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Manicare Exfoliating Gloves can be used while bathing or showering to gently massage cleanse and exfoliate dead skin cells away from the body. May be used separately or in conjunction with soaps, gels or scrubs. Available in white and brown.



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Easy to use & effective

I have bought several of these gloves over the years.
They are good value for money and long lasting.
I usually use mine all over my body starting at the feet and working my way up. I use mine before I have a shower on dry skin so it's similar to dry body brushing. It leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. I might start using them in the shower with a body wash. I find it more hygenic to use them without water as you don't have to worry about letting them dry out.



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Effective & long lasting

I love putting on a pair of exfoliating gloves & getting busy doing an easy all-over scrub.

These ones from Manicare are great, & I find last me many months.

What I like about using these is that I feel I'm getting a far more scrubbed result than most of my shower exfoliators.

For the places where hard skin is prevalent ie knees, elbows, feet, heels, I can really get the blood going & scrub firmly, with excellent results.

Regular use of these keeps me top to toe in great condition & they're a breeze to keep hygienic & dry out quickly too. Highly recommended

Princess Per...


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Easy Exfoliation

These gloves are great. I won mine in a Facebook Friday competition and wasn't too sure about how effective they would be after a lifetime of using scrubs but happily they are really good. The gloves are made from a stretchy material so they fit easily on to any hand. The fabric has texture to it but it never feels like they are harsh on the skin. I just used a little soap and massaged my legs with the gloves for a few moments. Super easy. Afterwards I really felt like my legs were more polished and smooth so they definitely work. They didn't cause any redness or irritation like some scrubs either. The only issue is how to store them between uses but otherwise this is an easy and effective product that does give good results.

Ideal for

Easy exfoliation.



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I feel polished when I use this product and my skin feels smoother. I feel like all my dead skin has been removed, my skin has never felt the same before. My skin doesn't feel the same as before in a good way, it is much smoother. The gloves fit well and would be great in other colours but this does not effect the performance.



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Best In Beauty 2013

These are a bargain buy and do an excellent job of removing all the old, dead skin cells from my body. I find the roughness just right, I can feel it doing its job, without scratching my skin to bits. I always add my shower cream/gel onto a gloved hand and then massage all over my body gently. The gloves help to re-invigorate my skin and the blood vessels, creating healthy glowing skin.
I wouldn't pay more than $10 for them though because I find they don't last for that long. I may get 2 months out of 1 glove. I use 1 glove at a time.



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Best in Beauty Review - A staple product.

I love exfoliating gloves and these manicare ones are top-knotch as they're great quality and don't wear out easily. You have too be careful with scrubbing too hard though as they can be a bit abrasive. I tend to use these gloves with shower gel and that's usually when I can't be bothered with a scrub which requires effort and can get messy. Gloves are really simply to use and all you have to do is squeeze some shower gel and then lather it up by rubbing the your gloves all over your body. The texture of the gloves is great as it does leave your skin feeling smooth and exfoliated.

The only problem I have with these is where on earth to store them. I usually leave them on my soap rack to dry overnight and then take them out of the shower the next day as I don't want to have them constantly wet.



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Fantastic to use with a liquid body wash

I previously tried an exfoliating glove called the Magic Peeling Glove, which was amazing in that I could see all the gross dead skin being removed from my feet and lower legs (I’m referring to the original glove, as I think the product has been reformulated). So I was looking forward to trying Manicare’s glove and doing a comparison.

Although I could not see any dead skin being removed, I really loved the feel of Manicare’s glove on my skin, and I could even use it on parts of my body that I found too sensitive for my Manicare cellulite bristle body brush. How strange that something slightly abrasive can feel good! I also found it better to use the glove with a liquid body wash, and that the body wash seemed to lather better than if I had used only my hands to apply the body wash.



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A product worth buying

Exfoliating gloves are definitely an essential for the body, getting rid of dead skin cells and making your skin feel great and smoother!

Ms Jelena


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Must have

These gloves are a must have, especially for those who use fake tan.
They are so easy to use and they exfoliate the skin really well. You have better control of where you need to exfoliate more and you don't need to use a body scrub - the shower gel will suffice.



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must have

this exfoliating gloves are def a must have!! good to use in shower with body wash. plus, it exfoliates at the same time. its a bonus.

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