Aveeno Active Naturals - Daily Moisturising Lotion

Aveeno Active Naturals

Daily Moisturising Lotion

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A naturally nourishing, non-greasy lotion with natural colloidal oatmeal and rich emollients to actively soothe and protect dry skin. Proven to moisturise the skin for 24 hours, increasing the skin's moisture level by three times within four hours. Fragrance free.

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AVEENO® products can be found in all major supermarkets, pharmacies and specialty stores across the country.

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Emma 458


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A reliable old favourite

I'm yet to find a body moisturiser that completely blows me away, but I find I do go back to Aveeno when I'm not sure what to try next. Not sure about it's 24 hour moisturising claims but it does sink in quickly, is non-greasy and makes my skin look smooth and hydrated. It doesn't quite cut it on my extremely dry thighs and upper arms, but I haven't found anything that does. All in all, a good option for all skin types or for those sensitive to fragrances. I can see why this is a favourite!


Don't use this on your face! I was trying to be thrifty when I ran out of day cream once and it broke me out terribly!



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What a great product

We were away on holidays by the beach and my skin was drying out so I borrowed my mums bottle of Aveeno Daily Moisturizer and it was amazing. Once I applied the moisturizer to my skin I felt instant relief from dryness. It soaked in to my skin and kept it moist for hours without feeling greasy. It worked so well I have bought the large double pack from Costco. Thanks Aveeno it's not very often I find a moisturizer that I really like.

pretty produ...


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Love it

I received a sample of this with a bellabox purchase and I absolutely love it.

It has a lovely light oatmeal scent and a smooth texture that doesn't go on too greasy. That said, if you apply a bit too much it might feel a little sticky on the skin.

This has made a big difference to the texture of my skin. I find frequent shaving leaves my legs a bit rough, but what I like to do is full on slather myself in this before bed and shower it off in the morning. It leaves my legs super silky and soft. I don't have to exfoliate as much when I use this, as it makes a huge difference in improving the texture of my skin.



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Best body moisturiser on a budget

I really love the Aveeno range and the fact that its affordable but still great value. I use this inconjuction with the Shower gel and they keep my skin smooth and supple. I have always had bumpy keratosis pilaris on my hips and sometimes thighs, if i'm keeping ontop of my moisturising with this lotion my skin is bump free and so smooth!


Use with the shower gel for best results

Ideal for

Dry, flaky skin, keratosis pilaris



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Great for body

This moisturiser is great but I still find it a bit too oily. I used it for my face once and it was WAY too oily so I just stick to body only. I like the wheaty smell and it feels nourishing on my skin especially where I have eczema. Use it if you have dry skin



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Excellent moisturiser for dry skin

This works wonders for my dry skin. I actually use it on my face as well, and it really softens any dry patches. I use this before applying foundation because it sinks into my skin quickly.


If my skin is particularly dry, I apply one layer and then apply another after a few minutes!

Ideal for

Dry skin



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really good for dry skin

I really like this moisturiser. It soaks quickly into your skin and doesn't feel at all greasy. Good for everyday use.



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Great moisturiser

I love this product. Very mild smell and soaks in well. I use it in combination with the Aveeno body wash and it works wonders.



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The only body moisturiser you'll need

I am guilty of not moisturising everyday. I think Aveeno totally thought about the lazy people who don't moisturise their body everday because this is such an absorbing, smooth moisturiser when applied on. I have very dry legs and when I apply this moisturiser constantly for a week, it last a few more weeks before it gets dry again. This moisturiser is the bomb diggity! Makes moisturising my skin so much fun!! :D THE SMELL MY GOODNESSS... IT SMELLS LIKE OATS AND I LOVE OATS!


Apply before you go to bed, that why you're skin is able to breathe and really absorb the moisturising cream.

Ideal for

Dry skin and perfect for everyday use or lazy people like me



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I love this. Its my first Aveeno product and I'm really impressed with it. I needed a daily moisturiser for my body because it was drying out, and I bought this because a) it is cheap b) well known c) my mum bought an aveeno hand cream and liked it.
Hands down my fave, as I absorbs super fast and does leave me with yucky greasy hands

Ideal for

people with normal/dry skin

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