How to beat your body fears

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We all have a body part that we hate; no matter how many times our friends and partners tell us it looks fine. And as much as we try, this body part can have a serious effect on our self-esteem. 

But instead of standing in front of the mirror and feeling down about it, try out these tricks to conquer your most-feared body part and don’t avoid trips to the beach or that skimpy dress anymore.



Photos: stand with your hand on your hip and flex. This position makes your arm look as slim as possible, as opposed to when it’s pushed against your side.

Wear: a fitted black blazer: it will go with everything you want to wear (dress, jeans, skirt and top) and will keep all the attention on the rest of your outfit, while creating a slimmer visual. Long and flowing kimonos are also a very flattering to wear over your bathers in summer.

Top tip: Tan strategically. Hold your arm out straight and flex so you can see your muscles. Apply an extra layer of tan where the contours are for extra definition.



Photos:  sit with your ankles interlocked and you knees resting to one side. Kind of like the Queen. This will hide your thighs completely from view.

Wear: skirts that fall from the waist and flow outwards. Tight skirts will only emphasise the size of your thighs. If you have thin calves, favour midi skirts over a maxi to show them off.

Top tip: start incorporating plie squats into your exercise routine. They’re similar to regular squats, but your knees are facing outwards, targeting your inner thighs.



Photos: always stand up straight. Bending your knees, crouching or arching your back can make your bum stick out further.

Wear: invest in a good pair of slimming underwear, and for trips to the beach stick to high-cut briefs. Don’t try to cover your bum with high waisted or boy legs bottoms as this will only make it look bigger. In this case less is more. 

Top tip: start dry brushing before your shower. It will help to prevent and reduce the appearance of cellulite. 



Photos: pull you shoulders back and suck your stomach in slightly. Turn partially sideways to the camera, placing one foot in front of the other.

Wear: tops and dresses that are tight around the bust and then flow outwards are excellent for hiding a round stomach. Partner with a pair of skinny jeans or a tight skirt to draw attention to your more favoured body parts.

Top tip: add chilli to meals where possible. It helps to boost the metabolism for a flatter stomach. 


What is your best body confidence tip? Do you strategically choose clothes based on your body shape?


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Member Comments

Posted by: Neilrawson (Australia)

I definitely have to work on my belly, I have a little pot. My arms could do with a bit of toning also.

Posted on: July 23, 2014 (Jul 23, 2014 11:28am)

Posted by: Chickybabe1 (Australia)

Great tips!

Posted on: July 23, 2014 (Jul 23, 2014 11:31am)

The girl who’s going a year without make-up

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An American college student, Annie Gauru, did, so she resolved to go make-up free for an entire year in an experiment many women wouldn’t dream of pursuing.

The 20-year-old hoped the experience would change her perspective on beauty and self-worth. Seven months in, she’s been barefaced for 200 days already.

In a candid article relaying her experience thus far, Annie says she’s often been “tempted to quit” and that contrary to the popular belief men prefer women with less make-up, her all-natural look has made it difficult to attract guys. “I found that most guys thought that they preferred women without make-up, but subconsciously, they were attracted to those who had used makeup in a subtle way,” she said.

Although the experience has been difficult at times, Annie says her attitude toward her appearance has definitely changed for the better. She said: “I still don’t exactly see myself as beautiful, but I care a whole lot less. I’ve started relying more on my other assets.”

While she still hasn’t decided yet whether or not she’ll return to using make-up next year, we think the girl deserves a huge round of applause just for making it to the 200-day mark!

Would you be able to go make-up free for a year?



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Member Comments

Posted by: Beautynutter (Australia)

All the earlier comments were deleted for some weird re-posting my comment again.

She looks gorgeous without make-up, I am surprised she has trouble attracting guys.

Posted on: July 23, 2014 (Jul 23, 2014 4:42pm)

Posted by: Pink Hornet (Australia)

I used to wear makeup for work and special functions. Now I don't need to wear it, I miss it and am excited when the opportunity to wear it presents itself. Not quite at the wearing it for no reason ... yet.
Interesting article and experiment.

Posted on: July 23, 2014 (Jul 23, 2014 4:45pm)

The member-rated five-star foundation

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Many women are hesitant to try a new foundation, even when they know the one they’re currently using isn’t quite perfect.

If ever there was a product to prompt the switch though, it may just be L’Óreal Paris Infallible Liquid Foundation. With hyper-glide oils to help it smooth over the skin, its long-lasting formula evens out skin tone and leaves skin looking flawless.

But don’t just take our word for it. Twenty of our members were lucky enough to trial it recently following our Beauty Degustation Event  – and they loved it…
“This gorgeous foundation gives you flawless, full coverage for hours - and this is coming from someone who's had it on for 10 hours of work, followed by three hours of exercise. Astounding!” – Temporary Princess

“I was really happy with the look of my skin after I applied this product. My skin was even and natural-looking, with a matte finish that didn’t look like a mask.” – HMad

Check out the rest of the glowing reviews here.

What features do you look for in a foundation? What other foundations can you personally recommend?  


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Member Comments

Posted by: Joole (Australia)

I'm not a fan of matte finishes but Loreal does make great foundations! :)

Posted on: July 22, 2014 (Jul 22, 2014 4:58pm)

Posted by: CherryBlossom (Australia)

Sounds good. Nice helpful reviews, thank you.

Posted on: July 22, 2014 (Jul 22, 2014 5:40pm)

Happy Birthday Prince George!

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It seems like only yesterday that the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton revealed baby Prince George to the public on the steps of St Mary’s hospital in London – and now he’s already celebrating his first birthday!

While the young tot’s expected to enjoy a low-key tea party at Kensington Palace, the Duke and Duchess have insisted they don’t want to him to be showered with presents. Understandable, given it’s been estimated the mini monarch has already received a whopping 4,000 gifts since he was born last July. The haul has included some more unusual official gifts including three toy meerkats, as well as a cuddly crocodile from his trip down under.

For a baby present that’s a bit more practical but just as entertaining, we can’t go past a bubble bath. With feel-good ingredients like soothing organic aloe vera and moisture-packed vitamin E, Yes To Baby Carrots Naturally Cleansing Bubble Bath would be sure to make Prince George’s bath time fun and tear-free. You listening, Wills?



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Member Comments

Posted by: Neilrawson (Australia)

By golly the year has gone quick, what a cuty pie he is. Happy 1st birthday baby George.

Posted on: July 22, 2014 (Jul 22, 2014 4:07pm)

Posted by: freaky (Member since 2007, Australia)

He is such a cutie and growing so fast!! The Johnson and Johnson no tears shampoo is always a cult favourite of mine. The smell brings back memories. Like the sound of the bubble bath too

Posted on: July 22, 2014 (Jul 22, 2014 4:11pm)

Why you have muscle cramps

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There’s nothing quite like the instant pain you get from a cramp that grips your body - usually at the most inappropriate of times (think: while you’re sleeping or mid-downward dog). But why, WHY do we get cramps?

From period pain, to foot cramps, here’s what causes muscle spasms and the tricks to stop them from totally cramping your style.


As if dealing with your period isn’t painful enough, many of us also have to endure the agonising pain of menstrual cramps. "Period pain is caused by the release of prostaglandins which cause inflammation," says Carefree website GP, Dr Farah Kroman. "An option to ease this pain is to take an anti-inflammatory regularly and start it early, before the pain gets too bad." 

 Cramp cures:

-    Take it easy. Make yourself a hot water bottle, take an anti-inflammatory and plant yourself on the couch with a cup of muscle-relaxing chamomile tea.
-    Treat yourself to a cupping massage. Liangzi Health Oasis offers this ancient Chinese therapy which helps relieve a range of ailments including pain and tension deep within the muscles.
-    Stretch it out with a low-impact workout or go for a walk.


If you’re prone to stitches in your side or lower abdomen while running, it could be because you’re not breathing deeply enough. Low levels of electrolytes including potassium and calcium can also cause your muscles to seize up. 

 Cramp cures:

-    Avoid eating right before exercising. Eat at least two hours before working out.
-    Try taking long, deep breaths while exercising.
-    Slow down, gently press on the cramp and take some deep breaths to ease it.
-    Boost your electrolytes by eating a banana two hours before exercising.


Have you ever been rudely awoken during the night to the feeling of your calf muscle in the midst of spasm? Your muscles might be dehydrated, causing them to cramp when you put them in an awkward position while you sleep.

Cramp cures:

-    Drink up. Up your intake of water, or sip on a sports drink to increase your electrolyte levels as well.
-    Ease tension in over-worked muscles by giving them a gentle massage with The Body Shop Muscle Roller before hitting the hay.
-    Stretch your muscles. While sitting or standing, gently flex your cramped muscle to stretch it out.
-    Prevent cramps by massaging tired muscles with Avon’s Footworks Leg and Muscle Rub with Mint & Rosemary.


There’s nothing more annoying than a weird toe cramp taking grip on your foot, stopping you dead in your tracks. Your body may be lacking magnesium, which can keep calcium and sodium in the muscle, preventing it from relaxing.

Cramp cures:

-    Take a supplement such as Blackmores Bio Magnesium ( to up your magnesium levels and relieve muscular spasms and cramps.
-    Go for a walk around the house to gently stretch out the cramp.
-    Lay on the couch and apply a heat pack of hot water bottle on your foot to relax the muscles and improve blood flow to the area.

What kind of cramps do you get? How do you go about treating your cramps?




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Member Comments

Posted by: maydayismyday (Australia)

Lack of salt is another reason for cramps.

Posted on: July 22, 2014 (Jul 22, 2014 4:32pm)

Posted by: Misy Rose (Australia)

I do occasionally get cramps when exercising, and I just press on the area until it goes away. I might try out the other cures next time.

Posted on: July 22, 2014 (Jul 22, 2014 4:38pm)