Garnier - Body Intensive 7 days Honey Soothing Lotion for dry, sensitive skin


Body Intensive 7 days Honey Soothing Lotion for dry, sensitive skin

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Garnier Body Intensive 7 days Honey Soothing lotion for dry, sensitive skin comforts skin and protects from dryness. The creamy texture is nourishing on skin, honey is included as a suitable ingredient for sensitive skin. The moisturiser contains L-Bifidus, an active ingredient that works in unison with the naturally derived ingredients in the formula to activate and optimise the skin’s natural hydration. It also locks in moisture by strengthening the protective barrier of the skin.


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Great body moisturiser

My skin gets extremely dry during winter especially after shaving in a hot shower. I always need to lather on a thick moisturiser in order to keep my skin soft and smooth. Some moisturisers don't sink in right away but this lotion moisturised immediately without leaving a layer sitting on top of the skin. Perfect for pre-fake tan too!



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It does the job

I bought this product on sale, because I needed an all round body moisturiser that doesn't irritate my skin-and in that respect, it does what I wanted.
It doesn't linger on my skin when I apply it, it smells alright and my skin feels better when I use it.
So while it's nothing to rave about, I'd continue to use it quite happily (which is a good thing, because it came in a double pack!)



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This works as a body lotion - don't know about the 7 days claim but it does moisturise.

I prefer the other varieties as the smell is a little odd, but I did get used to it and finished the whole bottle.

diva chelsea


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This product is great, not a strong smell, easily absorbed and did not irritate my eczema. Good price for a good product, would recommend to anyone.



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Better than any other on the market for the price, smell is fine and not too strong. Absorbs well into the skin and is non greasy.


Use after shaving, keeps my legs non scaly for at least a few days!

Ideal for

Anyone wanting a lasting lotion



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Tis awesome.

Its sooo good, I borrowed some from my sister and then got addicted, It smells awesome although a tad strong, is nice and light but also fantastically hydrating. Usually i really dislike Garnier products but this is superb.



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Fulfilled the claim, my skin felt silky smooth and moisturised for seven days despite that I stopped using it.

What a great product. My skin loved it. I chose the sensitive skin option as I am allergic to Garnier's SOS after sun lotion. But I was pleasantly surprised to find no irritation. It had a pleasant smell and didn't leave my body feeling greasy. However it wasn't absorbed instantly and I did have to wait around a bit before putting on clothes.


But this is ideal for anyone who, like me, forgets to regularly moisturise. I recommend using it before bed though due to its drying time.



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Great moisture zap!

Given that my skin is SUPER dry and I normally need a super rich moisturiser, I was a bit dubious about how good this would be. I've tried other Garnier body lotions before and wasn't impressed.
I applied this after showering every morning, and for a couple of days, my skin appeared and felt very dry without my usual rich creams. After about 5 days of usage, I started to see a change in my skin and after 7 days my skin my very moist and smooth. It seems to take a while to work, but when it!


I will be buying this again, and for the size of the bottle, it's very good value for money. It smells just lovely as well. Well done Garnier, you've won me over!



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Lovin' it

Light, thick, creamy and fast absorbing... it's a miracle!
I have been using Garner's Soothing Lotion for a number of weeks now and have found the product to be a wonderful surprise. It's rich, yet easily absorbed and smells fresh and lovely. My skin hasn't felt this good in a long long time.
I looooove this product. My skin is rejoicing!

Kittens meow


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does the job

While i can't see this lasting 7 days it does do a good job and leaves your skin smooth and feeling nourished, i've only seen a slight improvement ans it's more that my skin just feels better then looks better. The best part for me is it doesn't leave that yucky feeling almost every other moisturiser i've ever tried does, it doesn't soak in "instantly" but it does do the job pretty quickly. i will buy this again.


Use straight after a shower while skin is still slightly damp

Ideal for

Anyone who is time poor and can't stand that yucky clammy feeling other moisturisers can leave.

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