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Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil

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Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil is a nourishing body treat without the grease. This vitamin E, cocoa butter and rosehip enriched oil sinks quickly into the skin. Instantly hydrates, smoothes and softens dry skin and with continued use improves the appearance of stretch marks, scars, uneven skin tone and ageing skin. Gently massage the cocoa butter scented oil into skin three times daily for the best results.
Available in Cocoa Butter and Rosehip.

$9.99 / $17.99

Pack size:
60mL / 150mL


Priceline, Chemist Warehouse, Woolworths, Coles, Big W, Target, My Chemist, selected pharmacies & selected IGA.

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1300 19 19 18

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Love the smell and works

I used this oil when I had some scars on my face. I used it religiously and like the smell better than Bio-oil. My scars eventually disappeared though using it every day. My brother also used it to even his skin tone and scars and worked really really well. It also softened his skin and he was comfortable enough to use it considering he doesn't really take care of his skin.


Take the time to use it daily and you will get results.

Ideal for

men, people who want to even skin tone, scars and smoothen face.



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Love it

I have the rosehip one of these and I love the soft rose scent it has. This is a very light oil which absorbs easily into your skin and leaves it moisturised and brighter in tone. I've used it on scars and stretchmarks and noticed an improvement over a few weeks (not as much as I would have liked but then I wasn't using it 3 times a day, only once or twice). the bottle has a handy pump which stops it leaking everywhere as it is a very light runny oil. Would definitely repurchase, leaves my skin so soft and nicely scented



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Only good for skin hydration

I started using this oil during my first pregnancy, used it religiously twice a day. I developed only a few Stretch marks and kept using it regularly. However during my second pregnancy despite its use I got massive stretch marks. I'm still using it...because it hydrates my skin and prevents dryness. It absorbs quickly and is Non-oily. It hasn't had any effect on my stretch marks though.


Rub it in well to avoid it getting on clothes.

Ideal for

Hydrating skin



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Holy Grail Toner

In January this year, my mum was trying to find a good product to improve her skin and came across this lil gem. When we went to buy some, she kept going on and on about the rave reviews it got online. I'll admit, I was skeptical at first, but after a week of using it I noticed a massive difference in my skin!

After using this for eight months, I don't know if it's still working those kind of miracles, but I know I'd be much worser off without this magnificent product. I use it after my Clean & Clear cleanser, & before my Clean & Clear moisturiser, both of which I love dearly although I'd like to change 'em up.

Anyway, you'd think that using oil on very oily skin like mine would be a bad idea, right? I thought that too, that being the main reason for my scepticism. Seriously, though, this oil hasn't made my oily skin any oiler, in fact I'd go as far as to say it's helped a little. Not a lot, but enough that over the last eight months, I've noticed serious improvement.

I've not used it on any other part of me yet, just my face, and I'm thinking I should give that a go. I also have no idea if this therapy oil reduces stretch marks, but it's definitely improved my skin heaps. Palmer's Coca Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil (with vitamin E), is freaking brilliant.


You only need a small drop to cover your whole face! I'm not even halfway through my first bottle, and I've been using this product religiously for 8 months.

Ideal for

All skin types!



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Not for me

I didn't notice any improvement to my stretch marks after using this however I was unable to apply it 3 times a day as it says I should as I don't have time in the morning and I don't want to take it to work with me so I only applied it in the evening. I found it very greasy and hard to wash off my hands. It also always dripped all around the cap and on the bottle which was annoying to have to clean it. I also didn't find that it absorbed quickly into my skin.



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Average product

I bought this product when I was pregnant last year. Even though I knew that the formation of stretch marks are genetic and nothing can really prevent them (i.e. depends on how your body responds to weight gain/loss, hormonal changes, and your skin's natural stretchiness) I thought this might be a nice product to use just for general skin hydration.

First of all, the product comes in a bottle with flip-top lid. Definitely not travel-friendly. When you pour the oil out to apply on your body, even if you are careful, you still get residue oil all around the cap, and it will slowly drip down the bottle. The scent smells chocolaty, which is nice. The oil is moisturising, but I don't rely on just this oil as post-shower moisturiser, because it wasn't enough for me. So I would first apply this oil, then use my QV moisturiser.

Now onto the effectiveness. I think in terms of skin rehydration, it does a decent job. But I'm not convinced about its claim on improving or even prevent stretch marks. The product description says you can use it on face or body - I had some discolouration from healed pimples and I tried some on the pimple marks - BIG MISTAKE. Somehow this oil must have blocked my pores and I got 3 new pimples overnight where I'd applied the oil. I didn't do anything differently so there must be something in the oil. This oil won't go near my face again!

I did use this oil twice daily from my second trimester. I didn't get stretch marks till 37 weeks, so this oil obviously didn't prevent stretch marks, just as I had expected. I have continued to use this oil twice daily after pregnancy, it's been 8 months and my stretch marks are still there. So that's the effectiveness for you.

So overall, if you use this just like a no-frills body oil, it will do fine. But if you expect it to improve or prevent stretchmarks, you will be disappointed. RESPONSE FROM PALMER'S: Thank you for your review of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil.

We are sorry to hear you are not fully satisfied with the product. We have received a great deal of positive feedback from consumers regarding this product and am sorry to hear you haven’t enjoyed the same experience.

If you'd like to discuss your experience further, please contact us at

Thank you again for taking the time to review our product and we will forward your feedback on to the product development team.

Kind Regards
Palmer’s Australia

Emma Jo


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Soft skin

I bought this small pump bottle with rosehip oil for big w for $9.50. I find it a little pricey for the size of the bottle and that it really only made my skin super soft it didn't actually help the appearance of my skin. I have pregnancy stretch marks, applied this morning and night after showering and found initially it did help my skins appearance but after a couple of weeks it stopped doing anything. I gave it three stars as even though it didn't help with the appearance of my skin it made it feel soft and absorbed rather quickly.



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Moisturising, non greasy

The oil is great for dry skin in winter. It definitely improves my dry skin immediately. However, even after a month's use it didn't reduce the shade of my scars.

Ideal for

Dry skin



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I have the cocoa butter oil, I've never found the rosehip in my local Coles. It is amazing!!!! Absolutely has changed my skin and cut down on time spent getting ready each day. I keep it in the shower and as soon as I turn the water off, I slather it all over my body. I let it soak in for a minute whilst I clean the shower and then I pat dry. My skin is so soft!! I didn't peel after a sunburn, my skins itchy and I've noticed my stretch marks look like they are improving. I'm not fussed about the scent, but as soon as I'm dressed I don't smell it.


Use with damp skin



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Really Love

Absolutely love this product. I have super dry skin, I use this on my face before makeup and it is so hydrating on my skin it stops my makeup from drying out and cracking under my eyes and around my mouth. I also use it on my stretch marks, i use it on my hands/cuticles, elbows and ankles when they are getting dry. I could rave about this all day, if you have dry skin, try it! it has so many uses and is so moisturising, this will be a permanent addition to my skincare routine.

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