WIN: Thanks to QV, you could snag $5000 cash

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Man, I love a good competition. And beauties, this giveaway certainly classifies as a goodie.

The awesome team at QV Skincare – you know, the brand known for its ace sensitive skin-friendly beauty products – are giving away $5000 per week over eight weeks, and we’re thinking you all should enter. I mean, who’d say no to a little extra cash, huh? Erm, no one.

If you’re keen, you’ve got to get in quick smart, beauties, because this competition closes up shop in five weeks time.

To enter, all you’ve got to do is purchase a QV Skincare product, then nosey on over to their website and fill out the entry form. Yep, it’s as simple as that.

Not sure which product you’re keen on purchasing to gain entry in this sensational competition? If I may, I'd love to suggest buying one of these four wonders. I’ve used – and thoroughly enjoyed – the benefits of each and every one of them.

QV Skincare Face Exfoliating Polish: A super-gentle exfoliant that leaves skin feeling smooth, fresh and radiant.

QV Skincare Lip Balm: A brilliant soothing gel designed to moisturise sore, dry lips, while the inclusion of an SPF30+ means lips are protected from sunburn and premature ageing.

QV Skincare Face Nurturing Night Cream: Awesome for an overnight moisture hit, this lightweight yet ultra-nourishing moisturiser is enriched with natural safflower oil and a vitamin B3 complex to help give any fine lines and wrinkles their marching orders.

QV Skincare Flare Up Bath Oil: Got sensitive, eczema-prone skin? Bathe in this divine oil and your skin will be left feeling soft and supple with any redness, itchiness and irritations reduced. Love.

Cherie Herrmann







So, are you going to enter this grand competition? And if so, which QV Skincare product will you be purchasing?

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Posted by: freaky (Member since 2007, Australia)

definately the night cream. Need as much help with my skin , been so tired and dull lately. Good luck beauties. I just love qv

Posted on: April 07, 2012 (Apr 7, 2012 7:46am)

Posted by: Divine Diva (Australia)

I have already entered this. So fingers crossed. Good luck to all who enter. :D

Posted on: April 07, 2012 (Apr 7, 2012 8:05am)

Sleeping with BB: good or bad idea?

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I spotted this question in the forums, beauties, and it’s freaked me out so much I simply had to post on it…

Q: So, this could be an obvious question, but I’m going to ask anyway. Is sleeping with my Garnier BB Cream on just as naughty as sleeping with my foundation on? – Votrebelle

A: Oh my golly goodness, Votrebelle. As a skin care nerd, the mere suggestion of this stresses me out. Obviously, the answer to this is yes. A big whopping YES. Failing to wash off your BB Cream – no matter which brand it is – is bad for your skin. Insanely bad.

Yes, BB Creams (or Blemish Balms) are great. In fact, considering they even out skin tone, offer UV protection, boost skin hydration, conceal minor imperfections and prevent future acne breakouts – which makes way for glowy, healthy skin – they’re actually rather awesome.

This, however, does not mean they will do any good whatsoever for your skin while you sleep. It’s the complete opposite, actually.

Like a foundation or regular tinted moisturiser, BB Creams contain colour pigments, which clog the skin if left on for long periods of time. So sleeping with this product on your mug means breakouts, blocked pores and nasty congestion will most likely result.

And don’t get me started on the fact that these creams contain UV protection. SPFs act like a shield on your face so they can block those pesky UVA and UVB rays, you see, which means your skin will struggle to breathe and regenerate if this product is left on overnight. Not good, huh?

So, the moral of the story is this: Votrebelle (and anyone else who is sneakily contemplating doing this), do not sleep with your BB Cream on your face. That three minutes it takes to cleanse your skin each night are three very important minutes, so do your skin a MASSIVE favour and wash it each night, before applying an eye cream, serum and moisturiser. Do this and you’ll be rewarded with a glowy, radiant and pimple-free complexion.


Do you ever sleep in your make-up, BB Creams or tinted moisturisers?

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Posted by: Coconal (Australia)

I NEVER sleep in my make up, regardless of what it is. BB creams broke me out badly each time I tried to use it and it took months to recover from. I'm definitely not making things worse by sleeping in make up!

Posted on: April 06, 2012 (Apr 6, 2012 5:04pm)

Posted by: cherie470 (Australia)

I use a BB cream but am religious about cleansing my skin at the end of the day regardless of what I've been wearing. When I have been silly enough ie too drunk and left my make up on overnight, i wake up with dry and irritable skin......eewww!

Posted on: April 06, 2012 (Apr 6, 2012 5:08pm)

How-to: recognise depression

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Are you, or is someone close to you, going through a blue patch? Everyone experiences difficult periods in their lives, times where we just want to crawl up in bed and cry or when we wish we could unplug from the world, but if these times are frequent and debilitating, it could be a sign of depression. Here’s what you need to know about depression…

What is depression?

More than just feeling sad or low, depression is a serious illness that can have devastating affects on an individual’s life if not properly treated. You might be surprised to know that one in five of us experience depression at some stage in our lives – and while it can be triggered by a traumatic event, depression can also occur suddenly and without warning.

Symptoms of depression 

If you notice a change in the way you or someone close to you is behaving that lasts for more than two weeks, it could be a warning sign that something is wrong. Following is a list of common symptoms a person with depression may experience:

-Loss of enjoyment in activities you once found fun

-Mood swings and increased irritability/sensitivity to trivial events

-Loss of appetite or over-eating

-Alcohol or drug abuse

-Slowing down of thoughts or actions

-Spending more time alone than usual

-Difficulty sleeping

-Difficulty accepting small personal criticisms

-Difficulty coping with everyday situations and challenges

-Reckless or risky behaviour

-Self harm

-Suicidal thoughts

Unfortunately, people with depression don’t always outwardly show that they may be experiencing difficulties and some people may be able to put on a brave or ‘happy’ face when they are around others, so it’s important to talk to your friends and family and be alert to notice subtle behavioural changes too. There’s no hard and fast formula for diagnosing depression, so if you feel that something is not right, it’s best to speak to a professional.

Who can help?

If you think that you or one of your friends or family may have depression it’s best to speak to your GP. Your GP will be able to give you a thorough assessment and determine if you need further treatment. Your GP can also refer you to a specialist who can work with you to keep your depression under control. While there is no precise ‘cure’ for depression, there are effective steps that you can take to reduce the intensity and frequency of your symptoms.

The most important thing to know is that you are not alone. There are people in your community who have the skills and resources to help you so you don’t have to suffer in silence.

For more information, go to


Do you have any first-hand experience of depression?

Member Comments

Posted by: JC2409 (Australia)

My mum has just recently been diagnosed with depression, thankfully she went to see her GP (a good family friend) and he recommended a specialist.. definitely the best thing she could have done :)

Posted on: March 06, 2012 (Mar 6, 2012 5:19pm)

Posted by: Nda (Australia)

I think sometimes people don't want to tell other that they may be depressed because they don't want to burden anyone else or they feel that no one else will understand. One of my close friends use to have depression and I'm so glad she got help :)

Posted on: March 06, 2012 (Mar 6, 2012 5:23pm)

Have you won a Glosscars prize?!

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Some people are excited to see who’s scored One Direction tickets from Nova 969, others are eagerly waiting to hear Daisy (the cow) moo on TodayFM so that they can nab tickets to the Easter Show – but me? I’ve been anxiously on the edge of my seat, waiting on news about the Glosscars – and which lucky few will be taking home notably the glossiest of all prizes in 2012.

Well, the judging has finished and the wait is over. We have chosen 15 well-deserving winners who have put in the hard yards, reviewed multiple products to the best of their ability, and are now going to be rewarded with some seriously top-notch, award-winning beauty loot. (Excitement quiver.)

And the winners are… (drum roll please)

Cherry Ace
Trash x

CONGRATULATIONS! And never fear, if you missed out this time, Glosscars Best in Beauty Awards are coming your way later this year, so stay tuned!




Which product are you glad won a Glosscar? 


Member Comments

Posted by: Lana Lang (Australia)


Posted on: April 06, 2012 (Apr 6, 2012 12:02pm)

Posted by: pinkheart (Australia)

CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners!!! You girls are so lucky to win such an AMAZING GLOSSCARS PRIZE!!!!

Posted on: April 06, 2012 (Apr 6, 2012 12:04pm)

Celebrity look we love: neutral make-up

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We know that you beauties just can’t get enough of bright lipsticks and colourful eye looks (you just have to take one look at the EOTD and the FOTD forum threads to see that!), but there’s a new make-up trend that’s bound to have you (temporarily) forgetting all about about them.

We’re talking about soft, radiant neutral make-up looks. They’re all the rage in Hollywood, and if these celebrity beauty looks are anything to go by, it won’t be long until you’ll have a beauty cupboard overflowing with dewy foundations, dazzling illuminators and soft pink lipglosses.

If you’re not entirely convinced, then just take a look at our celebrity gallery – it won’t be long until you’re a bonafide neutral make-up convert…

Need a pop of colour? Look to these celebs for some inspiration…

These celebs could have done with a neutral make-up look…




What kind of make-up look do you prefer?

Member Comments

Posted by: Gofton (Member since 2007, Australia)

I think the stars just didn't want to pay their make-up artist the bick bucks! They can now do their own because there is no talent required for these looks, anyone can do neutral. It is a nice change though, very lady-like, but the pale girls look washed out.

Posted on: April 06, 2012 (Apr 6, 2012 7:00am)

Posted by: notsojayne (Member since 2007, Australia)

I like these looks, neutral make up on people who are so beautiful to start with looks very elegant.

Posted on: April 06, 2012 (Apr 6, 2012 7:09am)