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Q10 PLUS Firming Body Lotion

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NIVEA Q10 PLUS Firming Body Lotion plus works to tighten, smooth and firm the skin of the body. With a formula containing the skin's own co-enzyme Q10, it supplies energy to cells, supporting the natural repair and restoration process and leaving the skin noticeably tighter and smoother. Suitable for all skin types, it is also enriched with moistursers to keep the skin soft, smooth and supple.

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250mL / 400mL


Supermarkets, Priceline, Myer, Target, Kmart, Big W and selected pharmacies.

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A favourite updated

I've been using this body lotion for several years now. The formula has changed slightly over time, as has the packaging, but it's always been a great product. It's a thick white liquid with a subtle fragrance and smooth texture, which massages nicely into the skin without being greasy.

With oily but sensitive skin, I'm always careful of what products I use, and I've never had any reaction to this.

The 400mL bottle has a convenient pump, which comes locked down. Turning the spout about quarter of a turn lets it pop up, then off you go.


I massage this into my arms and hands every night when I go to bed, and I regularly get compliments on the skin on the back of my hands.



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Surprisingly light

I love the pump pack, which is convenient & hygienic. It sits next to my bathroom sink so that I can apply it straight after my shower.

It's surprisingly light, (considering that the rest of Nivea's creams are generally so heavy) and it smells pleasant, without that usualy heavy Nivea scent.

While it moisturized my skin beautifully, I'm not sure if it made any difference in firming up my skin. But I'll continue to use it - hopefully it'll do some good in the long run!


Use after a bath or shower.

Ideal for

Dry skin.



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Love this one!

I was sent this lotion to trial and I really love it. It comes in a convenient pump pack which is easy to use and dispenses a useful amount. The scent is light and really pleasant and not at all irritating to the skin. The lotion rubs in really easily with no effort and leaves the skin smelling nice for the rest of the day. I noticed a difference in the softness of my skin as well. I can't say that I saw much change in the firmness of my skin but I am 45 so that might be asking to much!


This body lotion is light and moisturising and would be ideal for pretty much anyone. I would definitely use it again.

Makeup Maven


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Terrific body moisturiser - trial team review

This moisturise came in a large 400ml pump bottle, making for easy, no mess use. Although it's not a particularly thick lotion, it is wonderfully moisturising. I found it easy to apply and spread on my legs, arms, tummy, etc. It has a pleasant light scent which isn't too overpowering. I used it each night after my shower and my skin looks and feel wonderful...very soft and smooth with no dryness, which I often get when the season changes and we start heating the house. I found that the lotion absorbed quickly and didn't leave any greasiness, so I could put my jammies on straight away and not have to worry about getting them greasy. I'm not sure I see any improvement in firmness, but perhaps I will with a little longer use. My skin certainly looks and feels well moisturised. I will definitely buy more when I finish off this bottle.



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Handy bo y lotion

Well let me say striaght up I didn't notice any particular friming benefits from using the body lotion.
However, after using it for two weeks I can defintely say my skin if a lot softer. This is particularly noticable during the cold winter months.
The lotion comes in a handy pump pack and is a great consistency. Not too thick and not too liquid.
It absorbs very easily into the skin and doesnt require what seems like hours of rubbing as some do.
I love the Nivea perfrume so always feel lovely after using it.
It is a great staple bathroom product and excellent to use post shower.

(reviewed as TT member)

Ideal for

Every day use.



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Trial Team review

The body lotion comes in a modern-shaped bottle with a pump nozzle, and therefore is very easy and hygienic to use.
The lotion is quite light in consistency (less rich than a cream) and the fragrance is also just right.
I used the lotion after showering, and I found it locked in the moisture wonderfully. I used it all over my body and it absorbed into the skin quickly. I found my skin stayed moisturised and soft for at least a day.
The lotion claims to firm the skin within 2 weeks - I have used the lotion for 2 weeks already and have not really noticed any firming change (however I am 40 years old and may need more time!)



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Great value moisturiser

I was thrilled to receive this to trial ~ thanks BH x
I've been really impressed with the whole Q10 range and this product was no different. I loved the pump pack and the bottle was huge. My skin, especially on my legs is pretty dry so i love rich creams. This cream, though rich absorbed quickly and felt super moisturising. I didn't find it greasy at all and my skin felt moisturised all day. My only gripe was that it was very heavily perfumed, this wouldn't be a problem at night but during the day it overpowered my perfume.
I didn't actually find much to the firming part but as an everyday body moisturiser it's a winner :)



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Trial Team Review

As part of the Trial Team I was sent a 400ml bottle of this product. It has the standard curvy shaped bottle which Nivea seems to use for all their differant types of body moisturisers. This one comes with a pump which is fantastic and certainly makes application so much easier. Im not sure that the smaller bottle has this pump feature as the ones i have seen just seem to have the flip top lid.
The Bottle claims on the front that this body lotion with Q10 plus will Firm the skin within 2 weeks.
I started using this product every night after my shower and used it all over my legs,butt, stomach and arms. I did note that straight away it was a lotion that was absorbed into the skin and thankfully it wasnt one of those greasy body lotions that leaves your skin feeling sticky. The following morning after the first application i noted that the skin on my legs was feeling really lovely and soft and after a couple of days the skin on my arms didnt look as dry or old.
My first weeks use went well and then i had a break of 3 days as i went into hospital. Once I got back home i was back into using it again but i did note that even though i had missed 3 days use it wasnt like my skin suddenly went down held onto the improvements it had gained from the week of use. During my second week of use i noticed that the skin on my stomach did actually appear to be looking firmer. Now Im not saying that my stomach now looks that amazing that im going to be prancing around in a bikini but it certainly has improved a little to my eyes. Im not so sure that anyone else would notice though but thats really not the point...I have noticed and Im happy.
I love the pump bottle.
I love the feel of this lotion on the skin.
I love how its easily absorbed.
I love the gentle changes in my skin.
I also love the scent of the product which i find pleasing to my nose.
I would happily repurchase this product.



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great moisturiser

This is another amazing product by Nivea which i absolutely love. It is enriched with skin’s own Q10 coenzyme, which improves skin regeneration and appearance.
It has a really nice smell, it absorbs really quickly and it’s fast drying.
It is not runny and not thick either which makes is easy to use and spread. I usually use it after i shower and it makes my skin very soft and smooth.
I highly recommend this moisturiser to everyone with dry skin



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Trial Team

Ive been using this for about two weeks, having used and reviewed this a couple of years back I was curious to trial the product again and it was as hydrating and smoothing as I remembered it to be. In two weeks i don't feel firmer as such but my skin is definitely softer, I quite like the fragrance, its not as overpowering as some of the facial products I won't buy this product in the future however effective I think it is as this range still contains parabens which Im not a fan of, otherwise a great value product : )

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