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Dove Visible Beauty Body Lotion contains a patented multi-layer complex that's designed to nourish every layer of the skin's protective barrier. The body lotion provides nourishment and a feeling of pampering for normal skin, and deeply hydrates dry or rough skin. Suitable for use on all skin types, and designed to be used all over the body. Ideal after showering.


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Ms Billi


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My husband absolutely loves this Dove moisturiser so I was excited to give it a go and had pretty high expectations for it.

Unfortunately this product is not for me. I find that no matter how much I apply, it only dehydrates my skin and never actually moisturises it!

I feel that it also leaves a greasy residue which is not a pleasant feeling at all.

I guess it depends on your skin type on whether this product works for you. It is definitely not for me as I feel that it is simply not moisturising enough.



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Great for winter!

I was lucky to receive a full-sized bottle for free one afternoon at priceline, the assistants were giving one to each customer with any purchase. I was so thrilled, and I couldn't wait to use it. I really like the scent of the lotion, and its so easy to squeeze out of the bottle. I found the lotion absorbed easily into my skin, and left my skin so soft and smelling lightly fragranced. I found I only needed a small amount, and the bottle lasted me ages. My skin also did not have any reactions to the product. This lotion is great for winter as it absorbs quickly, (when your freezing cold, you want to put your clothes on quickly!), and it hydrates my skin all day.



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Lovely light texture & fragrance

I really liked the fragrance of this body lotion, which is light in texture & absorbs quickly into the skin. Plus, it's so affordable at $8.06 for 250ml. A great moisturizer for the whole family.



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Not for me

I wanted to like this as it's affordable and a great size bottle...but it did nothing for my dry & dehydrated skin. When I applied it, my skin felt moisturised for a few minutes but then went back to feeling thirsty...I just felt like I had to keep applying more and more...I also wasn't fond of the smell - a bit like chemicals.



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Lovely moisturiser

I received a sample sized bottle of this from Priceline a while ago when they had special gift bags they were giving away with purchases at Christmas time.

I have a multitude of body lotion products which I have accumulated over the years, but many of them were just bought out of impulse and they're not as good as I had hoped. But I am glad that I was given this to try, because I love it!

I use this lotion on my legs after shaving, and I only need to use a little bit to cover my legs (from my knees down).
It soaks into my skin quite quickly which is great because most lotions leave my skin feeling greasy, which is why I have so many others sitting in the bathroom collecting dust...

I also love how it makes my legs feel smooth and moisturized after shaving instead of leaving my skin dry and itchy. And it smells nice too which is just another plus!


Use on legs after shaving for smooth, moisturized skin that lasts for days :)

Ideal for

Everyone's skin is different, but I found that this product does not leave my skin feeling greasy such as other products like Palmers Cocoa Butter and Johnson's & Johnson's Holiday Skin



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Great for the price

I use this after every shower. It absorbs really easily and doesn't feel greasy. Great for everyday use for light moisturising but for deeper moisture I use other products.
I love the smell too - very subtle, almost 'beach' like smell of sand and salt (to me anyway)
My only complaint is the annoying packaging - I find it really difficult to squeeze it out once it's about two thirds empty, even though there's still heaps of product left I'm often tempted it chuck it out and start on a fresh bottle



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Great daily body lotion

This body lotion goes on easily and absorbs into my skin quickly. It keeps my skin moisturised and feeling soft for many hours. I think it's great for people with dry skin.



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Great lotion

I love this body lotion, I love the way it feels, however it does take some time to absorb, and although it leaves the skin quite smooth it also makes the skin quite slippery. But I still love it, it doesn't have any strong scent or anything.



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Sample Bottle!

I was fortunate enough to receive a sample bottle of this in my last Beautorium order and loved it! It soaked into my skin more than pretty much any other body lotion I have ever tried! Amazing formula that really feels like it deeply nourishes your skin. I even got my husband to use it! Must be good! ;)



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Light moisturiser

I think this is a nice moisturiser for warmer weather because it's quite light and absorbs well. I would prefer a thicker cream for winter though.
I didn't like the heavy fragrance, and got sick of it quite quickly, so it's lucky I got a small sample size.
It worked well in keeping my skin hydrated, although I felt I needed to reapply at night for extra hydration.
This was a nice light body moisturiser that I would recommend to people who like fragranced products, but I personally would not purchase.

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