A'kin - Pure Radiance Rosehip Oil - Certified Organic


Pure Radiance Rosehip Oil - Certified Organic

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A'kin Pure Radiance Rosehip Oil is certified organic and made from rosa canina seed extracts to deeply nourish and moisturise skin. Contains 80 per cent highly potent essential oils including omega 3, 6, and 9 to help fight the appearance of wrinkles and scars and increase skin suppleness and elasticity. Also contains pro vitamin A and vitamin E to create smoother, firmer skin. Can also be used to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, rosacea and blemishes. Rapidly absorbed and can be applied directly onto all skin types.


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Katie Marie


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Powerful with proven results

I had never used Rosehip prior to buying this product and wasn't quite sure how my skin would react to it. I have been on strong anti-acne medication over the years which has made my skin sensitive. Using this has been absolutely incredible. I use it in conjunction with A'kin's Rosehip & Shea Intensive Moisture Antioxidant Creme and am really happy with the results. My skin seems to be more balanced - not as oily and not as dry. It has also improved the texture. More importantly is has helped to reduce my skin's redness! I only use it 3-4 times a week so that I don't overdo it and make my skin too oily. Using these 2 products together feels really luxurious.


Use together with A'kin's Rosehip & Shea Intensive Moisture Antioxidant Creme.

Ideal for

Highly recommended for people who are wanting relief from naturally red skin, along with people who want to improve the general condition of their face.



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I have never tried rosehip oil before and I think this product has just about changed my life. It is the most amazing thing I have ever used. It smells beautiful and even though it comes out a disconcerting orange colour and looks like you are slathering a layer of oil on your face, it's actually quite the opposite. I only need to use a very little bit on my face and it's incredibly easily absorbed. My face doesn't feel oily after application—in fact, it felt like as if I've put soft powder on it. I really love this product as it's made my skin feel so soft and smooth, it moisturises beautifully (even though I did use the creme as well) and my skin is looking much brighter, dewier and just so nice! Love it.



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unlike any other rosehip oil

I got this as a sample and did not expect much from it as I had tried other rosehip oils before this. The consistency of this oil is thick but when applied it gets absorbed so quickly and you won't feel oily at all. I apply it every night and my skin has never been so soft and supple when I wake up in the morning. Also I have noticed some of my dark spots are definitely reducing because of this product.
I am surprised that this oil gets absorbed so quickly and you definitely feel like your skin has been pampered. I am loving this product and will definitely buy one when I finish with the sample.


Use it at night before bed

Ideal for

any skin



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Not what I expected.

I have wanted to try rosehip oil for a very long time so I was excited to receive a sample of A'kin in the mail. I was very disappointed. It smells horrible, like old carpet. It is also an unpleasant orange colour. I think there are much better products out there.

Ideal for

anyone without a sense of smell



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Disliked the smell

I was excited to try this product. Initially I was surprised at the orange colour, but it was the smell that really took me back. It smelt like a cheap cooking oil. This was reduced somewhat by using the Intensive Moisture Antioxidant Crème afterwards. But I found as the evening went on I was constantly aware of the smell. Besides that I do commend how easily it was applied, and the fact that it did absorb into the skin better than what I thought it would. Although it was greasy, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, and my skin did seem softer after use. Not a product I will be buying again.


Use a strong smelling moisturiser afterwards to help mask the smell!



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Fast absorption

I received a sample sachet for this product. The oil is dark orange in colour. I 'pinched' it between fingers and it felt like gel. It smells like herb instead of rose, to my surprise because I have never use rosehip oil before.
I used 3-4 drops to cover my face and neck every evening, followed by moisturiser. With gentle massage it absorbed into the skin pretty quickly. The scent did not linger, which is great.
I did not notice any changes to my skin, maybe I did not use long enough to see any effect.
Overall I am happy with my first time experience with rosehip oil.



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Easily absorbed!

I recently got to try a sample of this one and I like it because it was quite easily absorbed into the skin. It also didn't smell gross as some of the other ones do. You just need to use a tiny amount so it is definitely gonna last for a long time!


It is quite a multi purpose oil...use it for moisturizing and also to delay your ageing process or a quick fix !



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Great multipurpose oil

I have used this Rosehip oil for many different purposes, such as a serum before moisturising, on strechmarks and scars and on dry skin areas. It absorbs very readily into the skin and the skin is not at all greasy once absorbed. It is a very nourishing oil and a little goes a long way.



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I got a sample sachet of this and I don't think it was a good idea having an oil in a sachet. I basically had to use it all at once otherwise it would have made a mess as it was dripping everywhere. You certainly notice when you spill it due to the bright orange colour. The oil itself is oily and I do not really like the smell. However the oil absorbs well into my skin and is not oily was it is massaged in.

It is a great way to hydrate my skin and it leaves my skin feeling very hydrated. It is a bit too hydrating for my skin for summer but it is fine in winter. The oil is non-irritating to my sensitive skin. Overall I like this oil as it makes my skin feel soft and hydrated.



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

Must Have Product

I think I have tried every brand of Rosehip Oil available but this one is definitely one of the better ones. It absorbs easily into the skin and for me has been really effective at fading scarring balancing my skin pigmentation.
It really is a great product.

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