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Manhattan – Little Black Dress Triple Scented Candle

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Glasshouse Manhattan Little Black Dress Triple Scented Candle is inspired by ‘the big city’ and features notes of orchids, rose, musk and blood orange. The candle is handcrafted in Australia using pure wax and cotton wicks, which are non-toxic and lead free. The Glasshouse Manhattan Little Black Dress Triple Scented Candle is part of the floral fragrance family.

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Floral scent but not too sweet

Glasshouse Manhattan Little Black Dress is a lovely scented candle. Sometimes I would not smell anything for a very long time, and then I would get a whiff of the scent for a while. I burned the candle in a small bedroom and I could only smell the scent if I was sitting next to it. I could not pick out any of the individual fruity, citrus, rose or base notes in the candle. All I could smell was a pleasant floral scent and it wasn't too sweet.

The wax in the Manhattan candle is black, so that left quite a bit of staining on the inside of the jar. That is only an issue for someone that likes to recycle their jars. The candle burned cleanly and evenly and there was only a small residue of wax left at the end.

Gemini Jen


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Classy Indulgence

The luxe smell of this candle makes me wish it was a perfume.
The fragrance easily scents my large open plan room and people always comment favourably.

I love that these triple scented candles are long burning and especially that they burn evenly not leaving unmelted wax at the side of the jar.
As the candle is getting lower I am noticing some blackening on the jar. Possibly my wicks are in need of a slight trim. I also like that when the wick is trimmed it doesn't leave horrible carbon deposits.

Glasshouse is my first choice for high quality candles at a good price. All their scents are beautifully blended but this is my favourite evening candle.
Make fabulous gifts as they last for ages because the scent lingers long after the candle has been extinguished.


Leave it near an open window and the scent will subtly waft when
it is not being used.

Ideal for

An evening of relaxation.



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Little Black dress candle

I received this candle for Valentines and have been burning it ever since. When I first took a whiff of this candle, it reminded me of a mature smelling perfume. Not heavy or sweet (like their vanilla caramel one!) but more of a mature scent. I can't say that this is my favourite but I love all of their candles a lot. They also last upto 3 months, even with usage everyday.



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Welcome to Glasshouse Candles

This is the candle that introduced me to the sweet smelling world of Glasshouse Candles.
I discovered Manhattan at Cult Nation Day Spa in Wembley.
I was booked in for a deluxe Dermalogica Facial and the beautician was burning this candle.

The fragrance filled the salon creating the perfect atmosphete to relax and enjoy the facial to the max.

I love the packaging that Glasshouse use it is very elegant, and enhances the the Glasshouse experience
I can highly recommend the Glasshouse brand
It is definately one of my Holy Grail products.


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