Palmer's - Cocoa Butter Formula Body Scrub


Cocoa Butter Formula Body Scrub

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Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Body Scrub contains natural crushed cocoa beans to exfoliate skin. Other ingredients include shea butter and vitamin E to ensure skin is moist.


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Smells like Chocolate cookie dough!

This smells just like Chocolate cookie dough! It's a great scrub, a clear creamy consistency with little brown beads. It's quite a rough scrub and really helps exfoliate the whole body and get rid of all the dirt and dead skin. My skin feels a lot softer and smoother after using this and also smells like chocolate cookie dough which i love!

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This product has the traditional Palmer's Cocoa Butter scent and I love it! It smells delicious.

This scrub comes in a plastic tub - you twist the lid off and scoop out the amount of product you want. You do have to be careful with it in the shower.

The scrub is a thick, creamy consistency so you can scoop it out easily.

The cream feels very nourishing and luxurious. It contains just enough of the exfoliating particles to be effective without being at all harsh or drying.

I think that this would be the perfect product for anyone who generally likes cocoa butter products.



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Great scrub

I use this scrub regularly to exfoliate pre-tan application. The beads provide effective exfoliation but what I like most is my skin feels so moisturised after. I think the moisturising element of this exfoliator makes my fake-tan last longer which is obviously a big plus. It also has that iconic delicious Palmer's cocoa butter smell. My only complaint is the jar packaging. Because I have to scoop the product out it always gets underneath my nails which I find quite icky. Although it is beneficial as it allows for maximum amount of product to be utilised, I would personally prefer it in a squeeze or pump bottle.



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Wonder worker!

This product is one that everyone needs, its one of the best I've ever used. The exfoliating bits don't scratch your skin, and it smells beautiful. It washes off your body looking like milk, and goes on looking like a cream that is easy to spread. I love using this on my chicken skin arms, works like a charm, I absolutely love it, nothing bad about it!



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Smells delicious!

A recent discovery and I just love it! Leaves your skin feeling so soft and smelling really nice! My partner wants me to get him one now, and so does his daughter!
I would recommend it - and - most importantly for me Palmers products are not tested on animals!!!



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Once tried always loved

Tried this at a friends home a few months back the very next day I had to go ahd purchase. Beautiful texture, smells terrific and leaves my skin glowing but not feeling over scrubbed and dried out. My teenage son used it the other day so it now looks like I'll be purchasing more often. Would highly recommend on price and quality



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Love it! Smooth skin 24/7

I tried this based on the Beautyheaven reviews and was definitely not disappointed.

I have very dry legs during winter and they often will get itchy and flaky. I have used exfoliation gloves in the past but found they were very harsh on my skin and often left it worse than before. I have been using this Palmer's CB body scrub for about a month now and am loving the results. I use it mostly before I shave my legs or whenever I feel my skin needs it (probably 4 times a week, 5 max). It is a lovely, thick consistency that is easy to apply and doesn't fall off your fingertips unless wet. The exfoliating beads do their job without being harsh on the skin and I am a huge fan of the smell, although I understand it would not be for everyone.

Since using this on my legs and bum, coupled with the Palmer's CB body lotion I have seen a definite improvement in my skin. It is soft and moisturised and I no longer get itchy skin! Will definitely repurchase!


I searched for this at Woolworths and Coles but could not find it. Only seen at Priceline.

Ideal for

Dry/flaky skin

dolly wink


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Pretty great

Works really well to soften up dry areas quickly, not too abrasive but enough to get a good scrub out of it. Not too expensive which is good considering how quickly I run through it.



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Really good

I really like this body scrub, because I find it to be the perfect texture, not too harsh and not too soft. The consistency and texture of this body scrub is just absolutely perfect. It feels so nourishing and doesn't leave your skin dry or red. I have used body scrubs that are over $100 and are no where near as good as this. I think what makes this body scrub so good is the absolutely perfect texture. You can even use it daily! I use this 1-2 times a week. I absolutely love it!



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This scrub is amazing! It makes my skin softer and look smoother all while still being moisturising. The scent is not too overpowering and the scrub seems to last forever. I will definitely be buying this again!

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