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Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

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Dove Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant combines clinical strength wetness and odour protection with skin caring ingredients and body-responsive technology to combat excessive sweating and deodorant stains. With one quarter moisturising cream, it will pamper and nourish dry skin, whilst providing 48-hour protection even after showering. It features a soft fragrance of cucumber and green tea. Dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin types.
To use, apply at night.


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Best Deodorant Ever

I struggled to find a deodorant that could keep up with me until I came across Dove Clinical Protection. Now my underarms are in the best shape of their life. I'm not a fan of aerosol deodorants as I find they linger in the air too much and they always seem to leave marks on clothing, even the 'white mark protection' ones. Roll on deodorants leave my underarms feeling wet and while I'm not smelly I still get patches. Dove Clinical Protection on the other hand is a wind up stick deodorant which has a lovely fresh scent, glides on easily, has a really creamy moisturising texture which soothes underarms after shaving (most sting - winning!), and best of all it works - no smelliness or wetness even on a hot day.


Rub deodorant in well and wait a few moments before putting any dark clothing on as it does smear occasionally - a damp washer will remove these easily though. Sometimes after a few uses the top layer of deodorant almost crystallises and you get little hard chunks happening. I wind my stick once and using a tissue wipe the dried product off the top, repeat and it's like new again. It's my one very small criticism with this deodorant.

Ideal for

Anyone who struggles to find a deodorant that leaves them feeling fresh all day. Honestly I used to be embarrassed of my B.O and I couldn't find a fix - those days are behind me now.

Lynda Tan


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this works amazing!

I was really struggling with maintaining my underarm sweat (mainly because I am prone to sweating a lot) and I would feel embarrassed to even lift my arms because I was afraid people could smell me :( and I would have to re-apply up to three times a day! It wasn't until i googled a good anti-perspirant to use and came across the dove clinical protect. At first I was skeptical, but as soon as I used it... I honestly couldn't believe the results. I don't mind the price because I know it does such a great job so i HIGHLY RECOMMEND to anyone!


I put it on straight after a shower and it keeps me so dry for the whole day/night

Ideal for

people that work in a warm environment, not used to the Australian climate or are used to it but still struggle with sweat no matter what



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I find this clinical protect amazing! It smells awesome, works in any weather and most importantly, doesn't dry out my armpits because it is moisturising. I shave, not wax, therefore it keeps them hydrated!



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Didn't work as well for me

I have since age 15 sweated a lot all over my body. I love the rexona clinical protection antiperspirant so thought this would be the same and decided to give it a try. It smells better than the rexona one that I always use but it doesn't work as well. I found that I sweated the same amount with this on as I did with normal deodorant.



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Clinical Protection

I received this for free to try and I'm glad I did because I would not have paid the normal price for it...too expensive for a deodorant.
I found the unusual shape of the bottle intriguing. I liked the scent of the deodorant.
I was excited to receive it because of a problem my body has with heat & temperature...I am constantly hot & sweating - even during Winter, so when I saw this advertised that it controls sweat... I was full of hope....but I was disappointed! It did not work for me...but yet I would not blame that on the product as I know I probably need some kind of miracle to help me.



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No more researching for best deodorant!!!

Okay well I have to admit, I've all been so self conscious about sweating and odours. But not until I found this product. I've had my eyes on this ever since I've read the reviews on beauty heaven but I never actually bought the item because I always had this thought that maybe it wouldn't be as effective on me but I guess I was wrong. I started using this product since September last year.
I applied it just before I went sleep, as directed on the package and then the next day I went shopping for hours and when I came home I realised that I didn't have a ugly smell and infact I wasn't even sweating. I actually couldn't believe how effective it was. It was amazing. Also the smell of the actually product is amazing too. From then on I recommend this deodorant to all my mates and family. I would say the only downfall for this product is it is quite pricey, but what can I say atleast it does the job :)

Ideal for

This deodorant is ideal for every person especially those who really sweat! I recommend it to everyone

Temporary Pr...


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If you are self conscious at all about sweating or, I'm going to say it, odours, this will stop all of that in their tracks! As someone who has been very self conscious of it since she was young, it's definitely something I seek to avoid. The Dove clinical protection deodorant is like the holy grail of deodorant in that I have found it to provide up to at least 12 hours of confidence before it falters a little.

The one drawback is that this doesn't come in an anti white mark formula. For best results, use this with the Dove antiperspirant spray on top of it.



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really good

I use it as a normal deodorant after my shower instead of applying it at night as the label suggests. It works really well and prevents me from sweating and at the same time has a crisp nice and clean cucumber scent.



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Stops me sweating all day

This is definitely the best deodorant that I have ever used! While it is a bit more expensive than others, it is definitely worth it. It is sort of in stick form that winds up through tiny holes at the top. It might make your clothes white so I would suggest applying it before getting dressed. It has a really nice natural and fresh scent that isn't overpowering. It really lasts all day and I don't have to worry about putting more deodorant on or sweating. This is especially great for summer or if you play sports!



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The only deodorant I use!

I love this deodorant! It does exactly what it says, no more sweat patches and no more smelling like sweat. I LOVE it!
Okay so:
The packaging: I like the packaging, its very easy to use, and i like how you twist the bottom and the product comes out on top. So convenient!
The smell: It doesn't really have a smell, well to me it doesn't, but I like it anyway haha
How my skin felt: My underarms felt sweat free and smelt sweat free too. It doesn't irritate my sensitize skin, which is great!
I give this product a 5/5, its my favorite deodorant and the only one I use now.

Yasmine x :)

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