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Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

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Dove Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant combines clinical strength wetness and odour protection with skin caring ingredients and body-responsive technology to combat excessive sweating and deodorant stains. With one quarter moisturising cream, it will pamper and nourish dry skin, whilst providing 48-hour protection even after showering. It features a soft fragrance of cucumber and green tea. Dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin types.
To use, apply at night.


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Better than your basic deodorant

As a self proclaimed Sweaty Betty I need a hard working deodorant that will last all day and this deodorant almost makes the cut. It’s good at stopping smell and lasts throughout the day but doesn’t stop sweat patches like other clinical deodorants I have tried.
The packaging is exactly like all the other clinical deodorants. It has the consistency of soft soap and as you twist it up it scrapes off the right amount at the top like a little grater. Unfortunately as time goes on it pushes it down the sides as well and this product can never be recovered. It’s wasteful and can’t be helped but I hate when I can’t get all the product out.
It smells like almost every other Dove deodorant, quite a clean fresh smell. This can sometimes be smelt during the day as you sweat. It definitely stops the sweat/BO smell and will last all day. I haven’t tested it over a 48hr period without showering but it certainly doesn’t last through a shower. While the directions didn’t recommend using it at night so to acclimatise to a steady body temperature, other clinical deodorants do so that is how I used it.
Overall it is a good deodorant and well-priced but not my preferred clinical deodorant. I like the scent and would recommend it to someone interested in a stronger than the average deodorant.



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very effective

I work in hospitality and it tends to get very hot in the kitchen, this deodorant is so effective in combatting sweating and odour that I still feel fresh at the end of a long shift!



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Good, But Not My Fav

this deodorant is good, it does protect well against sweat and odour. the reasons i no longer use this is purely personal preference. i find the smell of this nice but annoying, i often 'notice' the smell of this throughout the day and i personally don't want my deodorant smell being that noticeable. and while this performs really well, i think the Rexona does perform slightly better.



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Really effective deoderant

I sweat a lot, and coming into summer I needed to find a ecent deodorant. one of my friends recommended this and it has made such a difference! it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin, smells great, and work so well!! haven't had a single sweat patch since I began using this, its a life saver!! will definitely be repurchasing


Maybe take a day off every week or so? I don't want to know what it does to my skin to work so well

Ideal for

any serial stress sweat-ers like me



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Good but not the best

I have been using Clinical style deodorants for years, after discovering that I was just a sweaty person (day, night, cold, hot, nervous, relaxed) I found a HG deoderant, after using the same brand for years I decided to switch it up a bit and try some new brands.

The Dove is almost exactly the same as my HG brand (Rexona) with just two differences.

The packaging is great, I find the twist mechanism is really easy to use and not firm which is actually a blessing, especially straight out of the shower when you are slick with moisturiser and just want to finish your routine, seems like a small thing but until you've used a brand where the twist mechanism is impossible to use unless you have perfect grip you don't realise how great it is.

Downside with the packaging is that the deodorant gets pushed back between the inner and outer shells, it's annoying and I hate the waste.

Difference number one is the scent, Dove wins this hands down, I purchased fresh touch and it is divine! I adore the scent so much.

Difference number 2 is how the deodorant actually performs, unfortunately it's not quite as effective as the Rexona, which is such a shame because I just adore the scent of this product and would have made the switch but it's no point smelling nice if you're sweaty because the sweat always wins in the end.



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Dry free all day long

I have recently started using this product since coming into the warmer months. I am a generally sweaty person and have found this product to be fantastic at preventing the sweat patches under my arms.
the creamy formula absorbs quickly into the skin and doesn't seam to leave any white marks or residue on my clothes which I love.
The negative to this product is it runs outs very quickly. I have had other deodorants in the past and been using the same bottle for months but with the Dove clinical protect I have gone threw one bottle in around 3 weeks.
Fantastic product for preventing sweat patches and has a pleasant smell that keeps me feeling fresh all day long. Highly recommend for use during summer.

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Very effective deodarent

This is a great deodarent. You use it night after your shower and before you go to bed. It is very gentle on the skin and very easy to wind up and use on your underarms. You only need to use it once a day so you don't need to apply it in the morning. It really does reduce sweating and also odours.



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This is the one

I have been using a similar product but a different brand, I thought I would try this one when I was wandering the shelves for my next deodorant. I am super super impressed. I love the slight scent and I absolutely love how it does exactly what it says it will, stops sweating and odour. So many products claim to do this but really just do not. Well done dove another fantastic product. The winding stick is slightly annoying but other then that every girl needs to at least try this.



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Effective deoderant, would recommend an "off" day though

I really struggle with heavy perspiration as I just am not a summer person. I couldn't keep up my Dr regime, and tried this at the recommendation of my sister. It works very well, for about 18 hours. I did get a blocked sweat gland because I constantly used this and they were not able to "cleanse" themselves via sweating. Now I use a natural tea-tree based deodorant when I'm at home and don't need an antiperspirant. RESPONSE FROM DOVE: We are really sorry to hear about your negative experience. We would like to be able to help you and better understand the issues concerned. Our consumer careline team are on hand to speak to you, please contact them on 1800 061 027 or via email:



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Thank you Dove!!

I cannot say enough good things about this product. I've previously tried many many antiperspirant products that were just not for me. Many had me sweating after a few hours or were just uncomfortable to wear and irritated my skin. This antiperspirant works wonders and is convenient because it works over a long period of time. I apply it before I sleep at night and leaves me dry for the next day and most of the day after. It has a pleasant smell and also doesn't dry out my skin. Overall, definitely recommend this product to anyone!

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