Dermalogica has dropped its prices!

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Do you looooove Dermalogica? Do you love saving money even more? Well, then you’re bound to be jumping for joy after hearing the news that Dermalogica has reduced the recommended retail price of its products by an average of 20 per cent. And not just for one week or one month or even one year. It’s a forever kind of reduction. On every single product. Hooray!

Why the change? (Not that we’re complaining) Dermalogica cares about you – more specifically, your skin. And they want you to make sure you’re looking after it properly by encouraging you to seek accurate skin health recommendations from qualified professional skin therapists. Did you know that you can go into any Dermalogica centre for a free face mapping session? During the session your therapist can help identify your main skin concerns and make product recommendations, as well as show you how the products work. Again, all for free. Then you can buy the recommended products (either in store or online at at a fraction of the price! Your skin and wallet will literally never feel better.

So here’s what some of your Dermalogica favourites will now cost:
Was: $65.50
Now: $51

Daily Microfoliant
Was: $83.50
Now: $69

Active Moist
Was: $79
Now: $67.50

UltraCalming™ Redness Relief SPF20
Was: $80
Now: $62

ChromaWhite TRx® Pure Night
Was: $142
Now: $103

Check out the Dermalogica listing to discover all the new prices…

Did you know? You can get Dermalogica Face Mapping at any Dermalogica stockist. Oh, and it’s not a one time thing – you can get the complimentary service as often as you like. Which works at well considering that you should check your skin’s needs regularly (you never know when that active ingredient isn’t needed any more, or if you need a little more salicylic acid in your products). To find your closest salon, simply click here to use the Dermalogica Store Locator.

Do you use Dermalogica products? How do you feel about the price changes?

Member Comments

Posted by: Bkz1 (Australia)

wow thats amazing, I've been trying some Dermalogica products but have been hesitant to buy more just because of the high cost. How exciting !

Posted on: February 04, 2013 (Feb 4, 2013 5:28pm)

Posted by: Zenna.X (Australia)

Well i havent tried any yet, but the prices seem a bit decent now, so i better get trying !

Posted on: February 04, 2013 (Feb 4, 2013 5:29pm)

The pros and cons of having a fringe

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I have two words for you: hair rut. I am currently in one, and feeling somewhat desperate to get out. I've been sporting straight mid-length brunette strands for years. And I'm bored. Very bored.

Sure, there was the rather brave Pob (Posh Spice bob) chop of 2008 and a disastrous case of overly blonde balayage in 2011, but other than that, my hair has remained the same for far too long.

The answer? A fringe. Or bangs. Whatever you want to call them.

Now, I haven't had one cut. Goodness, no! That would require bravery and for me to throw caution to the wind. But in an effort to see whether I should in fact take the plunge into fringe territory - and help work out whether it's an idea you should be playing around with too - I've rounded up the pros and cons of having bangs. That way we'll all be taking an educated leap if we're courageous enough to jump...

The pros of having a fringe

It is a cheap and painless alternative to having Botox. If you’re sporting fine lines, deep wrinkles or pigmentation on the forehead you’d rather others not see, bangs are ideal. They’ll hide everything, and as an added bonus, fringes are also wonderful for counteracting the effects of ageing. When cut correctly to suit your face shape, you can gain the illusion of chiselled cheekbones and a firmer jaw line. Nifty, huh?

It allows you to sneakily grow out your brows. Been a little heavy-handed with the ol’ tweezers? Hiding not-so-flattering eyebrow regrowth under a fringe is the perfect way to (eventually) get full brows with minimal fuss. Growing them back can take months (or even years, depending on your age), so keeping the strays under wraps from peering eyes will leave you feeling groomed throughout the mostly horrid regrowth stage.

It’s a much-loved style in Hollywood right now. So, if you were seen rocking one, it could be said that you are ‘on-trend’. Or ‘stylish’. From Zooey Deschanel’s thick, blunt fringe, to Jessica Biel’s long 70s-esque bangs and Alexa Chung’s wispy number, plenty of celebrities are enjoying this style right now.

The cons of having a fringe

It requires extra styling time. And that equates to more effort on your behalf, as well as more minutes in the bathroom on a daily basis. If you’re not certain you can commit to being a slave to your fringe day after day, it’s highly likely this style isn’t for you. Yet.

It needs to suit your face shape. Not Sophia Bush’s face (although she does look absolutely dashing with blunt bangs), your face. So, sit down with your hairstylist and nut out your face shape, hair type and styling habits so you’re left with a fringe that not only flatters, but fits in with your lifestyle, too.

It requires regular trims. This one is obvious, but needs to be mentioned. If you currently find yourself only stumbling into a hair salon every five or six months, you’ll get a rude shock if you’ve buddied up with a fringe. To maintain its style (and your eyesight!), you’re looking at regular fringe trims every three or four weeks. And that, my friends, requires commitment.

Have you ever had a fringe? Would you get one? I'm still not sure. And are you in a hair rut, too? What hairstyle is on your love-to-have list?



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Member Comments

Posted by: Anita87 (Australia)

I love the fringe in this pic, for me personally i haven't had one since i was 5.. I don't think i'd risk the chance of it looking horrible on me right now though.

Posted on: February 04, 2013 (Feb 4, 2013 1:08pm)

Posted by: Roxymisha (Australia)

I have often had a fringe as it suits my face shape. I do believe it is worthwhile trying one if you haven't done so before and you and your hairdresser think it will suit you. Fringes are easy to grow out. A little impulse cut can do wonders for you!

Posted on: February 04, 2013 (Feb 4, 2013 1:16pm)

Birthday present guide for 'have-it-alls'

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It has been a month since Christmas and one might breathe a sigh of relief thinking that the gift giving is over. But what one forgets is that birthdays do pop up along the way before the next Christmas. Do you tend to find that buying presents is a challenge, especially for those ladies in your lives who seem to already ‘have it all’ or if beauty products are not an option? Well, I hope that my tips and experiences can help you out.

I was in search of a birthday present for a childhood friend. I’ve known her all my life and yet I was wracking my brains for a suitable gift. She has good taste in fashion and buys whatever she fancies without needing to go through the process of moaning and lusting after the item. Seeing as she was specific about things that she liked and her wishlist was next to nil, I thought I’d get her a gift card. Then I had to narrow my search down to what type of gift card. It finally hit me when I walked past a shoe store. She absolutely loves shoes and cannot get enough of them. So it was settled, I bought her a gift card to a shoe store and she was thrilled.

I have another friend who buys ‘on impulse’. She picks up an item, tries it on or looks at it, likes it and then buys it. It was that simple. She has a covetable wardrobe of clothes, shoes and accessories. I would have bought her make-up except she doesn’t use it much and once told me that she likes to stick to the same few make-up products. Instead of buying her something that she may hide in the back of her drawer, I decided that a busy and stressed girl like her should treat herself to a facial. That way, she is forced to find time to use the gift certificate and essentially made to relax for an hour or so.

For my final anecdote, I would like to tell you about a very talented friend of mine. She loves art and is very good at it. She has a very keen eye for what is or isn’t beautiful to her. She is not a fussy person by nature but the difficulty stems from her not being materialistic. And whilst it is good to not have that trait, it is hard to find a good birthday present for her. One fine day, the idea came to me. Instead of buying a painting, why not get her a collection of paint? Instead of buying her a decorative display piece, why not give her materials to create her own masterpiece? So I did, I bought her laces, buttons and papers of many patterns and colours. She could not have been happier.

So here’s my two cents worth:
1.) Think about the things that they really love. If they love cooking, don’t get them a cookbook as they might have it already. Give them a beautiful blank book for them to write their own recipes in.
2.) If they don’t need or want anything material, give them an experience. A gift certificate to a spa or tickets to an event.
3.) If all else fail, buy them a gift card. Personally, being a fussy person, I am happy with a gift card because to me it is practical. You won’t be buying the person an item that they may not like or use.

If you have any tips for buying presents for those types of ladies, please do share! I’d love to learn more!

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Member Comments

Posted by: PrettyPrincess (Member since 2008, Australia)

Gift cards can be good, however I have been the recipient of a few that have gone wasted.
I had one to a beauty salon that I just couldn't get a suitable appointment to that I then forgot about and it expired :(

Posted on: February 04, 2013 (Feb 4, 2013 5:29am)

Posted by: imalittleteapot (Australia)

I love gift cards that are specific. I gave my 16 year old daughter a g/c for Xmas 2011 & she used it mid way through her HSC exams. She said it was a great way to de-stress.

Posted on: February 04, 2013 (Feb 4, 2013 7:06am)

The beauty brands giving something back

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I have good news, beauties. And said good news is not the fact it’s currently the weekend, which means no work and no getting up early. Hurrah!

My good news is this: there are a handful of beauty companies who have recently slipped on their unselfish hats and decided to give back – to both the community and you. Intrigued? Me too.

The Body Shop: You know TBS is a wonderfully ethical and generous brand, but have you heard of its latest initiative? From 21 January to 4 February, 100 per cent of the profits from every sale of The Body Shop Dragon Fruit Lip Butter will go towards one of these three charitable organisations: All Together Now, Foundation for Australia's Most Endangered Species, and Australian Youth Climate Coalition. The best part? You get to choose which fund receives your donation. Another awesome part? The lip butter is only $9.95, and it has a delicious zesty scent. Wonderful!

Mary Kay: For the entire month of February, this much-loved brand is donating one lipstick or lip gloss for every like it receives on the Mary Kay Australia and New Zealand Facebook page to the Salvation Army Domestic Violence Service. This means everyone who donates a gold coin (or more!) at the Salvation Army’s fund raising activity during March 4-10 at the Mary Kay pop-up store at High Point Shopping Centre in Melbourne will receive a lip product in return. It’s a great incentive to donate, so the more likes, the more lip products donated. Visit the brand’s Facebook page here to show your support.

Bio-Oil: We’ve all got a unique skin story to share, so why not head over to the Bio-Oil Facebook page and share yours with others. Bio-Oil will be donating $5 for each of the first 2,000 stories to the charity Look Good… Feel Better, a cosmetic industry community initiative that helps cancer patients. You’ll be contributing to a great cause, and helping others feel more positive about their scars and stretchmarks in the process.  

Bodyography: haven’t tried products from this brand? Or maybe it’s time to replace some of your well-loved Bodyography prods? Either way, now is definitely the time to do so, as the brand is offering 20 per cent off all orders over $20 until 10 February. Just head over to and enter the following code when checking out: NYE2013.

Elixia: got cellulite you’d rather not claim? Until the end of February, you can try the legendary Elixia BodyShaper Cellulite Contour Crème without a single concern about parting with your hard-earned cash as the brand is offering a 30-day 100 per cent money-back guarantee. And considering this product boasts a 40 per cent reduction in the appearance of dimply thighs, the only loss involved is actually an epic win.

Which initiative above gets you most excited? Will you get involved in any of them? If so, which ones?

PS: Love earth-friendly brands? You'll be pleased to discover these tree-huggers... 






Member Comments

Posted by: Marza (Australia)

love the body shop because they a variety of products at my my budget range

Posted on: February 02, 2013 (Feb 2, 2013 7:47am)

Posted by: softness (Member since 2007, Australia)

The Body Shop one - I'm there!

Posted on: February 02, 2013 (Feb 2, 2013 8:33am)

Industry geniuses reveal their ultimate beauty tips

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Beauty is our thing at beautyheaven. Obviously.  But as much as we hate to admit it, there are a handful of people who know more than us about hair, skin and make-up. Horrifying, but true. And those people are beauty experts. Or industry insiders.

But rather than see them as competition, we’ve decided to befriend them and then steal all their ingenious tips and tricks. Only so we can pass them on to you, though…

“Apply a brighter lipstick or a highlighter on the centre of the mouth to give lipstick more volume and a plumper pout! And, if your top lip is smaller than your bottom one, create a more even look by applying a lighter or brighter lipstick shade up top.”

Michael Brown, beauty expert and celebrity make-up artist.

“Dry heat, especially from air conditioning and electric heaters, is very bad for the skin. Whenever I’m staying in a hotel room, I hang a damp towel in the bedroom. This means the air conditioner will evaporate the moisture from the towel while you sleep, instead of your skin, helping to prevent your complexion drying out. It’s a great trick.”

Corinne Morley, in-house beauty expert, Trilogy

“Use hairspray to eliminate flyaways. After applying something like TONI&GUY Creative Extreme Hold Hairspray to the top layer of hair, roll the hairspray can over the area – it kills the flyaways instantly and keeps them in place.”

Mandy Kingsman, Hair Meet Wardrobe hair director, TONI&GUY

Benefit Eye Bright Pencil’s light colour and thick consistency makes it an excellent eyeshadow primer. Pop a little product on your eyelid before eyeshadow and be impressed by how much bolder and brighter it looks. Then, sweep Eye Bright Pencil across the very top of your eyelid under the brow. This will define the line of your brow and hide any fluffy hairs, while also creating a more wide-eyed look.” 

Jessica Bok, West Coast training and promotions manager, Benefit Cosmetics Australia

“If you’re hitting the beach or pool and find you’re feeling a little pasty, do not make the mistake of trying to build up a tan and forgetting sun protection. The sun can burn your skin even after 10 minutes, which does great damage. Instead, use SunSense Bronze Shield SPF 50+, which is a must-have summer product that combines broad-spectrum sun protection with an instant self-tanner. Lather it on 15 minutes before you head out into the sun and for instant colour and sun protection in one. Genius!”

Carrie Bickmore, SunSense ambassador and host of The Project

Which industry expert beauty tip will you be stealing first? Do you have any nifty tricks you want to share?






Member Comments

Posted by: JaneyPooh (Australia)

I like Corinne Morley's tip about hanging a damp towel in the bathroom of a hotel to avoid dehydrated skin.

Posted on: February 01, 2013 (Feb 1, 2013 5:04pm)

Posted by: imalittleteapot (Australia)

I like the hairspray can tip!

Posted on: February 01, 2013 (Feb 1, 2013 5:08pm)