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SunFX Body Polish contains walnut shell and pumice for an exfoliating scrub that gets rid of excess dry, dead skin. It is ideal for use prior to waxing, shaving or self-tanning applications.

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Beautorium December 2014 - Exceptional Body Scrub!

I'd never even heard of the SunFX brand before Beautorium. I'm really, really pleased that I decided to spend my valuable points to give this product a go!
First off, it works. My whole body feels soft, smooth, and really well exfoliated after each and every time I use this scrub, which is generally about once a week. I use this in the shower on lightly dampened skin and give my whole body a serious scrub for 2 or 3 minutes before rinsing off thoroughly and then using a moisturising body wash.
The polish itself is a lovely golden-brown colour with a super generous amount of ground walnut shells throughout.
It can feel quite scratchy but in saying that my skin has never appeared scratched or over-exfoliated. In contrast, it feels and looks beautiful afterwards.
I find that I tend to use a fairly large amount, like 2 x 50c pieces, to do my entire body, but I'm probably being a bit over-generous and could use less.
Overall, this is a great product that works and feels really good. It's worth buying if you're looking for a great body polish.


Great to use prior to shaving or tanning.



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My Skin Is Left Softer & Smoother

I love that the exfolating bits stay the same right through using this on my skin - they don't dissolve away or get smaller like I've found in some other body scrubs. They are nice and scratchy too which I love the feel of and they are a decent size so they are not iddy-biddy tiny beads which is great because I can actually feel them!

This scrub leaves my skin feeling softer and smoother than when I started. It's great for the whole body but I found especially effective on my elbows and knees! It really makes them softer! It goes great with the SunFX tan enhancer body moisturiser.



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Both fun and effective

For the gal who loves both shimmer and shine!! This is a very effective body scrub that helps take away any dry skin and dead skin cells without drying out the skin. The product itself is a beautiful shimmery gel coloured with a tinge of pink and a light floral aroma. I prefer to use on damp skin so they product has a way of gently moving around the body. When using the walnut shells work well to exfoliate the skin.....but I do wish there were more of them! The formula consists of glitter and when you rinse the product off the glitter remains of the skin. It looks really pretty on and would be perfect for a day out in the sun. After use my skin feels smooth, soft and sun ready! I find this product to be alot of fun as well as effective. I look forward to using it regularly.



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Exfoliator Heaven

I won this beautiful little exfoliator and was so pleasantly surprised. After reading the instructions, it advises to rub the product into the skin before having your shower. This really helps the walnut shell and pumice to work their magic and remove any dead skin cells. You can actually feel the dead skin being removed, and the smell is very beachy, which I love.


Get into the shower to remove the excess and you will feel a dramatic difference to the texture of your skin. Mine was so soft and supple and really ready to apply a fake tan.

Ideal for

I found that my fake tan went on so much easier and developed really nice and evenly. I would buy this product.

Spoilt by Pi...


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Takes years to use!

It took me two years to finish using SunFX Body Polish!
It works well but is a little runny so for someone who wants coarser grains I recommend to try something else. Smells gorgeous.



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i found this scratched my skin more then took away the dead skin. My skin felt really irritated after using it but my skin can be quite sensitive to these products. So maybe it ould be nicer on stronger skins

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