How to treat and prevent sleep wrinkles

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Beauty sleep. It’s an amazing concept, isn’t it? You go to bed, spend eight hours in the land of nod, and then wake up all refreshed, radiant and fairytale princess-like in the morning. Or so the theory goes, anyway.

While this may be true in your younger years (there’s no denying how much better you can look after a good night’s slumber), as you get older your beauty sleep also comes with a few less beautifying side effects: sleep wrinkles, pillow crinkles and cleavage creases.

Waking up to the tiny lines that arise from sleeping on your side or with your face pushed against a pillow makes you feel less refreshed and revitalised and more crumpled and worn-out. And although some sleep winkles do disappear after half an hour or so, other indentations can become more permanent as you age and your skin loses some of its elasticity.

So, how do you tackle these bothersome lines that strike in the night? There are a few things you can try to give yourself a smoother complexion each morning.

1) Switch your sleeping position
If you’re a side sleeper you’re more likely to get the lines that appear on the side of your face near your eyes. And if you tend to sleep on the same side each night you may notice they are more pronounced on this half of your face. If you can train yourself to sleep on your back you will be able to prevent these from forming on a particular side.

2) Change your pillowcase
If you find sleeping on your back too difficult, try swapping out your regular cotton pillowcases for satin ones. The satin is softer on your face and means your skin doesn’t crease when you put your head on the pillow.

3) Invest in a good eye cream
Dot a powerful smoothing and firming eye cream all around the eye area before you go to sleep to keep the delicate skin hydrated and plumped overnight (and reduce the likelihood of creases when you wake).

4) Give your skin a morning workout
Awaken and energise your complexion by using a gentle exfoliator to buff away dead skin cells and kick-start circulation. Try rinsing your face with cold water as this will tighten pores and revitalise your skin after a night’s rest. Now’s the time to apply a morning eye cream containing caffeine to stimulate and brighten the skin around your eyes.

Has sleeping given you wrinkles? Have you tried changing your sleeping position to alleviate the lines around your eyes?

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Member Comments

Posted by: Sparkles12 (Australia)

i am a left side sleeper and i ALWAYS think of this as i go to bed- i try to straighten up my pillow folds under my eye before i sleep hahahah so i don't have the lines in my skin when i wake up ...i have a bad back so couldn't lie on my back .... but funny that this should come up - as i think about it constantly - i like the satin pillowcase idea too - mmmmm am going to get one this w/end

Posted on: September 12, 2012 (Sep 12, 2012 12:08pm)

Posted by: MoonStone (Australia)

I always get sleep wrinkles. Ill have to change my sleep position for sure

Posted on: September 12, 2012 (Sep 12, 2012 12:10pm)

What YOU can learn from Jennifer Lawrence's new 'do

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Goodness. Gracious. Me. Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence looks undeniably stunning as a rich brunette. Look at that glowing skin! Check out the shine on those poker-straight strands! And would you look at those blue peepers! They simply POP. Honestly, her blonde strands never left her looking that fine…

While ogling at Jen’s divine raspberry lips (an utterly perfect partner to brunette strands and glowing skin, might I add!), I was also reminded of this important beauty rule: when you change your hair colour, you also need to change your make-up. Truly you do. And here’s why…

WHEN GOING BRUNETTE… you’ll find you’ll need to amp up the slap. Yes, just like Jen Lawrence, you’ll find yourself reaching for bold lipsticks to bring your lips to life, and defining eye shadows to make your eyes pop. You must also pay more attention to your brows. To help define your face, take a brow pencil one shade darker than your strands and fill them in. If Jen had done so, her eyes would be stand out even more, as her eye area would be properly framed.

WHEN GOING BLONDE… you’ll need to warm-up your skin tone to compensate for the lighter hue. This means employing a matte bronzer on a daily basis, and applying it in two big threes on either side of your face to mimic where the sun would naturally hit. Peach and gold lip and eye shadow hues will also work wonderfully with your new ‘do.

WHEN GOING RED… you’ll need to stick with earthy make-up tones, or risk enhancing any redness or blotchiness in your skin. Eye shadow hues of bronze, taupe, green and plum will work wonders. You’ll need to avoid wearing pink tones, too, so swap your rosy blush for a goldy peach one instead. Oh, and like Jen, you’ll find a little extra slap is require to help highlight your stunning features, so don’t be afraid to wear more than you usually would.

Thinking of changing your hair hue? Do it, I say. In fact, your bravery should be encouraged by all. Just make sure you follow these top switch-up tips so your pimped-up make-up kit is ready for the change, too…





What do you think of Jennifer Lawrence’s new hair colour? Do you think this dark brunette hue suits her better than the mousey brown her Hunger Game’s character Katniss Everdeen sported? Do you switch-up your make-up when you change the colour of your locks?

PS. If you want to mimic Jennifer Lawarence's super-shiny strands, use David Babaii Miracle Oil. Mr Babaii actually styled Jen's strands for the Silver Linings Playbook premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, which is where she debuted her new brunette strands. Simply apply the product before blow-drying for a smooth finish. Easy!


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Member Comments

Posted by: Blossy77 (Australia)

Hmmmm.... Wonder what peach lipcolours I can find.

Posted on: September 12, 2012 (Sep 12, 2012 5:35am)

Posted by: Trish_D (Australia)

Not likely to change my hair colour but for anyone who wants to, go ahead - just be sure you've thought it out wisely - and enjoy your new you.

Posted on: September 12, 2012 (Sep 12, 2012 5:37am)

Your sun protection routine starts now

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So summer is on its way, and with the sun peeking out from behind the last of the winter clouds, it's time to prepare your skin. Summer is a time of hot sunny days and hours spent at the beach. Unfortunately, it’s also a time of sunburn, and that’s something no one likes to deal with. Well, if it's fresh, sun-safe skin you’re after, we’ve got you covered (literally!). Check out our tips to protect your skin this summer.

Skin Protector Tip #1 Be liberal with the sunscreen
Sunscreen. It’s the easiest tip in the book, and yet we keep neglecting it! Imagine how many painful encounters with sunburn we could avoid if we just remembered to slip, slop, slap. Obviously, the higher the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) the better, so opt for the ones that hit 30 or more. If you can remember to reapply regularly and ensure sunscreen is a vital part of your daily skincare routine, your skin will absolutely love you. Top picks for sunscreen? Invisible Zinc 4 Hr Water Resistant Sunscreen SPF 30+ with a waterproof shield to go that extra mile when you’re in and out of the water. NIVEA SUN Age Defence Moisturising Facial Sunscreen SPF 30+ is another favourite as it protects skin from the sun, moisturises and helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

Skin Protector Tip #2 Opt for make-up with a high SPF
Foundation and summer are two things that, when put together, just never seem to work. You sweat, your skin feels like it's being smothered and you end up with a patchy face. That’s why I‘m going to share with you my holy grail product for sexy suncare: Ella Bache Sunguard 30+ Foundation. This brilliant beauty is a wonder product that offers maximum foundation coverage, protects against sun damage and moisture loss and is suitable for when you take a dip in the ocean. It goes on slightly thick, but once it’s rubbed in, you’ll have a tinted, sun-protected complexion that won’t need touching up for the rest of the day.

Skin Protector Tip #3 Cover up and calm your skin
At the risk of sounding like your mum, you can never go wrong when you slip, slop, slap! Wear lightweight, loose-fitting clothes that keep your skin covered, invest in a wide-brimmed hat and don’t forget about sunglasses! On that note, we know we all slip up sometimes, so in the event that you forget to reapply or spend a little too long basking in the sun, we’ve got the answers. you, me & everybody® Cool It Aloe Vera Gel is 98.5 per cent Aloe Vera to help calm and moisturise your skin if you find yourself looking a bit like a lobster. Palmer’s Aloe Vera Formula also contains vitamin E and herbal extracts to offer added support for tight, dry skin. For extra relief, keep your Aloe Vera in the fridge.











What are your top tips for skin protection this summer? Do you follow these suncare suggestions?

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Member Comments

Posted by: jatz (Member since 2008, Australia)

Always follows skin protection when outside at anytime. Watching hubby have two serious Melanomas removed really makes you take notice. We just make sure we always apply sunscreen before going outside and always reapplying all day. Don't forget your hands, toes and ears also if exposed to the sun.

Posted on: September 11, 2012 (Sep 11, 2012 7:37pm)

Posted by: Trudz (Australia)

My biggest sun protection is covered from head to tow and under cover. I burn so easily with or without sunscreen:)

Posted on: September 11, 2012 (Sep 11, 2012 7:43pm)

Target these: anti-ageing blind spots

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Getting old is inevitable. It’s sad, but true. However, this doesn’t mean you should become lazy and just accept it. You can try to beat it! You can treat your body with respect and be rewarded with health in return! You may not be able to stop the passage of time, but at least you’ll look fresh for your age, no matter how many candles are on your cake. And that’s good enough for me, really.

However, when it comes to looking after our bodies, some parts get forgotten. It’s never intentional, but they’re still screaming out for some extra anti-ageing love. We call them blind spots, and we’ve narrowed down the top 5 areas most deserving of your attention…

Your paws age as fast as your delicate eye area, so they need extra TLC. To minimize age spots, wrinkles, scars and dehydration, be sure to apply a broad spectrum SPF hand cream two or three times a day, and a nourishing, vitamin-enriched version before bed.

ANTI-AGEING BLINDSPOT #2: your décolletage and neck
The best bit of beauty wisdom to ever pass through my ears is this: your face ends at your boobs. It’s a rule I live by each and every day, and so should you. To follow suit, apply all your daily topical treatments down onto your neck and chest as well. These areas – like your face – are always on show, so it’s worth investing some time and effort to keep them in tip-top shape.

The skin around your mouth is delicate, and as we age, our lips get smaller and fine lines start to appear. Nip this sign of ageing in the bud by applying a targeted lip care treatment to the area each night after cleansing and toning, or use a little eye cream instead – it’ll do the same job.

Ahh, the ears… so small, so delicate, and so susceptible to ageing and sun damage. Keep them nourished and protected from harmful UVA and UVB rays by applying your daily moisturiser and SPF to this area as well as your mug. Don’t forget the skin behind the ears either – it’s insanely thin and could do with a moisture boost. And, to avoid sagging lobes, ensure you keep the long, heavy earrings for special occasions only, and instead opt for lightweight studs and sleepers for everyday wear.

ANTI-AGEING BLINDSPOT #5: your hairstyle
Think saggy, wrinkly skin is the only thing that ages you? Think again. Just like an ill-fitting frock, a daggy ‘do or unflattering hair hue can add years to your age. Always speak to your hairstylist for advice, and make the appropriate changes when you notch a few more years under your belt.





Do you forget to target any of these blind spots with your anti-ageing cream? What other areas of your body do you tend to forget about?

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Member Comments

Posted by: iluvfacialz (Member since 2007, Australia)

I really see my ageing on my hands, around my eyes and the other wrinkles that are strategically placed around my face.

Posted on: September 11, 2012 (Sep 11, 2012 3:40pm)

Posted by: chunky.monkeys (Australia)

I don't really pay much attention and definitely don't think about my ears. They're totally areas that are usually forgotten or not talked about much.

Posted on: September 11, 2012 (Sep 11, 2012 3:55pm)

How to get Michelle Obama’s arms

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As women, we already worry enough about the effects of ageing, and how we're going to cope when wrinkles inevitably begin to rear their ugly head. With so much to fret over already, we don't need to be stressing over the possibility of unsightly 'bingo wings', too.

Not sure what I'm talking about? It's the saggy skin between your elbow and shoulder, underneath your arm. You know, the skin that keeps flapping a few seconds after you've finished waving. Yeah, not something to look forward to. So I thought I'd head to the very top to discover how best to avoid this saggy skin syndrome. Straight to the totally firm-armed First Lady, Michelle Obama.

Talk about inspiration. This mum-of-two looks as though she's a marathon sprinter. She’s fit and totally fabulous - and we’ve come up with a few ideas on how she may have dodged the dreaded 'bingo wing' look.

TRICK TO BANISH BINGO WINGS #1: stop fearing weights.
As women, we tend to leave the weights to the boys. No lady wants to have arms like Arnie, and surely those four kilogram weights will award you with mammoth muscles that will catapult you straight into the bodybuilding arena, right? Wrong. So very, very wrong. Keep in mind that as we get older, everything shifts a little south. You don't want the skin under your arms to follow suit, trust me. Regular weightlifting with small weights will ensure your arms look more fit, less flabby and I swear you won't score freakish Madonna-style muscles. Try horizontal arm raises in reps of 20 and you'll begin to feel the burn!

TRICK TO BANISH BINGO WINGS #2: it's not all about your legs.
To some of us, exercise comes in the form of running or walking, which is perfectly fine - sculpted legs are on the cards for you, yippee! But if you want Michelle Obama-style arms to match then you have to incorporate some arm-work into your workout, too. Try fast-paced walking with a two or three kilogram weight in each hand. Swing your arms while you walk to up the intensity.

TRICK TO BANISH BINGO WINGS #3: carry the shopping.
Next time you're in need of a few groceries, either walk to the shops and carry the bags of shopping back with you, or if you live too far to walk, park at least two or three blocks away so that you're forced to walk to the supermarket and then back to the car with your edible 'weights' in each hand. Hint: a firming body cream is always a useful ally on your mission for totally toned arms. We love Estée Lauder Body Performance Firming Body Crème for its ability to make body contours appear sleeker and firmer, and skin appear smoother and younger.

Would you like to have toned arms like Michelle Obama? What are your top tips for fitting exercise into your busy schedule?

More toning tips on bh:
- Cheat your way to a beach volleyball bum
- Can walking banish cellulite?

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Member Comments

Posted by: Blossy77 (Australia)

I carry my baby everywhere and my arms are the best they've ever been! The butt is another story though...

Posted on: September 11, 2012 (Sep 11, 2012 12:09pm)

Posted by: MoonStone (Australia)

Carrying things and doing weights are great tips. I really need to work more on my arms though.

Posted on: September 11, 2012 (Sep 11, 2012 12:31pm)