Dove - Go Fresh Cucumber and Green Tea Roll-on Deodorant


Go Fresh Cucumber and Green Tea Roll-on Deodorant

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Dove Go Fresh Cucumber and Green Tea Roll-on Deodorant has a light cucumber and green tea scent and provides 24-hour protection against underarm wetness and odour.


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refreshing deoderant

love this deoderant! the smell is fresh and clean and the roll on works great. this prduct is a great price with great lasting and is highly reliable.

Ideal for

daily use



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Gentle, hard working.

I find that this works all day long. It has a cool cucumber scent. I carry it with me for touch-ups because I've been let down by deodorants before, but I've never needed a touchup when I use this one.

I find that the scent can clash if you want to wear perfumes, so consider that.

Ideal for

People who like roll-ons.



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light and fresh!

love this deodorant.
its super fresh and light- and has a gorgeous green tea and cucumber smell that lingers and lingers.
I use the roll on version and it instantly uplifts me and smells delightful- and is not overpowering!
it lasts and lasts and keeps me fresh all day!



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My absolute favourite for years now

I have this particular deodorant in the Cucumber & Green Tea scent. I also have the aerosol and body wash in the same scent.
The bottle is a tapered cylindrical shape with a green twist off lid - the lid acts as the base.

It claims 48hr protection and I find it is definitely a great product but for my own personal needs it wouldn't cover me for that time.

I love that it has a moisturising cream. As I find with all roll-ons I need to apply it a few minutes before getting dressed to allow it to dry.

The smell is fantastic - I love it. Beautiful and not overpowering.

I have bought this product for years and will continue to do so - it definitely does its job and is a great product to use.



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Nice scent

I prefer aerosols over roll on deodorant but I purchased this for when I was on holiday as it's small enough to keep in my bag so I could apply whenever I needed to freshen up. This roll on deodorant smells very refreshing. Occasionally once applied it left me feeling a bit sticky but it does absorb into my skin quickly.



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

Refreshing and Cooling

A wonderful deodorant. First of all the scent is really nice, subtle and refreshing. It also gives good protection and includes moisturising cream. An essential deodorant for everyday use

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Rating: StarStarStarStarStar-disabled

Cucumber scented deodarent

A good, freshly scented deodorant that smells of cucumber and green tea. A good size for your gym bag. Dries in about 10 minutes and smells nicely all day, Good protection and lasts all day, and is gentle and calming on your skin



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Love the scent!!!

When it comes to deodorants nothing beats a roll on. I prefer them so much more over sprays for a number of reasons. Roll ons are cheaper, last so much longer, are more environmentally friendly and I have 100% control over where the product ends up on me. Whereas I find sprays end up all over the place with most of them leave annoying white
powdery residue on me and my clothes!

I have recently been trying this fresh new cucumber and green tea range and let me tell you the scent is so, so crisp and fresh! It doesn't smell perfumey at all, which often irritates my nose. No, no, this has a much more natural scent that lasts all day!

Recommend & would re-purchase!



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar-disabled

Daily Essential

I used to use aerosol deodorant but only recently have I started using to roll-ons. This deodorant is small, travell friendly, has a very nice and fresh sent, lasts all day and leaves no white marks :).



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar-disabled

Used to be my favourite

This used to be my favourite deodorant before I became a sweat monster. It smelt amazing and it was the right amount of protection I needed for everyday. Wish I could wear it now :(

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