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Visible Beauty Revitalising Beauty Body Lotion

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Dove Visible Beauty Revitalising Beauty Body Lotion contains a patented multi-layer complex that's designed to nourish every layer of the skin's protective barrier. The body lotion provides nourishment and a feeling of pampering for normal skin, and deeply hydrates dry or rough skin. The formula features a
fruity, pleasant fragrance that combines pear, raspberry, lemon, and mandarin. Suitable for use on all skin types, and designed to be used all over the body. Ideal after showering.


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Not bad for its value

It smells great and it's very light weight which enables my body to absorb the cream very quickly. Excellent for summer so it wont have this sticky after feeling. Since it is light weight which enables me to spray sunscream over it.
I tend to have dry legs because i wax my legs regularly which also tends to wax away the moisture. This is why i have to apply lotion after shower and before i leave the house if i were to wear shorts.
Great investment if you want to try a new body lotion.
I always love Dove's range of lotion because they never disappoint me. I will definitely repurchase when it goes on promotion.



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Nicely Scented, Nourishing Lotion For Skin

The body lotion comes in a 250ml plastic squeeze container with a click open swing lid.
The lotion is a daily moisturiser for skin, applied as needed, after sun and wind exposure and after showering.
Its a body lotion suitable for all skin types.
The lotion is white with a thick consistency.
Texture is smooth and creamy.
Nicely scented, soft, refreshing and easy on the nose.
Smooth and spread the lotion over skin with hands and massage in.
Its lightweight and feels soothing on skin.
Good absorption into skin, moisturising and replenishing skin with nourishment.
Also leaves a light barrier on skin that feels smooth and velvety.
A good lotion for dry and parched skin, gives skin a sumptuous boost with moisturising qualities.
I can see a visible difference in skin condition comparing legs, the moisturised leg winning hands down and skin colour also seems to have more clarity.
I received the lotion in a Priceline bonus skincare bag.

Made in Poland



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Leaves your skin soft and hydrated

This was part of my Priceline Goodie bag when I purchased over $60 worth of skincare last month. I have used Dove before and I have always loved using their products and this is no exception . The lotion has a pleasant fragrance and is light in texture , it's also absorbs really quickly ... Leaving your skin smooth , soft and very hydrated . I would definitely buy this again.



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Love it!

I like putting a little bit on at night actually. It's like a treat to massage into the skin and the scent relaxes me.

And when I wake up in the morning, my skin feels soft and hydrated. It looks good but to be honest, I mainly love it for how it makes my skin actually feel. It's a relaxing lotion :)



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The best

This is one of the best body lotions i have ever used t was very long lasting and i also received it on a free trial yay


use night and day

Ideal for




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Light, non-greasy, beautiful smell

As a mum of 3, finding the extra time to moisturise my whole body is a luxury! This body lotion however, is perfect because it absorbs almost instantly. It's lovely and smooth, non-greasy and very light, so virtually no rubbing in required. Given this, it may not suit people with extra-dry skin, as it's not extremely rich. I found it hydrating enough for me though and my skin felt soft all day.
I also LOVE the smell of this lotion! It smells like an expensive department store body moisturiser. But, it's not strong enough to overpower your perfume. I would definitely purchase this product again.


If you're looking for an ultra-rich moisturiser, this isn't the product for you.

Ideal for

Those who are time poor with normal skin.

Angie 969


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A nice lotion

Im more of a fan of body butters of the thickness but i didnt hesitate to test this lotion out. Its quite thick for a lotion and absorbs fast. The smell is amazing, i catch myself constantly smelling my hands and arms, as weird as that maybe. It moisturised well but i need a heavy stronger moisturiser.


For those with normal skin type



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Another Great Body Lotion from Dove

Dove always offers affordable and quality products that no beauty can resist. This Visible Beauty Nourishing Body Lotion is one of my favourite. It smells beautifully nice, moisturise my skin, giving me a lovely lovely skin that is soft and smooth. I especially love to use it after shower. The beautiful scent lingers even before I go to bed. I suppose none of us will refuse to smell nice before going to bed, right?



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the smell of this product was too strong for me. however, as i have very dry skin on my legs, this lotion absorbed so quickly into my skin as soon as I applied it. i also like the design of the bottle. smart and creative :)



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Hit the nail on the head

The packaging on this one has been well thought out. It's nice and clean with a great colour combination, and the grooves on the sides!!! The grooves fit my hand perfectly, it doesn't even slide out of a hand covered in moisturiser!
The protuct itself absorbs quickly and i feel moisturised all day. The scent is minimal and doesn't interfere with purfumes etc. I will purchase this product again.

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