Vaseline Intensive Care - Intensive Care Lotion - Cocoa Glow

Vaseline Intensive Care

Intensive Care Lotion - Cocoa Glow

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Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion - Cocoa Glow contains rich cocoa butter to help even skin tone, while smoothing away roughness and penetrating deep into the skin where dryness starts. The specially formulated lotion is enriched with vitamin E and conditioning moisturisers to leave skin soft and supple, while igniting the skin’s natural glow at the source.

$5.25 / $7.68 / $11.57

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25mL / 400mL / 750mL


Priceline and pharmacies nationally.

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02 8303 6464

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Does a great job

This moisturiser has had a place on my bedside table since I bought it! It's a really lovely formula and I can just feel it moisturise my hands and body when I put it on.

The only downside to it is that I don't like how it smells!



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Moisturising but not so dense that it makes you feel gross. Love it

A little goes a long way


Drier skin types



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Really moisturizing

I never got the hype over Vaseline products, I tried a couple of their moisturizers but they were fairly average. Then I tried this one after I ran out of my palmers cocoa butter, and it is so good! It's no where near as thick, sinks in quicker and has a real cocoa smell, unlike the palmers which I find fairly sickening. Leaves my skin super moisturized and the price is great. Highly recommend.



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Leaves skin soft and smells eatable

Hi guys,

I just wanted to do a quick review on the Vaseline Cocoa Butter conditioning cream.
I officially used it for the first time this morning after my shower.
The product is very creamy and rich and does take a few minutes for your skin to absorb.
However, it does make your skin feel super moisturised and hydrated, not to mention smelling like cocoa! I can’t stop stroking my skin! Feel so soft.
Big thumbs up for this product, that’s only if you don’t mind waiting a few minutes for your skin to absorb the moisture.



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Smells yummy and effective

I quite like this as a hand cream but you only need a tiny amount. It's quite rich and very moisturising. Don't use too much or it will be a bit greasy! The smell is just delicious and I think this lives up to all the claims on the bottle. My mum adores this and she has such dry and sensitive skin which reacts to tap water... This just puts all the moisture back into her skin and really soothes. It's such good value - you can often get the big pump pack on sale which lasts ages!


A little goes a long way.

Ideal for

Dry skin.



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Great product

This stuff is fantastic. I like the smell, the consistency is rich, but absorbs well and it's in a pump pack, so it's easy to use and sits on the vanity nicely. It's good value for money and I find it moisturises very well. I use it all over, including my face and it lasts for ages because it goes a long way.



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Just divine, and gives you skin a beautiful fresh scent.

This moisturiser was given to be as an old 'reaching turquoise' gift before beautorium points came along. I applied this after a shower, and I noticed that it wasn't as greasy as some moisturisers, and has a lovely chocolate like scent. My skin felt moisturised all day long, and my boyfriend told me my skin felt so soft. I have used it a few times since then for an all over body moisturiser, and I just love it! It makes my skin soft and it doesn't look greasy. The price is also very affordable.



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loved it! comes in jumbo which is good for savings and i also got the smaller one for travel. i generally use the aloe vera one but this one is perfect if you dont want to spend money on over priced coco/coconut butter when getting a spray tan!



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Loved it

I find this smells amazing and really moisturises.
I apply it after my shower in the morning and i stay moisturised all day


Dry or normal skin

Marshmello b...


Rating: StarStarStarStarStar-disabled

very moisturing

this product is very moisturising and smells yummy, however it does feel abit greasy and sticky. i would recommend this product to people with dry skin or those with scars as it is high in moisture and vitamin E

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