started to get warm.

Back in the 80's the only option for excessive sweating was using a horrible heavy duty anti-perspirant that you used at night that smelt revolting and left my underarms sore and uncomfortable.

Thankfully brands such as Rexona have developed clinical anti-perspirant deodorants that not only keep you dry and fresh, but smell beautiful too.

I have tried quite a few deodorants in the search for the perfect one and I am pleased to say that this one is a great option.

The first thing I noticed was how lovely and fresh the fragrance was when I first applied it. It is not an overpowering fragrance but it does offer a powdery scent which doesn't compete with my perfume.

I love the clear container that is is in as I can easily see how much product is left and this helps me ensure that I never run out. The deodorant is dispensed via little holes in the top of the unit and has a creamy consistency which doesn't feel sticky at all upon application.

I can dress immediately without worrying about being left with wet and sticky underarms however I am wary when putting on my darker tops when wearing this. To eliminate the issue of white marks on my darker tops I ensure that I roll my top up so that any residue is on the inside of the top and not on the outside.

I have found this deodorant to offer me great protection in the humidity that we have been experiencing and I am looking forward to seeing how it works through the hot summer to come.


Beware of the portential for white marks on your darker tops when you first dress after applying this.

Ideal for

The whole family

bh's Rosemar...


Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

Dry and fresh all day!

Now that the weather is warming up, I’ve been on the hunt for a deodorant that going to keep sweat at bay. So I was so excited to be part of the trial team for the Rexona Clinical Protection Antiperspirant Deodorant in Everyday Fresh.

Firstly, the smell is so fresh and clean and it lingers all day, which is reassuring to me that I actually smell clean!

When I apply it, the deodorant immediately skin in to my skin. I like that it doesn’t leave that wet feeling under my arms like other deodorants do. I feel like it dries pretty much straight away, so there's no waiting around before I leave the house.

I’ve actually started applying it at night right after my shower and massaging it into my armpits. I’ve found that this has helped give me the best protection the following day.

I would recommend this deodorant to anyone who wants to keep wetness and odour at bay all day!


Try applying at night time for freshness the next day.

Ideal for

Anyone who's after a deodorant that'll keep them feeling clean and dry for hours on end.



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

Halts Wetness 100% & No Odour At All

If you mean business and really need to not sweat then this is the antipersperant deodorant for you. I found it lasted me for two to three days so I didn't need to apply it much at all. It's a very strong formula which seriously kept any hint of human sweat, wetness or odour 100% away! Though it was totally effective, the scent was lovely and light, fresh and delicate. I have Everyday Fresh which is the green one - not overpowering at all and I liked the scent a lot.

It's an easy to use twist-up dial container. The formula comes to the top of the container as I twist the dial at the bottom. I only needed a little of this for each application. It comes out like a cream but dried instantly on my skin into a very fine powder. I liked the way it wasn't wet on my skin after I applied it like with other deodorants. It's a 48g container so I think it's going to last for ages!

Importantly, I found no white marks on my clothes at all. There was no transferrance of the deodorant onto my clothes.



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this is my favourite deodorant by far. this performs fantastic it is great at protecting against sweat and odour, and i like that the scent of this is very subtle and barely noticeable.
this is what i reach for when i know its going to be a hot and active day!

Tabitha Amy


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Fence sitter!

At first when I bought this I loved it but that was during winter. I found it was nice to apply, the packaging is great and it really seemed to reduce perspiration. However, now that we are in summer I am not convinced. I still notice less perspiration however, I do not feel that the scent is strong enough and I still get a slight odour. Not an offensive odour and I don't think anyone would notice but I notice. Another draw back is that it leaves white marks all over my clothing... a pet hate of mine. If they made it in a version that stops white marks I think that would get it over the line for me but for now being summer and wearing singlets etc I will have to make the switch to something else.


Apply at night after shower.

Ideal for

Heavy sweaters!!



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

Best in Beauty 2014

I love this deodorant so much, it has saved me from a life as a Sweaty Betty. It is absolutely amazing, lives up to its claims and is nice smelling as well!
The deodorant has a secure lid and a twist up bottom. The product is distributed by twisting the bottom so that the product is forced up through tiny holes. The one thing I don't like about this system is that the product also gets forced a little down the inner sides of the bottle and that once the twist limit is reached it there seems to be a bit of product left. I feel like this is a bit poorly designed and that some of the product is wasted.
This deodorant is HARD CORE. You apply it at night time before bed so that it can work its body temperature acclimatising magic. All you need to do is two twists of the product for each underarm because it is super strong and you don't want to overdose! You then roll/rub this on your underarms and hit the sack. The smell is a soft scent than can be overpowering during application but once I have applied the deodorant I barely notice it and it doesn't continue to release this smell during the day.
I was hesitant about how effective this deodorant would be, as I did not know how big a leap it was to a clinical anti-perspirant but I wish I had made the change years ago! I have struggled for years as a Sweaty Betty because I sweat at even the hint of warmth. The first day after using this Rexona deodorant I was not sweaty at all, ALL DAY!!! I had no wetness at all on a day when I one hundred percent normally would have. I don't think it is the same level of effectiveness after 48hrs but it did have some impact, however I prefer to use this every night.
This deodorant is a life saver and if you are a Sweaty Betty too then you need this product. I have already repurchased this and will continue to do so as I recently tried a competitors brand which is no where near as good, so have returned to my trusty Rexona.

Cherry Ace


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Small cost for excellent reassurance, LOVE IT!

I start using this deodorant when I started a new job because it was quite physically demanding and I was feeling very self-conscious about sweat. When I first got it I read the instructions, it required a bit of turning before the product actually came out, and after that just two clicks of the dial were required for each application. It is recommended to apply the product at night before going to bed because it is absorbed more deeply while you’re sleeping, I chose to also reapply on my way to work. It had a nice floral fragrance to it without being too overpowering for perfume, but the cream texture of it was a little rough. It wasn’t very gentle on the skin, and so I started to use the Dove version and felt that was better in caring for and moisturising the skin. But I have tried it again more recently as I came upon it on sale, and it was too much of a bargain to not, and it seemed to be less irritating, smoother even. The protection itself was excellent, I feel so much less conscious about it knowing I have strong protection again perspiration and odour, and it’s one less thing making anxious. This stuff is great in summer, when you need that little more protection, it means one less thing to worry about. Plus I like the idea of applying it at night while I’m getting ready for bed and putting on my hand cream and lip balm etc because if I’m worrying and in a rush to get out the door and happen to forget my deodorant it doesn’t matter, I have full protection. The container isn’t huge, but it lasts quite a long time, with very little required to be applied for full protection, so I think for the $14 price tag its worth it for that bit of extra reassurance. My only issue is that for some reason a lot of product seems to get caught up underneath the top of it, like there’s something going on with the twist up mechanism, and it’s annoying because I can see it all stuck in there but I can’t get to it (this has been an issue with all that I have bought, not just a once off). This deodorant even stands the test against exercise, no sweat or odour, and you cannot believe how thankful I am, truly. Overall, I will continue to buy this deodorant as long as I can, the extra reassurance is one less load off my mind, and I love being able to get through a hot summer day without having to worry that I smell, or feeling sticky and gross because I’m all sweaty.


Keep it on your bedside table so you'll always remember to apply directly before bed.

Ideal for

Any woman feeling extra self conscious about sweat or odour, this product will give you the extra reassurance and one less thing to worry about. And don't we all need one less thing to worry about?



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar-disabled

Best in Beauty 2014

Rexona Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant deodorant contains trisolid body response technology, this formula promises to prevent heavy sweating. When there's no wetness, there is no odour. Dimethicone moisturises the skin helping to reduce irritation, making it suitable to use daily. I often get underarm sweat, as well as being inconvenient, this can also be embarrassing. I find myself constantly having to reach for deodorant. This is not a solution, but merely masks the problem for a short amount of time. After reading the reviews for Rexona Clinical Protection, I thought that this could be my answer. The deodorant is packaged in an oval container. It has a pop top lid, revealing an interesting looking surface containing a circle of many holes. This allows for the creamy product to be dispensed. To do this you simply twist the dial on the bottom, only 2 clicks need to be heard to release enough product sufficient for the underarms. I love the soft scent of the fragrance collection deodorant. Not over powering, but fresh and barely there, which is what I want.Being an avid wearer of perfumes, I don't want them in competition with an anti-perspirant. I applied this product, as per instruction, just before bed. There was no irritation, and being a cream formula, it just glides onto the skin. Totally fuss free. My ultimate test was to see how this deodorant withstood sweat inducing exercise. Well, I was completely surprised when there was literally no sweat under my arms. No sweat, no odour! Even after showering, my day continued without sweat or odour. No reapplying throughout the day. I am so relieved to find a deodorant that indeed provides what most anti-perspirants fall short. Sweat free, odour free all day. If I had to choose a con, it would only be that it's best to apply at night, as this is unusual for me, I found myself forgetting to apply. My solution was to leave the deodorant on my bedside table. For those "sweaters" out there, you must try Rexona Clinical Protection deodorant, it really does work!



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Best in beauty 2014

This deodorant was meant for me!
Amazing clinical protection in a jar!
I think this deodorant is amazing; it comes in a roll on formula with a twist bottom in which you click once or twice to disperse the amount up to the top. It applies through holes in the top which are each separated on the applicator.
The lotion is very creamy but I find it applies very soft and smooth to my underarms; my underarms feel a lot softer than before after use and with daily use.
The Rexona clinical protection is designed to prevent and provide relief of everyday heavy sweating. Formulated with trisolid body response technology, this deodorant protects against wetness and odour, and it delivers on what it promises.
I apply this after my shower at night and it lasts 24 hours or so. I don't sweat at all during the next day and I am left very soft and smooth- it doesn't irritate my sensitive under-arms or give me ingrown hairs like a lot of other deodorants have in the past.
It gives great protection and leaves me very soft and smooth; I love the smell too its very light and soft- a very feminine fragrance.
I am sold on this deodorant because not only does it give me great protection, decreases sweating- but because I’m left with very soft smooth under-ams.... and nil irritation. I'm sold- super protected.

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