Neutrogena - Body Lotion (Sesame Formula)


Body Lotion (Sesame Formula)

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A sheer moisturiser that is part lotion, part sesame oil. This light lotion glides on easily and allows skin to breathe. Neutrogena Body Lotion (Sesame Formula) is enriched with sesame oil to soften and smooth skin.


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Great everyday moisture

This is a lovely light moisturiser which feels great on. Even though it contains oil, it doesn't feel greasy or leave skin overly shiny. It has a great smell and absorbs quickly. Perfect for my morning routine.

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Best for sensitive skin

It has easy to use pump packing. It has silky creamy texture with pleasant smell. It applied smoothly on my skin and absorb quickly with out leaving greasy layer. It makes my skin soft and hydrated. It also calms my dry irritated skin. after few application, it boost moisture level of my skin. It copes very well with my winter dryness and protect me from further dryness. I applied it on my 2 year old daughter and her skin was also felt soft and hydrated. I highly recommend it for every one especially for dry and irritated skin



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Light Moisturizer with a unique fragrance

This body lotion is perfect for summer as its very light and non greasy.It has a pleasant unique light sesame smell I have never experienced in any other body lotion before.
Not suitable for dry skin as its a very light moisturizer. While I like the lotion a lot don't like the clear pack as hate having to see half finished bottles on my dresser!



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Beautiful smell and silky smooth formula

I love this body lotion! It is hydrating but still light and non-greasy. The lotion itself is white and has a really subtle, pleasant smell that is hard to describe. It isn't overpowering, though, and fades after a little while so it won't interfere with perfume. The packaging looks really simple and sleek, however I don't recommend it for travelling because you cannot lock the nozzle and it is likely to end up everywhere, as happened to me. I especially love that this is non comodegenic because I get these little bumps on my arms that would be aggravated by heavy lotions. This seems to improve them too. I will definitely repurchase.


Ideal for anyone looking for a light yet hydrating moisturiser that won't clog up there skin.



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Best in Beauty 2012

My favourite body lotion! I absolutely love this! It smells divine. Non greasy and easily absorbed, and leaves my skin feeling really soft. I use it every night after my shower and my skin feels beautiful and I don't have my usual winter dryness. I reckon this would be my HG body lotion. Love it!



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Absolutely love it!

I am IN LOVE with this! It smells divine. Non greasy and easily absorbed, and leaves my skin feeling really soft. I use it every night after my shower and my skin feels beautiful and I don't have my usual winter dryness. I bought this because I couldn't get my usual favourite and a friend recommended I try this. Ive got lots of different body lotions but this is now my favourite. Love it!



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Sesame for sesa-me!

I used a whole bottle of this delicious goo last winter, which is really saying something because I am the queen of half-used body lotions! It's a deliciously light, nutritious moisturiser that soaks into your skin really well with no greasy after feel, unless you apply too much (I got really stuck in one night and left sesame-scented goo all over my computer mouse, buah haha!). Ideal for drier skins, or those who love the nutrition of an oil but not the oil factor.



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so soft skin after couple uses

i love this moisturiser, it softens my dry and and also it has a slight scent which my boyfriend adores. This product is affordable and it also may be purchased at all general chemists and pricelines etc.


dry skin, cracked skin

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