Wouldn’t it be fabulous to have the time to look as preened and polished as Victoria Beckham each morning? Between rushing for work, stressing about getting the kids ready for school and attempting to get our eight hours each night, there aren’t a lot of ‘maintenance hours’ left.

That’s where NIVEA comes in. They understand that we don’t have hours to wait for our body lotion to sink in and to tend to our faces with a plethora of skin pampering products. That’s why they specialise in providing fast-working, effective products that will have you out the door and ready for anything, fast.

Don’t believe me? See if any of these stressful situations sound familiar to you…

STRESSFUL SITUATION #1: You’re rushing to get home from work, shower and get ready for an important birthday dinner. Just as you’re about to walk out the door you spy white marks down your black dress – courtesy of your deodorant. Cue panic attack.

SUPER SOLUTION: NIVEA Deodorant Invisible For Black & White Aerosol for Him and Her. Perfect for when you don’t have time to worry about whether you’ll be left with stained clothing. Black clothing is guaranteed to be free from white marks, and light clothing will not be left with yellowish stains – which means that the version for Him is perfect for his white shirts, too.

STRESSFUL SITUATION #2: You apply body moisturiser post-shower and then realise you’re running seriously late for work. You’d jump straight into your clothes and get going, only your body lotion hasn’t absorbed yet – and you can’t get dressed feeling so ‘sticky.’ Uh, gross.

SUPER SOLUTION: Sticky body lotions can sometimes tempt us to go sans body moisturiser because you just don’t have the waiting time to spare. That’s fine (if you like the scaly look), but don’t you know that NIVEA Body Express Hydration Body Lotion and Express Hydration Hand Fluid sinks into your skin almost instantly and keeps your body and hands hydrated non-stop for 24 hours!?

STRESSFUL SITUATION #3: Your skin is in a bit of a state, and you can’t wait to give it the proper attention it deserves before bed, only the kids are still wide awake and demanding your attention. You need a quick fix, but nothing you have will do as much as the mini facial you’d planned but no longer have time for.

SUPER SOLUTION: a double-sided wipe that works to eliminate skin impurities, cleanse and gently exfoliate your skin. Oh it exists – and it’s all you need to achieve the pampered, rejuvenated skin you crave. Get your mitts on NIVEA Visage Pure Effect 3 in 1 Daily Deep Cleansing Exfoliating wipes and then tend to the little terrors.

STRESSFUL SITUATION #4: After a big night at the footy you realise hubby is way too exhausted to get up and get to that Sunday BBQ anytime soon. That means you have to give it a miss (boo!) or turn up solo. 

SUPER SOLUTION: tempt him with the offer of a bacon sandwich and a cup of tea and then hand him NIVEA Skin Energy Moisturiser to apply to his face. Not only will enzyme Q10, vitamin E and provitamin B5 strengthen and protect his skin, but added guarana will help to perk him up – and ensure he’s ready for the day!

What is your biggest stressful situation saver?

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