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Waxaway After Waxing Oil is a high-quality antiseptic post-waxing treatment. It contains pure Australian thursday plantation tea tree oil to remove wax residue, condition the skin and inhibit the formation of ingrown hairs, pimples and pustules. It is an easily absorbed dry oil that will not stain clothing.


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Excellent for skin!

I would not wax without this oil. It is easy to spray and I usually don't need to use much, depending on how wax residue there is. I spray it on the waxed area and if I don't want oily hands, I use a tissue or a cotton ball to wipe the oil around. The wax comes off so easily and the skin no longer feels sticky and is nourished to feel soft and smooth. It makes the concept of waxing not so bad, knowing my skin will feel even better than before I waxed.



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Removes wax residue easily.

This is an easy to use spray on wax remover, it mists lightly on the skin so it is great as I don't over use or waste product. The oil is very oily and I don't really like it but it does absorb into the skin after a while. I do like that it removes wax residue with ease and makes the task less difficult as there is nothing worse than having unwanted wax on the skin.
It smells pleasant and I like the style of packaging and how I can just spray the wax on.

Fantastic but I don't think it prevents ingrowns but the tea tree helps soothe redness or in growns which come up. A nice wax removing product.



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Great and works well

I really like this product, I don't do my own waxing often but hate having that wax residue left after I do ... this is easy to apply with the spray, it really gets the left over wax off, smells nice and leaves your skin feeling moisturised. Great product to make you feel more like you've had a professional wax!


It's easy to sue, and works well

Ideal for

Anyone who waxes @ home



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DIY professional style

I use this product to remove the waxing residue left by strip wax. It works really well to remove any sticky residue on skin or on tiles/plastic. The pump spray action allows for even dispersal and ensures that you won't over use the product. The oil is calming and is also good for sensitive skin.
Without this product DIY waxing just wouldn't be complete and this product allows you to achieve the same results as a professional salon wax, ready to go as soon as you are finished. A little goes a long way so this will last for numerous waxes.


After using this oil I prefer to have a shower or use a damp cloth to wipe down my legs as there is always some oil that doesn't absorb fully.



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Awesome product!

This product actually does what it says it will do! The spray is easily applied and a little bit goes a long way. I had some wax left on my skin after waxing and this spray removed it really easily. It felt lovely on my skin when I was rubbing it in and it soothed my skin after waxing as well. The tea tree makes it smell really nice too. A great way to finish off your waxing experience



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Great results

Waxing residue is the most difficult thing to remove and the most annoying. Usually I use wax strips which leave quite abit of product after waxing. I was so amazed at how easily it came off using this oil. The spray disperses the product really nice and evenly so it can easily cover a large area quickly. You just simply rub away! What I really loved was how hydrated my skin feflt after using this as I usually end up with redness and sensitive areas feeling very irritated. However using the oil left my skin feeling soothed and very soft too! I definitely reccommed this product, it does what it says and is so handy to have on hand for hair removal at home.



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Fantastic post wax product

I have been using this oil for a few years, and I love it. It's a must have for any DIY waxer, takes off all residue from either hard wax or strip wax, and leaves skin feeling really nice.



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Does the job

Pleasant oil to use seems to remove wax residue with a bit of elbow grease.



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Best of the best!

This after waxing oil works well to remove every last speck of wax left over, it leaves your skin soft as it's soothing and gentle on the skin. It's well worth the money if you're going to try waxing at home. It's so easy to apply and since you won't need much the bottle lasts a long time!



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best i've found

This product is definitely a winner. It's the only one which I've used which easily and definitely removes all the wax residue. Yes it does leave you a little bit oily afterwards but this can easily be wiped away. I do like the tea tree smell. very easy to apply, either spray directly on skin or on a cotton pad then apply to skin. I've even used it on my face too.

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