BioElixia® - BodyShaper Cellulite Contour Crème


BodyShaper Cellulite Contour Crème

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BioElixia® BodyShaper Cellulite Contour Crème is scientifically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite by an average 57 per cent.*
The crème features a formula with triple-action TricelliteActive™, which diminishes the appearance of cellulite and improves the overall appearance of 'orange peel' skin. The crème contains a concentrated blend of antioxidants, moisturisers, and Phosphagenics patented TPM® Delivery Technology that improves the absorption of key ingredients into skin, for a firmer looking, toned appearance.

*2012 Consumer Study, USA, statistically significant results from scientifically validated photogrammetric analysis of 5 women at 28 days and 56 days*


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Not convinced

If my desire for this product to work had any influence, then it would have been a great product. Unfortunately I didn't notice any change at all. I firstly didn't like the smell too much, was a bit too 'chemical' smelling. The product was easily absorbed into the skin, but rather sticky feeling. But after a couple of weeks using this cream I'm convinced that cellulite has no easy fix. Can a cream really absorb far enough down to actually make a difference? I think exercise, watching what you eat & lots of water is still probably the best overall treatment. This is coming from someone who had no cellulite at all until I was in my 40's. And yet both my daughters had it in their teens while being thin, fit & healthy. I wonder how much our lifestyle is an influence, or is it hereditary?


Drinking plenty of water is much cheaper & has more influence in my opinion.



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It Works!

I received a sample of this to trial and I'm really glad I did. It worked pretty quickly and I saw results after a couple of applications.
I used this primarily on my thighs and smoothed them out. I now have trouble seeing where the cellulite and white bumps were before.
It is quite expensive in my opinion at $59 but it worked very well for me and is worth the amount it costs.



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Not worth the money (glosscar review)

This product had been on my wanted list since I first set eyes on it but unfortunately the price tag was out of reach for me as a student at the time. However one day I saw it was in the Lust Have it Beauty box who were also having a special so I quickly signed up so I could score this product at a bargain price.

The product comes in a normal type of tube with a flip top lid which I always prefer over screw top. The scent is quite strong and it’s quite unusual – I’m not sure how to explain it – it’s not totally unpleasant but it’s not pleasant either. At first it bothered me a bit but now I’ve got used to it, and I do find it isn’t as strong after it is absorbed by the skin. The product itself is more like a creamy gel but I find it is really easy to apply and seems to go a long way. The product is quickly absorbed by the skin also.

I used this product every morning for a couple of months on my legs by massaging it in in a circular motion. I also complement the crème by dry brushing on a regular basis (a few times a week minimum). For the immediate effects, I find it feels nice on my skin and my skin looks and feels hydrated after use. It doesn’t stay that way all day though as the product is not moisturising enough for my skin, and I found my skin feeling and looking dry later in the day.

I have now used up two tubes of this so I feel I am ready to give my verdict on the long term results. Unfortunately, I am not sold on the cellulite reducing properties. After having used it a few months I think my skin looks slightly smoother and firmer perhaps but I’m not convinced that the crème has had a dramatic effect, or any effect that would be noticeable by anyone other than me as I am intently looking for it. And to be really honest, I couldn’t really say for sure that it is the crème that has had any impact as other factors may have had this slight effect such as I also have been exercising a lot more.

I think this product is very expensive for the [possible] minute results that come out of it. At $60 for only a couple of months’ worth (and you are supposed to use it twice a day not once, but I normally forgot), you really want to be seeing noticeable improvements. While I love the idea of this crème unfortunately the product did not stand up to its claims so I will not be repurchasing it.

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Great for forming

This is a night and light lotion that spreads well and soaks into the skin well. I used it daily on my bottom and whole thigh area. My skin feels a little more toned and firmer which is great and I will keep using it to see if the benefits increase over time.



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Wasted money

Like many consumers I got sucked into buying this product based on the claims that the product was 'scientifically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite by 57%'. THe packaging also claimed to a money back guarantee - which I later found out expired prior to my purchase. The claims of scientific proof was enough for me. I also took a punt and bought it because it was on special at Myer. Well, I followed the product instructions and used it as prescribed and unfortunately did not see any improvement. Regretbly I think only genetics, diet and excercise will have any impact on cellulite. I dont think that any cream will penetrate deep enough into the tissue to have any impact on cellulite.



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No result

I have been using the BioElixia cellulite contour cream on my legs for about 6 weeks now and there is no visible difference to the appearance of my cellullite. For that reason alone, I would not bother repurchasing this product - two tubes down the drain is more than enough thankyou.

In my case, the cellulite is not super severe to start with but it's obvious enough that I want something done about it. I'm not sure how severe the cellulite is in those who claim it works. Maybe if you have extreme dimpling, the effect of the cream is more evident.

As far as the actual product (miracle claims aside) is concerned, this is a lightweight, non greasy lotion that seems to be quickly absorbed into the skin. It's not really useful for anything other than it's intended purpose of cellulite reduction and it doesn't seem to do that very well.
More a gel than a cream, it's not particularly moisturising so if you have scaly or very dry skin, you will need an additional moisturising layer over the top. The packaging is basic - a plastic squeezy tube with a flip top lid that easy to use. It's nothing fancy but it is functional. The smell is... a bit odd. It fades quickly but does have quite a strong synthetic/chemical odour to it. Because it doesn't stick around, the smell is not a dealbreaker for me, but for those with sensitive nostrils, it might be.

Cost is the dealbreaker as far as I'm concerned. At $60 or so, it is pretty obscene I think for a tube that barely lasts a month (keep in mind that you are supposed to apply it twice a day for it to work.) I read that it used to be $99 a tube and I'm not surprised they had to drop the price. According to the marketing, you need to use for a minimum of 4 weeks to get a result.
On further investigating the "scientific" claims of proven reduction in cellulite apprearance, I found that the research was based on just 5 participants... FIVE. I quit the idea of being a scientist a long time ago, but one thing I do remember abount science and statistics is that 5 isn't a very good representative sample.

Overall I guess I got suckered into the hype (and a good sale helps too) but I wouldn't buy this stuff again. If you have severe cellulite it might help, but then this might just be another $60 tube of snake oil.



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best in beauty

This cellulite cream really works, it's great for diminishes the appearance of cellulite and preventing it from occurring. I saw improvements after only 2 weeks of using it, my skin was firmer and toned up. Smells nice, too.



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best in beauty 2013

i have been using this cream for one month last summer and really liked it. while the results are not permanent the product worked well while i was using it. i applied it every night after shower, it absorbs fast and leave my sin moisturized. bit overpriced, but I would use it again!



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good product

i have been using this cream for one month last summer and really liked it. while the results are not permanent the product worked well while i was using it. i applied it every night after shower, it absorbs fast and leave my sin moisturized. bit overpriced



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I used this every morning, for the minimum of one month, this cream-gel helps streamline the contour of my body and improve the condition and appearance of my skin.

I used this every morning, for the minimum of one month, this cream-gel helps streamline the contour of my body and improve the condition and appearance of my skin. What can I say, having three kids explains it all that is why I’ve been to different “search and try” kind of adventure. New studies shows that the geranium extract is really effective in activating the release of fat, while two other vital botanical ingredients also helps to reduce fat storage. And I think from my own experience, it is true!

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