The dos and don’ts of make-up brush washing

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So by now, we all know we need to wash our make-up brushes (as well as some of our other beauty tools) on the regular. And I furiously applaud you if you actually manage to clean them fortnightly. That ain’t easy.

But, the big question is, are you doing it right?

Yeah, there’s such a thing as washing make-up brushes wrong. Who would have thought? And if you’re guilty of committing some of those no-nos, you could be damaging not only your brushes, but also your skin.

Here’s an easy break down of the dos and don’ts of make-up brush washing:


Wash your brushes every couple of weeks to avoid bacteria build-up. As you can imagine, using a brush full of bacteria can lead to breakouts and congestion.


Rely on just a spray to properly clean your brushes. A spray, like Artiste Brush Cleaner, is great to use when switching between powders and for spot cleans – not for thorough cleanse.


Give your brushes a good, deep clean with a brush shampoo or cleansing oil. Shu Uemura Brush Cleaner will help to instantly remove colour from the surface of the bristles, as well as cleaning deep into the brush to get rid of dirt and grease.


Use any ol’ shampoo on your brushes. The formula may be too harsh for the fine brush hairs and if that’s the case, you’ll ruin your brush. No, thanks! If you don’t have a brush cleaner, use a shampoo for babies instead, like DermaVeen Baby Shampoo. The gentle, soap-free formula will clean your brushes without damaging them.


Gently remould the bristles into their original shape when you’re done washing. Just be careful not to squeeze them too hard (or with a towel) as this can change the shape of the brush.


Use a hairdryer to force the bristles to dry quicker. This is basically a one-way ticket to ruined brushes. After washing your brushes, squeeze out as much excess water as you can, and leave them to air-dry.


Only run the bristles under water. If the wooden handle gets submerged in water, it can swell and crack. Water can also get trapped in the metal band around the brush, causing the glue to rot and brush hairs to fall out.


Leave your brushes to dry upright. Excess water can drip down into the base, which can lead to rotting. For the best results, lay them flat to dry, or if you’ve got some of Rae Morris’ nifty magnetic brushes (from $20,, you can hang them upside down from your rangehood.

How many ‘don’ts’ are you guilty of doing? Do you have any dos or don’ts to add?


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Member Comments

Posted by: Lady of Crow (Australia)

I just washed my brushes an hour ago and I'm happy to hear I'm doing it right.

Posted on: September 13, 2014 (Sep 13, 2014 12:23pm)

Posted by: maggieball (Australia)

Good tips. I need to wash my brushes more often.

Posted on: September 13, 2014 (Sep 13, 2014 12:28pm)

Keratosis pilaris: all you need to know about your ‘chicken skin’

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Do you suffer from rough, bumpy skin on your upper arms, thighs, buttocks or all three? You may have a skin condition called keratosis pilaris (commonly known as ‘chicken skin’).

The reason I ask is because we recently had a question from bh member ‘Slinki’ relaying her struggle with the condition – and it struck a chord with me as I myself have (and hate!) it too. Research has shown that up to 50 per cent of the population suffer from ‘KP’, so I thought it was well worth investigating a bit further.

I spoke to Dr Li-Chuen Wong, a consultant dermatologist at Sydney Skin, about what causes the unsightly condition, as well as how best to treat it. Here’s what you need to know:

It’s harmless

Although it can be butt-ugly looking (and on a bad day, seriously restrict your wardrobe choices), keratosis pilaris is a benign condition and won’t affect your overall health. According to Dr Wong, it’s very common and has a 50 per cent chance of being passed onto a patient’s children. This explains why it’s so common!

It doesn’t just affect your arms

In my case, keratosis pilaris affects just my upper arms, however, it can also be present on the cheeks, anterior thighs, buttocks and the back of the thighs. But what exactly causes the bumps? According to Dr Wong, “plugging of the hair follicles with dead skin cells”. This differs to pimples, which are caused by bacteria.

It varies in appearance

While the condition is characterised by rough, bumpy skin, it can vary quite a bit in appearance. “An underlying redness may be seen, worsened after exercise or overheating,” reveals Dr Wong. It usually doesn’t cause any other symptoms, though occasionally it may be itchy – particularly if your skin is very dry.

It’s difficult to treat

Unfortunately for sufferers of keratosis pilaris, it’s a notoriously difficult condition to treat. Dr Wong recommends a twice-daily application of exfoliating creams containing salicylic acid to help slough away excess dead skin cells.

Loofahs and hand mitts such as Bump eRaiser Exfoliating Mitt may also be useful in decreasing the roughness. Frustratingly though, if these treatments are stopped, the keratotic papules will often soon reappear. If mere exfoliation doesn’t seem to be working, Dr Wong says vascular laser sessions “may also help with the underlying redness, though complete response to treatment is rare.”

You should still moisturise

While at times I’ve been tempted to skip the moisturiser for fear of exacerbating the condition, Dr Wong stresses that moisturising with a nourishing lotion such as Aveeno Active Naturals Daily Moisturising Lotion or DermaVeen Everyday Moisturising Lotion will help with reducing the rough sensation. In my personal experience, rubbing the affected area with cold-pressed coconut oil in the shower has also helped to reduce the bumpiness.

Do you suffer from keratosis pilaris? How has it affected you and what treatments have you tried?



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Member Comments

Posted by: Neilrawson (Australia)

I used to suffer with this as a teen, the older I got the less the bumps appeared. I make sure to exfoliate regularly and use body scrubs, this seems to help my skin stay smooth.
Letting skin breath and cleansing regularly helps with the problem.

Posted on: September 12, 2014 (Sep 12, 2014 9:16am)

Posted by: Melissaccy (Australia)

Cut lemon or lime in half and use it as a scrub. Scrub thoroughly and then leave it on for appx 5 mins. Then wash off, and use (bedak Sejuk), I will endeavour to find out the English term for it, overnight.
The next morning wash off and moisturize. Do this once a week. It definitely works, but it's troublesome as the bedak Sejuk leave a white powdery residue.

If not, scrub with lemon/lime and then use any korean branded sleeping packs.
It really works! But one must be persistent and do it once a week to ensure prolonged results

Posted on: September 12, 2014 (Sep 12, 2014 9:19am)

4 ways to beautify yourself at home

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We live in a crazy, fast-paced world. Whether you work long hours at the office or you scramble to get one kid to ballet and the other to soccer (while preparing dinner at the same time), we all have our own stresses to deal with. And sometimes that means we don’t pay enough attention to ‘me’. We don’t take the time to sit, relax, and make ourselves feel beautiful.  

So here are four ways you can indulge in some self-loving and and beautify yourself – all without stepping out of the front door.  


A busy lifestyle can leave your skin looking and feeling a little worse for wear. Think a dull, lacklustre appearance and even a build-up of impurities. Thankfully, there’s an easy fix. Apply a layer of the deep cleansing, clay-based Dermalogica Skin Refining Masque, boil the kettle and grab a newspaper. Let the mask set for 10 minutes, then rinse off with warm water. Repeat once or twice a week and your skin will soon be smoother, cleaner and more radiant.


It doesn’t sound like much to tell you to moisturise from top-to-toe, but you’d be surprised how beneficial a daily dose of nourishment can be in improving your skin tone and texture. Plus, no one feels great about themselves when they have dry, flaky skin. After showering (and while your skin is still a bit damp), slather on Kosmea Rescue Body Cream. The combination of Certified Organic everlasting oil, rose hip butter and shea butter will allow your dry skin to lock in moisture, while chamomile will help relieve any aching muscles.


How are your ends looking? A little dry? Perhaps even a bit ratty looking? If so, your hair is in desperate need of a treatment – like, yesterday. After you’ve shampooed and conditioned your hair, towel-dry it and apply a good serving of TONI&GUY Reconstruction Mask from your mid-lengths down. Then comb the formula through and leave it on for about 10-15 minutes. When it’s time to dry your hair, use a medium-to-low heat setting – intense heat is a huge no-no for hair.


Regularly applying hand cream throughout the day is a must for soft, nourished hands. Unfortunately, real life gets in the way of sitting back and massaging our hands, leaving our paws crying out for some TLC. So next time you’re sitting down to watch your favourite sitcom, put on a pair of Bliss Glamour Gloves. They’ll give your hands a huge hydration hit, and your hands will already feel softer by the time the end title credits roll.

How do you beautify yourself at home? What’s your favourite way to pamper yourself when you’ve got a spare 10 minutes?


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Member Comments

Posted by: Tabitha Amy (Australia)

Love the sound of the Bliss Glamour Gloves :) Lucky for me it is my salon visit tonight! It's only about 6 weeks late (had to reschedule twice) due to a hectic lifestyle :( BRING ON THE IPL and FACIAL xxx

Posted on: September 11, 2014 (Sep 11, 2014 3:37pm)

Posted by: Neilrawson (Australia)

I love face masks and foot soaks, great ways to pamper myself.

Posted on: September 11, 2014 (Sep 11, 2014 3:40pm)

R U OK? Day

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“Are you okay?” This is the question we’re being called on to ask one another today.

An annual event held each September, R U OK? Day started in 2009 as a way to highlight the need for people to look out for each other and help squash the outdated stigma surrounding mental illness.  

At bh we’re all for talking about depression and anxiety – and in this case, encouraging you to check in with your friends, family members, and colleagues to see how they’re doing. But what if the person you’ve approached responds with, “not great”?

Well, you don’t have to have all the answers. You just need to show you care. For more information on how to follow up if the answer isn’t so chipper, see the website guidelines.

Will you be getting behind R U OK? Day? Have you or any of your loved ones suffered from depression or anxiety?



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Member Comments

Posted by: Lucrecia629 (Australia)

I like the idea behind this, but I think to have an official day for it kind of weird. Too many "national ---" days. If I observe a friend or family member looking a bit off, naturally I'm going to ask if they need anything - regardless of what day it is. I don't need the reminder but I guess if it reminds other people to do this throughout the year - maybe not so weird?

Posted on: September 11, 2014 (Sep 11, 2014 1:35pm)

Posted by: bonnyanne (Australia)

It's a great initiative. People these days are often so consumed by themselves and their own problems, particularly young people, that they forget to look to their friend or neighbour and simply engage them in conversation. It's not about just asking someone "are you ok?", but actually taking the time to listen to them and think about what they're saying. If someone's not ok, obviously you can't always give them the answers, but at least point them in suitable directions and don't leave it there -- keep up the lines of communication! That's what's most important these days, I think. People actually feeling connected -- and not via social media. But in real life.

Posted on: September 11, 2014 (Sep 11, 2014 2:02pm)

New beauty trend: customised beauty products

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At a time when purchasing make-up and skincare products is as simple as a click of the mouse and the options are endless, it’s strange to think that things could get any easier – or any more convenient.

The fact is, a new trend is upon us, and while customised beauty is still fairly new to the scene, the very concept is enough to convince anyone that it’s going to be huge. Some brands have already jumped on board this trend, offering tailor-made, customised solutions for treating hair and skin – and even creating the perfect make-up palette. Check out how you can customise your beauty kit…

Bobbi Brown Pan Palettes

The problem when buying most make-up palettes is there’s always one or two colours that you know you’ll never use. Seems like a bit of a waste, eh? Well, the brains at Bobbi Brown now offer customisable mirrored pan palettes that you can fill with your favourite Bobbi Brown eyeshadows and blushes. Choose a 3, 4 or 6-pan palette, then select shadows from the range of shimmer, sparkle, metallic or matte shades – and don’t forget a blush or two!

Bobbi Brown Pan Palettes, $18
Bobbi Brown Eyeshadows, $40
Bobbi Brown Blush, $44


Concoction Couture Haircare

When shopping for haircare products, it’s so hard to choose between the nourishing shampoo and conditioner, the colour protection range and the serum that promises to smooth your strands – I’m a girl, I want it all! Concoction Haircare is a range of shampoos that can be customised with ‘SuperSerum shots’ to suit your hair type and concerns. Simply start by choosing your fabulously fragrant Base-Blend (Lemon Verbena, Bakhour, Rosemary & Mint or Black Pepper Citrus) and then add two ‘SuperSerum Shots’ (Back to your Roots, Beautiful Brunette, Curl Me Up, Gimme More Moisture, High Definition Blonde, Ravishing Red, Thermo-Straight and Turn up the Volume). Then, mix to create your tailored ShampYou®! Your customised shampoo also comes complete with a nourishing Crème de Concoction Conditioner enriched with natural essential oils of Orange, Patchouli and Lemongrass.

Concoction Couture Haircare (230ml Base-Blend + 2 x 10ml SuperSerums, $29.95, Crème de Concoction Conditioner, $32.95) can be purchased at Also available through David Jones and selected salons nationally.


Created by Terry White Chemists, Bespoque is a brand that delivers customised skincare to the individual, depending on their age, skin type and concerns. Available to a retail market for the first time, Bespoque’s custom-made face cream tool can be designed and ordered online and delivered to your nearest Terry White Chemist. It’s just like ordering a coffee! Not only does this service allow you to focus on your biggest skin concerns and hand-pick your ingredients, it gives you a say on everything down to the smell, the colour of the packaging and of course, the name.

Depending on what you choose, the Bespoque formulas range from $36.95-$69.95 for a 50mL jar. Available exclusively at Terry White Chemists and online at


Which product do you most like the look of? Which beauty products do you wish you could customise?


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Member Comments

Posted by: swoopingbuzzards (Australia)

the bobbi brown palette would end up being about $300! thats crazy expensive for just 6 shadows.
much rather inglot!!

Posted on: September 11, 2014 (Sep 11, 2014 11:33am)

Posted by: Lauren157 (Australia)

This is amazing!

Posted on: September 11, 2014 (Sep 11, 2014 11:33am)