Christmas party prep time busted

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Women spend an incredible five hours and 38 minutes getting ready for the annual Christmas party, a new UK survey has shown.

Illustrating the influence of social media, women are putting in time to look as pretty as possible in snaps that are likely to be seen by friends and colleagues.

The marathon regime is more than twice as long as the average two hours and four minutes women spend preparing for a regular night out (although being rather low maintenance myself, this still seems like an eternity). 

The session involves an evening spent applying fake tan, an hour-long shower plus a further 60 minutes spent creating a perfect smoky eye.

The extra-long extra shower was put down to the need for a full-body exfoliation and hair treatment, as well as other beauty tasks such as shaving both legs from ankle to hip.

And what about make-up? Well, on a normal night out we spend 20 minutes applying it – but whitening toothpaste BlanX (who conducted the survey) found that during the Christmas period, this dramatically increases, with women spending up to 30 minutes applying just a base.

And then comes the lipstick, which takes anywhere between two to four minutes to perfect.

bh is definitely an advocate of making the effort to look your best day to day – but apparently when it comes to the festive season, we step it up more than a notch.

And with all the great beauty Christmas stocking fillers available, how could I really blame you?

How long do you spend getting ready for a normal night out? How much longer would you spend at Christmas?



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Member Comments

Posted by: misfortune8 (Australia)

That's ridiculous! Did the survey take into account how many of these women get regular salon waxing throughout the year, manicures/pedicures whether in salon or home, & fake tan? Was this time included in the calculations for getting ready on a normal night? We all take extra time on a special occasion, but nowhere near 5+ hours.

Posted on: December 11, 2014 (Dec 11, 2014 5:59pm)

Posted by: dream-angels (Australia)

I take about an hour

Posted on: December 11, 2014 (Dec 11, 2014 6:07pm)

Beard baubles: the new Christmas accessory for men

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Photo credit: Grey London

They used to be just for the Christmas tree, but baubles now have a new pride of place: on men’s beards.

Women have Christmas nail art, while blokes have started decking out their facial hair with shiny baubles, making them the new must-have festive accessory.

The credit goes to London advertising agency Grey London for starting the craze, selling the unlikely hair decoration to men in the UK, US, Germany, France and even Australia.

The baubles – which retail for £5.00 or about $9.50 a packet – have been flying off shelves, with Grey London employee Ollie Dearn saying the agency has “sold more than we ever expected”.

            Photo credit: lucastavrou Instagram

Each pack contains 14 multi-coloured baubles to attach to your whiskers: ten large balls and four small ones (so your man can tailor his Christmas beard to suit his taste).

At the moment the trend has a definite hipster vibe, but I think I speak for the whole bh office when I say we’d absolutely LOVE to see this one go mainstream.

            Photo credit: sebdennard Instagram

After all, 2014 has been the year of the beard – you only have to look at bh’s Luke in our how-to: style your beard at home to see why.

Would your man wear beard baubles? What other Christmas beauty trends do you love?



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Member Comments

Posted by: Neilrawson (Australia)

Ah no, not keen on this at all. I suppose it is a bit of fun.

Posted on: December 11, 2014 (Dec 11, 2014 10:46am)

Posted by: bonnyanne (Australia)

LOL what a joke. Good at a fun xmas party with friends, but not for real :P

Posted on: December 11, 2014 (Dec 11, 2014 10:56am)

Man loses 64 kilos by eating curry

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A man has lost 64 kilograms in less than a year by eating curry for breakfast.  

Yep, you read that correctly: 38-year-old Mike Snell skipped more conventional diet regimes such as the popular 5:2 diet, instead choosing to chomp on red-hot Indian curry – along with carb-loaded snacks – before 10am every day.

The UK delivery driver previously weighed 152 kilograms, the result of snacking on processed foods, burgers and bacon sandwiches at work.

But according to UK news site Metro, he managed to slim down to a healthy 88 kilograms in just 11 months by chowing down on a chicken vindaloo at 6am every day.

Saying it took away his cravings “for the rest of the day”, he also ate whatever he felt like until 10am, but then very little after that (sometimes enjoying just a soup for dinner).

Speaking to Metro, Mike said he’d found it difficult to stick to more typical weight loss methods in the past. And in addition to his contentious morning binge, he also didn’t do any extra exercise.

To his credit though, he did keep his diet varied by adding different vegetables, such as broccoli or baby leaves, to his daily morning curry.

Although I’d question whether Mr Snell’s weight loss method was particularly healthy, there’s no denying it was effective.

And while it’s difficult to know exactly why, one reason could be that chilli (a key curry ingredient) has been shown to help speed up the metabolism.

Would you eat curry for breakfast to promote weight loss? What other weird weight loss methods have you tried?


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Member Comments

Posted by: Jenniqua (Australia)

Sounds like a good way to give yourself a heart attack.

Posted on: December 10, 2014 (Dec 10, 2014 3:02pm)

Posted by: CherryBlossom (Australia)

Interesting, I couldn't eat any same food all the time. I have a tough time as it is with toast or cereal for brekkie. It's a bit of a binge to eat anything until 10am and then very little for the rest of the day. Not too healthy?

Posted on: December 10, 2014 (Dec 10, 2014 3:18pm)

Katy Perry’s new purple hair

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Photo credit: katyperry Instagram

Katy Perry’s unveiled a punchy purple new ‘do – and we think it’s her best hair look yet.

Yep, the singer’s officially moved on from her Muppets-inspired hair colour, showcasing the Ribena-esque hue on her Instagram page.  

While the caption had more to do with her choice of dress (“OOTD school girl raincoat vibez”), we were distracted by the singer’s chic, wavy bob cut – and her mauve make-up.

KatyCats may recall this isn’t the first time the pop princess has had purple hair – she rocked a darker shade (which we loved almost as much) back in 2012.

Want to copy Katy’s ‘do? Try L’Oreal Paris Casting Crème Gloss in Licorice or Schwarzkopf LIVE Colour Ultra Brights Magnetic Purple for strands that’ll stand out from the crowd.

Complete the look with a slick of mauve lippie (we love Ulta3 – Matte Lipstick in Misty Mauve or Designer Brands – Moisturising Lipstick in Classic Mauve) and some fun false lashes: try UBU Eye Spy Lashes or for a customised look, Ardell Duralash Starter Kit.

Are you a fan of Katy Perry’s purple ‘do? Would you dye your hair a colour this bold?   


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Member Comments

Posted by: Lucrecia629 (Australia)

Purple hair is a no for me, but it's actually pretty on her. Although I prefer the purpley-black.

Posted on: December 10, 2014 (Dec 10, 2014 12:11pm)

Posted by: DeannaBoon (Australia)

Nice colour. But purple just not suit my skin colour.

Posted on: December 10, 2014 (Dec 10, 2014 12:20pm)

‘The perfect body’ revealed

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When it comes to picking ‘the perfect body’, is there a universal idea of what’s considered most attractive?

Apparently not, if a recent UK sex survey carried out by Men’s Health and Women’s Health magazines is anything to go by.

According to their poll of 1,000 men and 1,000 women, males and females have very different ideas about what is ‘sexy’.  

While women aspire to having the slim, boyish shape of bh favourite Cameron Diaz, it is the curvier, hourglass figure of Kate Upton that men are attracted to.

Meanwhile, while Hugh Jackman's bulky Wolverine bod was the dream physique for men, more than half of women would prefer their man to look like Ryan Gosling (no surprises there). 

But back on the subject of the perfect female bod: interestingly, bh’s Carli’s already written about how Cameron Diaz totally upstaged Kate Upton at a red carpet premiere earlier this year.

Yep, it seems Australian women have the same beauty beliefs as our English sisters!

Whose body do you prefer: Cameron’s or Kate’s? What other celebrities give you serious body envy?



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Member Comments

Posted by: queenbee15 (Australia)

Kate Upton wins!!!

Posted on: December 09, 2014 (Dec 9, 2014 12:39pm)

Posted by: Katherine767 (Australia)

They're both beautiful women!

Posted on: December 09, 2014 (Dec 9, 2014 12:39pm)