The product your face has been waiting for…

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You know YSL Radiant Touche Éclat, right? The iconic sleek gold make-up pen that enhances skin luminosity? The arguably magical highlighting product that gives the face a flawless finish? The one that makes dark under eye circles disappear? Who am I kidding? Of course you’re familiar with this beauty legend. Silly me for even suggesting such nonsense!

Well, considering you utterly LOVED bh’s last Beauty By Numbers piece, I thought I’d get all mathematical on you again and delve into some more beauty-esque digit facts…

how much each Touche Éclat weighs in grams
the number of mL in each glow-inducing gold pen
1: how many Touche Éclat pens are sold around the world every 10 seconds
1992: the year Yves Saint Laurent created this iconic product
 20: the number of initial clicks required for this product to function
the average number of ‘clicks’ in each Touche Éclat
2,892,000: the number of highlighting pens sold in 2009 alone
2012: the year YSL incorporated the magic of Touche Éclat into a foundation  

Hang on a minute. What was that last one? YSL has released a radiance-enhancing foundation version of this legendary highlighter that delivers the magic of this wee illuminating highlighter to your entire mug? No. Way.

Actually, yes way.

Ladies, try not to squeal too loud, because we’d love you to meet Le Teint Touche Éclat – an ultra-fine, silky fluid foundation that instantly conceals pesky imperfections, while giving the skin a stunning luminous glow, too. Yep, you can officially say goodbye to dull, grey complexions with this newbie.

Better yet, containing Yves Saint Laurent’s new 'soft focus gel' formula, Le Teint Touche Éclat is able smooth out imperfections without masking your skin in an unnatural finish, and uses golden pigments – as opposed to mirror-like mother-of-pearl particles – to brighten dark, shadowy areas of the face and maximise the effect of light in a natural way. 

bh prediction: we’re assuming this spiffy YSL foundation will no doubt cause a serious stir in the beauty world, and become a cult product like its older sister right before our illuminated eyes. You heard it here first…

[Available in 10 shades | RRP $78 | 1300 651 991]

Cherie Herrmann







Are you intrigued by these YSL Radiant Touche Éclat beauty facts? Have you used it before? And are you excited about the release of the foundation version of this glow-tastic make-up product?

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Member Comments

Posted by: softness (Member since 2007, Australia)

Yes I am intrigued! I've heard so many great things said about this brand! I've never used it before!

Posted on: August 08, 2012 (Aug 8, 2012 12:08pm)

Posted by: Animal Lover (Australia)

My sister uses this product and adores it, keeps getting me to give it a go, i think i will now after reading this.

Posted on: August 08, 2012 (Aug 8, 2012 12:12pm)

Is exam stress taking its toll on your skin?

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Exam time turns people into stress heads. Their heart starts to race, their minds fill with worry and their hands start to shake. And then they don’t sleep. Which then makes them too tired to exercise. Which then sees them snacking on bad, unhealthy foods, and their skin freaks out as a result. It’s a vicious cycle, but we want to put a stop to it now. Yes, now!

So, in an effort to keep you, your kids, your friends or anyone else you might know happy and healthy during exam time (or any other high-pressure times, for that matter), we’ve rounded up five top tips for beating study-induced stress.

Think of your exams as a sporting match or marathon. If you don’t train or practise, you won’t enhance your skills or compete to the best of your ability. Make an effort to read your textbooks, write out all the information to help it sink into your memory bank and ask your teachers questions if you have any queries. That way you’re bound to feel prepared and relaxed when it comes to finally entering that dreaded exam room. But just like in any sporting match, make sure you take breaks. Your brain – like your body – always needs a chance to reboot.

Before you get too excited, by play we actually mean exercise. When you’re spending hours on end cooped up in a library or study, you need to make sure you’re getting a good dose of fresh air and exercise, too. So, get outside and walk around the block, jump on a bike and go for a spin, grab a skipping rope and jump to your heart’s content or getting your running shorts on and jog for 5km. Whatever your exercise poison, get off your bum and do it. And aim for a minimum of 30 minutes a day. Your head will feel clearer – and your mind a whole lot sharper – as a result.

Getting adequate beauty sleep will take you far during times of stress, so make sure you’re getting your full eight hours a night. That means putting down the books when your eyes are sleepy, and making a real effort to relax. Good sleep-inducing ideas include: taking a bath, having a warm glass of milk and popping some lavender or chamomile oil drops on your pillow. Or, try taking a supplement like Pretorius Sleep Better Travel Pack.

When you’re busy hitting the books, reaching for fast food is insanely appealing. But resist this urge, as calorie-packed foods with low nutritional value will make your brain foggy, your body groggy and your skin break out. (In which case you need something like Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Seal-to-Clear Gel to help heal your annoying zits and prevent germs spreading.) Stock up on fruits and veggies and you’ll be repaid with optimum brainpower. Win!

You know that spiffy new foundation you’ve been eyeing up? (Hello, Revlon ColorStay Whipped Crème Makeup.) You can have it. Or maybe you’ve been lusting after a handbag? Well, it’s yours – but not until your exams are over and you’ve put in enough effort to achieve the best results possible for you. If you work hard, reward yourself. It’ll help you during the tough times, and give you something to look forward to…

Cherie Herrmann





Do you suffer from stress during exam time? Do you know someone who does? What are you tips for combating it and staying happy and healthy during this time?

PS: If you're a struggling student - or maybe you're just broke in general - check out these budget-friendly beauty buys...


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Member Comments

Posted by: MoonStone (Australia)

I dont take exams at the mo, but good luck to any beauties that are

Posted on: August 08, 2012 (Aug 8, 2012 7:01am)

Posted by: Princess75 (Member since 2007, Australia)

I don't have study issues but I do have sickness and kids! Aarrrggghhh.

Posted on: August 08, 2012 (Aug 8, 2012 7:03am)

5 steps to smoother, softer skin

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When it comes to skin, a lot of us are in the same boat – we’re looking for a clearer, softer, more radiant, and possibly even firmer complexion. And if you’re serious about improving your skin, you’ll know the value of using skin care products with ingredients that are going to work their butts off to get you there.

The Palmer’s skin care range, which utilises the same concepts and key ingredients that have made the body range so well known, boasts ingredients so good, all your skin care issues will be covered. What kind of ingredients? Think cocoa butter to soften and protect, shea butter to soothe irritations and nourish, peptides to increase collagen production and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, vitamin E to treat lines and scars, natural cocoa beans to remove dead skin cells and add radiance to skin, and retinol, a natural acid that increases the rate of skin turnover, leaving your skin looking more youthful. That’s a pretty good line-up of ingredients, right?

As an added bonus, the Palmer’s skin care range features enough products to get you through your entire skin care routine (without leaving your skin feeling greasy or heavy).

Opt for the Gentle Daily Cleanser as your first step – it’s a creamy formula that will effectively, but really gently, cleanse away dirt and impurities. Milk proteins and antioxidants will ensure your skin is brighter and more radiant. If your skin is a bit on the sensitive side, use the fragrance-free, aloe vera-packed Daily Cleansing Gel.

Exfoliate away those dead skin cells with the Gentle Exfoliating Facial Scrub. Micro-fine crushed cocoa beans gently remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin smoother and clearer (and ready to absorb the goodness of the products to follow).  Use this baby two to three times a week.

Once your skin is clean and clear, it’s time to draw out the impurities, and tighten and cool the skin. The Purifying Mask contains kaolin clay to do exactly that while soothing and calming skin.

Here’s where you come in with your serum to minimise those fine lines and wrinkles, reduce dark spots, and stimulate your skin. The vitamin C and retinol-rich Rejuvenating Facial Serum will treat those signs of ageing while cocoa butter and shea butter in the formula will keep your skin nourished and soft.

The last, but certainly not the least important, step in your skin care regime. In the morning, use the lightweight Daily Facial Lotion SPF15 for hydration and sun protection (or the Daily Calming Facial Lotion if you suffer from sensitive skin or are prone to redness), At the end of the day, slather some of the Night Renewal Cream – the retinol, peptides, and evening primrose will work overnight to plump out your skin and add radiance.

See what our Trial Team had to say about Palmer’s skin care products…

Are you a little stumped by serums?


What’s your biggest skin care concern?

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Member Comments

Posted by: Beauty Wise (Australia)

I love the photo the models skin looks fantastic..I have used some of the Palmers range but not all of them, some of them sound great..

Posted on: August 07, 2012 (Aug 7, 2012 5:05pm)

Posted by: AliceRoared (Australia)

I used to use Palmers body moisturisers but I haven't repurchased in quite a while and I just won a big Vaseline prize pack so I won't be running low on moisturisers for a while! A bit of a shame since I remember Palmers being really lovely on my skin.

Posted on: August 07, 2012 (Aug 7, 2012 5:15pm)

Cheat your way to a beach volleyball player's bum

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OK, so the only time I ever played beach volleyball I broke a nail, fell face-first into the sand and got sunburn: not a good look, and one I’ve vowed never to repeat. Ever.

Although I’m not going to risk the humiliation of playing again, it doesn’t mean I’m not appreciating it as an Olympic sport. You’ve got to be pretty confident about your bod to be able to jump around on the sand wearing not very much in front of an audience of millions, right?

But is it possible for the non-Olympians among us to get a bum and body that taut and wobble-free (especially with summer around the corner)? With a little help (and a few beauty tricks), maybe, just maybe, it is.

We’ve compiled some gym-free tips to perk up your posterior so you can channel your inner beach volleyball player (even if you don’t want to act like one).

Walk up a sweat
Walking for at least 45 minutes a day, five times a week, is one of the best ways to burn calories and slim down your thighs and bum. To get maximum sculpting benefits, walk at a challenging pace for your fitness level and try building hills into your route.

Add some intensity to your stride
If you want your walk to pay your body back even more, try swapping your regular walking footwear for some shoes with body-toning benefits. Mitre Tonewalker Intensify shoes are ideal for powering up your stroll because they’re specially designed to tone your muscles as you walk. Easy!

Get a butt lift in a bottle
Still battling sagginess under those pants? There are solutions that don’t involve going under the knife. Using topical creams on your problem areas can give you the tightening you need. We like freezeframe Brazilian Butt Lift, which has a formula that recontours the buttocks while firming, lifting and rounding in all the right places.

Make your workouts fun again
The key to achieving and maintaining the figure and bum you’ve always wanted is to find a toning fitness regime you love – and stick to it. Our tip? Pick something that’s fun that will fit in around your busy lifestyle. The Zumba Fitness Exhilarate DVD Collection has a range of dance workouts you can do in your own home – from 20-minute energisers to intense body-sculpting sessions.

Treat the skin that doesn’t get seen
Putting on make-up is second nature when we want our faces to look flawless, but what about when you want your bum to look its best? Moisturise it daily with a firming cream such as philosophy eternal grace firming body emulsion, then apply some self-tan to help even out skin tone and hide imperfections. We like Famous Dave’s Original Moisture Tan as it gives your skin a smoothing hit of moisturiser as well as a sun-kissed glow.

Are you planning on shaping up for the beach this summer? What are your top tips for a firmer bum? 

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Member Comments

Posted by: LovelyOne (Australia)

Squats! And lunges - lots of them!!!

Posted on: August 07, 2012 (Aug 7, 2012 11:06am)

Posted by: Phaine (Australia)

Ive been doing an exercise video by Jillian Michaels and its fantastic for not just your butt but all over fitness - its a hard one but it gets results.

Posted on: August 07, 2012 (Aug 7, 2012 11:29am)

Part 1: beauty banter with Michelle Phan

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It’s safe to say Michelle Phan is a bit of a beauty legend. She’s a self-taught make-up artist, has over 2 million people subscribed to her YouTube video blogs, and as a result, is now Lancôme’s official Online Video Make-up Artist. Yep, she’s clearly a talented and driven lady, and she most certainly knows her way around a make-up kit.

The outrageously pretty 25-year-old was in town last week for a Lancôme in-store event at MYER, so naturally, we pinned her down to thieve some of her beauty wisdom. And beauty wisdom we did steal, beauties! So much, in fact, we have to split her delightful video interview in to two bite-sized video clips. Yep, you’ll get another Michelle Phan dose next week, so stayed tuned…

In part one, we explore Michelle’s top beauty tips, the loot she definitely can’t live without, her top tricks for maintaining healthy, glow skin (because she has the most AMAZING skin. Seriously), as well as reveal her ultimate beauty idol. (Because we all have one, right? I have two: Sophia Bush and Miranda Kerr. Yep, I’m a little greedy.)

So sit back, get your make-up kit ready (because you will be inspired, trust me) and enjoy bh’s beauty banter with the cute-to-boot Michelle Phan, one of the most influential people in the online beauty industry today.

Cherie Herrmann





Have you heard of Michelle Phan? Have you watched any of her beauty videos?

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Member Comments

Posted by: MoonStone (Australia)

She is very beautiful. Ive only seen one youtube video and i stumbled on it by accident. She was doing make up as sailor moon. Wow she did a good job. Thanks for sharing the interview cherie

Posted on: August 07, 2012 (Aug 7, 2012 7:59am)

Posted by: softness (Member since 2007, Australia)

I've only just heard this name recently but I'm always the last the know things! Seems she's some sort of beauty guru.

Posted on: August 07, 2012 (Aug 7, 2012 8:11am)