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Alpha-H Liquid Gold is a “cult” skin resurfacing treatment, which uses a state of the art, low pH delivery system to effectively diminish wrinkles, pigmentation and sun damage. The glycolic based formulation works like an “overnight facial” to brighten and revitalise tired, ageing skin, and radically improve the appearance of the complexion. For mature, sun damaged and prematurely ageing skin and for acne-scarring.


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Uniquely wonderful

This is a rare skin care item that just is so wonderful. Every second night you apply to this skin, and that is all you need! Skip your entire skincare regular routine, yes no serum night cream, nothing, just apply this lotion like you would a toner. It really is so quick and you notice a difference in your skin, My skin is radiant, and the pores, lines and wrinkles on my face have reduced so much in a short amount of time. I really love and recommend this product, it is easy to use, a great price and does so much more than a cream can do.

Pink Hornet


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Best in Beauty 2014 -GENIUS

This unassuming bronze bottle is just what it says 'Liquid Gold' because it is the key that will unlock your skin's own potential.
I apply the liquid consistency on a pair of cotton pads and swipe them over a clean face. Then leave it, no more products, overnight to work its magic.
So simple, you can some home after a few drinks, take your makeup off and give yourself a skin treatment. You will wakeup with better skin than you deserve.
I have dry, thin, sensitive skin along with rosacea. I have used liquid gold before an operation and again after to lift the dry dead skin. The nurses commented on how good my skin looked.
I react to most resurfacing products like I am sunburnt, I have never had a negative reaction to liquid gold.
I have used as directed but also when in hospital or camping as my cleanser/toner too, followed by a moisturiser.
Awesome cannot rave enough about this or how glad I am to have found it.


I keep it in the fridge, feels more refreshing on my skin that way.
I sometimes use it as a toner to improve the efficacy of products to follow.

Ideal for

Me and anyone who had given up on AHAs/glycolics and exfoliators. I cannot use a mechanical dermabrasion type product or other glycolics but liquid gold just clears away the dead skin and make me look bett



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Best In beauty 2014- A great resurfacer, ideal for acne scarring.

This product works so well in resurfacing your skin to reveal fresh new skin cells . The dullness in your skin is diminished as this product loosens dead skin cells and whisking them away from your face.
I have been using this product for a long time to help minimize the dark ugly acne scars. I feel it does a pretty good job of lightening those scars. I also find this product gives me facial skin a healthy boost so whenever I have a special event or feel that my skin is really dull I apply this solution all over my face at night. when I wake up in the morning , I love the healthy radiance glow on my face.
It also helps to reduce congestion from my face. I find this product really unclogs my pores and cleans my pores from inside out.
The consistency of this liquid gold is water like and that's the only con. It is too runny and many times I have accidentally over poured and spilled it. the only reason I give it 4 stars and not 5 is because I dislike the runny water like consistency .
definitely recommend to anyone looking at lightening acne scarring or looking for a product to help even out skin tone.



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What an amazing product. Seriously incredible. I use twice a week, at night, after cleansing and don't follow with any creams. The next day my skin is glowing, pimples are practically gone, my skin is smooth and lovely. It is a watery product (actually looks like water) and you apply like toner, on a cotton pad. Just wipe over your face. And that is it, you're done. No creams, nothing. Go to bed and wake up with the best skin ever. I have serious sensitive skin so I just dabbed little bits in certain areas of my face at first, but fortunately found no problems and was able to apply everywhere. It is very much worth the cost.



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Pleasant exfoliating toner

This product is so popular among beauty bloggers and youtube beauty gurus that I was tempted and had to buy it just to see whether it is really "liquid gold" in a bottle. First I didn't think of it as an anti aging product, but more like a blemish control and exfoliating agent.
I bought a big 200 ml bottle as there was some sale in an online shop. I have been using it for more than 7 months now and still have got around 1/4 of product left, which I think is pretty good.
The bottle says that one needs to apply Liquid Gold onto a clean face with a cotton but, and might follow but does not have to with a serum or moisturiser. If we want the product to work more intensively we should leave it on its own. And we shouldn't use it more often that every second night. I use it every second/third night as a exfoliating toner and usually apply some night cream over it.
Since it contains glycolic acid it has a very good influence on my combination acne prone skin. When I get up in the morning after the Alpha H Liquid Gold night my skin is clear and bright. It also looks very plump. After using this product for a while I can say it does work pretty well, it gets rid of dead skin cells, renewing the surface of the skin. The skin gets smoother and softer. It helps control the blemishes and definitely helps to reduce the sun spots and pimple marks on your face.
In general, it is indeed a good anti aging product as it makes the skin clear, even toned and plump. It might reduce the appearance of shallow wrinkles but I do not have many yet and I can't really tell. It is also a very good exfoliating toner for a combination/oily skin. What I have noticed is that the products that are usually dedicated to the blemish prone complexion are amazing for anti aging purposes and vice versa. :)
Since my skin is not dry or sensitive I do not know whether Liquid Gold would irritate such complexion. I think not. Although it is potent it is also very gentle, it does not dry out my skin when used according to the instructions and in moderation.

Growing old


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Best in Beauty 2014 - Best Age Mananagement product

I had been using a gentle resurfacing product for over a year but my skin had stopped responding to the product. After months of researching Glycolic products and reading reviews Alpha H Liquid Gold was the product with the best reviews so I took the plunge.
With its unique delivery system and the science behind the product I felt confident using this to revive my skin. Like others, cleansing then 'merely' applying what feels like a toner then not applying serums and moisturisers ontop seemed contradictive with what we believe but boy o boy I'm glad I did!
I had bad pigmentation and thickened skin on my face and decollagte. It was horrible, I was self conscious of it and they added many unwanted years on to my appearance. Then I used Liquid Gold! Admittedly I was a little disappointed that I didn't wake up looking 20 years younger after the first application (joke!) however within a week there was a noticeable difference to the pigmentation, my huge pores well...what pores...they had seemed to disappear! A month on and the pigmentation was almost entirely gone from my face, my decollagte had improved considerably, pores refined, fine lines and wrinkles softened and an overall youthful skin (which hadnt looked back at me in the mirror since, well, my youth) was revealed.
The mornings after my Liquid Gold nights I awake to super soft and surprisingly hydrated skin. I have continued to use this every 2nd night for four months now and the results are amazing.
Liquid Gold is (suprise suprise) a liquid!! Applied onto cleansed dry skin not unlike application of a toner makes my Liquid Gold nights a super quick evening routine. I've found that since using Liquid Gold and it's obvious ability to help remove the glue that binds the dead skin cells together and improve cell turnover has also improved the efficiency of all my other products I use. Makeup application has improved 100%, gliding on smoothly and as a result looks so much better.
On two occasions when I first started using this I had a pimple come up and was shocked that they were gone, completely gone by the next day.
The only question now young will I end up looking ;)


I find using cotton balls less effective than cotton pads. I get the textured pads and first wipe over the face with the more textured side then flip it over and go over my face again with the smooth side. I then use this over my hands.
Use on pimples as a spot treatment.

Ideal for

This is suitable for anyone (except Id imagine super sensitive) from acne prone to dry/dehydrated ageing thickened pigmented skin. Young, old and inbetween!



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Changed my skin for the better

This was my first try at a AHA exfoliant. I purchased it as an alternative to harsh scrubs and it has really worked wonders for my skin. This is actually the only product in my current collection that I have repurchased more than twice and have recommended to many of my friends and family I work in beauty and after the first week of use the girls all commented on how glowing and smooth my skin looked. Hyper pigmentation was dramatically reduced and I rarely got spots.


I use it only at night time, swipe all over face and neck. Don't moisturise after and just sleep. You will wake up with glowing and hydrated skin! Also, please remember to stay away from the sun and wear a good sun screen!

Ideal for

All skins I would say. I purchased this to battle hyper pigmentation and the odd spot, works fantastic.



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I admit that I am surprised that this product did absolutely nothing for my skin given all the hype and positive reviews not only here but overseas as well. I have given this product two trials of my own and each time have been disappointed. I first tried it a year ago and recently have been using it as per the instructions for two months.

As the owner of the business has stated, it is best to use without any products on top which I have done and woken up to my skin feeling dry. The owner has also said that you should feel like you have been wearing a very expensive night cream overnight. That has not been the case at all for me. I have good skin for my age (mid 50s) and have seen no improvement from using this product.

I think everyone should try it to see for themselves. I can only offer my personal experience.



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Cult product! Well deserved.

I am in my mid 40's and hyperpigmentation is one of my main skin care concerns. Sun baking in my teens is now showing up as blotchy dark patches on my face.

After reading lots of blogs and reviews about this cult product I was eager to see if this could work miracles on my skin.

The product is packaged in a plastic bottle with a flip top lid, then a clip on lid as it's outer packaging. The product is quite runny, like water and I apply it by saturating a cotton wool pad, then I apply it to my skin, avoiding my eye area.

After application my skin feels a bit tingly but certainly not uncomfortable. I was at first hesitant about not applying my night time moisturiser afterwards but surprisingly after waking up my skin looked very radiant, bright and not dry or flaky. You do need to wear a high protection sunscreen during the day to prevent further pigmentation issues as the product can increase your skins sensitivity to the sun.

I have been using this product for a couple of months now and I do believe that my pigmentation has lightened somewhat, it has definitely made my pores look more refined and my skin feels so soft and smooth.
I tend to alternate the Alpha H liquid gold with a physical exfoliant every few days to keep my skin in tip top condition.

I do believe that this product deserves it's cult status and lives up to all the hype. A must have product in my beauty kit!



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Lives upto it's name!

This product is literally liquid gold. I use it at every other night by itself for maximum effect as per directions on the bottle. At first my skin felt quite dry after application but in the morning you wake up with a glow and it's amazing! No obvious scent to it which is a bonus for me. I received a sample size in one of my orders so gave it to my mother-in-law and now she can't stop using it either.

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