Awards season 2013: top five ravishing red carpet looks

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Welcome to awards season, beauties. And what a truly glorious time of year it is! Hollywood is overflowing with flamboyant frocks, striking make-up looks and inspirational hair ‘dos – it’s absolutely wonderful.

Now, you know what that means: it’s time to direct your eyes to five of the best celebrity beauty looks we’ve spotted on the red carpet thus far…

In the past week we’ve seen the divine Emmy Rossum and Jessica Chastain prove brushed-out curls and deep side-parts are the epitome of femininity at the 2013 Critics Choice Movie Awards; watched Teresa Palmer leave Australia feeling proud as punch after her foray into the world of bold lips and bronzed skin at G’day USA; observed Jessica Alba officially rock the Golden Globes red carpet with her peach frock, bright orange lips and brilliant balayage; and witnessed Hart of Dixie star and all-round cutie pie Rachel Bilson do wonderful things for freckles and fresh make-up at the 2013 Art of Elysium’s Heaven Gala. And goodness, we loved every single minute of it.

So, what are you waiting for? Go on and dip those polished toes of yours into this divine wonderland of beauty inspiration. You’ll love it, I promise…

Which celebrity red carpet look do you like best? Would you recreate any of these looks? If so, which ones?






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Posted by: JaneyPooh (Australia)

All lovely looks here.

Posted on: January 15, 2013 (Jan 15, 2013 10:30am)

Posted by: Phaine (Australia)

Jess Alba and Emmy Rossum both have gorgeous looks! Emmys is a little more wearable because i seriously dont want to know how much Albas necklace cost! Probably more than i could ever hope to earn in my lifetime!

Posted on: January 15, 2013 (Jan 15, 2013 10:45am)

Golden Globes 2013: beautyheaven dishes out the alternative awards

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Well, we’re not that far into 2013 and awards season has well and truly crept up on us again. Not that we mind at all. We’re just thrilled to get inspired by the latest helping of celebrity fashion, hair and make-up gold.

It’s not all fabulous frocks and killer complexions, mind you. There seem to be some celebrities that just can’t seem to hit the beauty nail on the head, no matter how many stylists and make-up artists they have in their teams.

It’s for that very reason we thought we’d spare you the boredom of a regular hot-or-not style rundown of the 2013 Golden Globes, and instead hit you with our very own bunch of beauty and style awards for the celebrities that are most deserving.

Which look do you like best? Which look do you think wasn't up to standard?

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Member Comments

Posted by: Pixiealso (Australia)

Personally I think Isla Fisher and Kristen Bell looked the most gorgeous of the lot. I agree that I don't know what Halle Berry's stylist didn't know what he/she was trying to do...

Posted on: January 14, 2013 (Jan 14, 2013 3:47pm)

Posted by: Michelle240 (Australia)

Love looking at the dresses! They look so fabulous!

Posted on: January 14, 2013 (Jan 14, 2013 4:08pm)

Five ways to feel instantly healthy

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Feeling healthy doesn’t have to mean hours at the gym – there are heaps of small, simple steps that you can take to get you on your way to living a healthier lifestyle.

Here are our top five easy ways to a healthier, happier you – how many are you currently doing?

Health tip #1 - Stay hydrated: you might not realise, but lethargy and low energy levels are common signs of being dehydrated. Water carries nutrients to the body’s cells, which not only gives you energy, but also helps carry toxins (which may be causing you to feel sluggish) out of the body. Water and water-rich foods can also help to control weight management as they are low in calories, nutritious and filling, meaning they’ll help you to feel healthy without the extra load.

Health tip #2 Skip the coffee and opt for herbal teas: Aside from being caffeine free, herbal teas have many great health benefits. Several herbal teas (like green and white teas), are high in antioxidants, which help fight disease and benefit overall health and wellbeing. Other herbal teas such as dandelion tea have a diuretic effect, which helps your body flush out waste and reduces fluid retention. Rooibos (or redbush) tea has anti-inflammatory properties and is high in minerals and antioxidants, while peppermint tea aids digestion and eases bloating. So the next time you’re craving a coffee, try to have a herbal tea instead – your body will thank you for it!

Health tip #3 Get moving: Whether you go for a run, or a brief fifteen-minute walk, any form of activity is going to help you feel healthier. Physical activity benefits your body in all sorts of ways; it can improve circulation, reduce stress, assist with weight management, and let’s not forget that natural mood enhancer it brings with it - endorphins!

Health tip #4 Eat more veggies!: There’s a reason your mum made you sit at the dinner table until you finished your greens! Vegetables are high in all kinds of vitamins and minerals and have numerous health benefits. Aside from providing you with essential nutrients for inner health, vegetables help keep you healthy on the outside too (think clear skin and bright eyes). Try replacing your mid-morning snack with a fresh veggie juice, or make them at home (using anything and everything) for a simple, nutritious and cost-effective refresher – a few sips and we bet you’ll already be gloating with feelings of good health!

Health tip #5Get enough zzzz’s: Sleep is important for every aspect of your health. Your body restores itself physically when you sleep, and rejuvenates mentally as well. People who are well-rested often have more energy and feel more alert (which in turn makes you feel automatically healthy) than those who find it hard to put away a solid nights’ sleep. To ensure you get all the beauty sleep you need, avoid caffeinated drinks after lunchtime and sugary treats before bed – this will allow your body to unwind naturally for a quality and peaceful slumber.

How many of these things are you currently doing? What are your secrets to feeling instantly healthier?

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Member Comments

Posted by: CherryBlossom (Australia)

Oh nice tips, especially love the herbal teas idea. I must admit that I am a bit lazy about my teas and just have my usual tea. Thanks for all the helpful ideas.
Definitely agree with the getting enough sleep point, because thats so important to my brain and body being alert!!

Posted on: January 14, 2013 (Jan 14, 2013 2:41pm)

Posted by: Youarebeautiful (Australia)

I really want to try Zumba!

Posted on: January 14, 2013 (Jan 14, 2013 2:43pm)

How-to: create your own individual scent...

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When it comes to perfume, there’s nothing more important than picking a scent that embodies ‘you’. A signature scent, if you will.

And while the same perfume can smell completely different on you than it does on your friend (each person’s body chemistry will affect the way in which a perfume and its notes will react on your skin), you still want to stand out and be an individual.

So here’s where fragrance mixing comes in. Yes, fragrance mixing, where you can experiment with your fragrance by mixing two (or even three!) scents together to create an entirely new and individualised scent. Fun, right?

But before you run off to grab your two favourite scents and start spritzing away, be warned: you cannot, I repeat cannot, just do this with any old perfume. Too many notes combined together can mean disaster, so if fragrance mixing is something you’re keen on, it’s best you stick to the perfume brands that have designed their scents specifically for this purpose.

Jo Malone completely encourages scent experimentation and has even designed a Fragrance Combining Menu to help you figure out which scents are best to combine together to create a scent that’s completely and utterly you!

These are some of Jo Malone’s tips on combining scents:

1) Combine two scents from the same family to bring out that family’s unique qualities. For example, combine citrus scents for a really refreshing, invigorating fragrance.
2) Don’t be limited by just perfumes when mixing your scents – try using a body lotion in one scent, and top it off with a spritz of perfume in another, complementary scent.
3) Instead of layering two different fragrances, try wearing one fragrance on your décolletage and another on the small of your back.

Think you’ve got the basic practice down pat? Here are some scents you can mix together to create your very own fragrance:
- Start with Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin and add Grapefruit for a scent that’s fresh, zesty, and screams summer.
- Add Jo Malone Amber & Lavender to French Lime Blossom for a warmer scent that’s perfect for a night out.
- Spray Evodia Mango and Pink Grapefruit Body Mist and follow it up with the Summertime Body Mist for a fruity cocktail perfect for the beach, a daytime BBQ, or just a day lazing at the pool.
- Layer Evodia Frangipani Body Mist over the Pink Frangipani Body Mist for an exotic, floral, uber-frangipani scent that will leave you feeling and smelling fresh and summery

Have you ever tried combining your fragrances? What would your individualised scent smell like?
Five scents to enhance your mood…
How to make your fragrance last longer…

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Member Comments

Posted by: Pikachocobo (Australia)

I like combining scents from the Demeter range - Cherry Blossom and Vanilla Marshmallow work well together as a combo

Posted on: January 14, 2013 (Jan 14, 2013 10:58am)

Posted by: saltine (Australia)

Never tried this. Also why on earth would you place perfume on the small of your back? Lol.

Posted on: January 14, 2013 (Jan 14, 2013 11:06am)

Fast fixes for relieving sunburn

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Oh dear, you’ve been bitten by the summer bug, haven’t you? By summer ‘bug’ of course I mean summer sun – and boy, oh boy has it done a number on you.

What started out as what you considered to be ‘harmless sunbathing’ – has now manifested into a big, red, sore, sunburnt mess – and you’ve only yourself to blame.

I know that sounds a little harsh – but the fact is you should know better by now! We’ve told you all about the different sunscreens you can pick up to suit your needs, and you know that the sun is the number one culprit for ageing, not to mention increasing your risk of getting skin cancer. So there really is no excuse. End lecture.

Now that you’ve had your talking to, let’s discuss how to treat and relieve sunburn. There are plenty of ways to help soothe sunburn and counteract redness in a flash - you just need a few hard-working products in your kit.

Vaseline Aloe Fresh Moisturising Body Gel
Containing 100 per cent natural aloe vera, this hydrating gel absorbs instantly into the skin and works to soothe the sting of sunburn and provide you with some fast-acting relief. Handy hint: store it in the fridge for an extra-soothing remedy.

Banana Boat Aloe Vera SPF 30+ Lip Balm, $3.20, 1800 810 310
Ever wondered why cricketers are often seen sporting a thick layer of white zinc over their kissers? It’s because your kissers can get sunburnt, too! Don’t put up with that dry, chapped, cracked feeling any longer. This Aloe Vera Balm from Banana Boat will provide an instant soothing effect while nourishing your pout at the same time.

Natio Pure Mineral Redness Corrector
Has your complexion come into contact with a little too much sun? It can be difficult to disguise a sunburnt face – so it pays to invest in a product that contains luminous liquid minerals that deflect light away from the skin to help even out skin tone and reduce the look of redness. Natio Pure Mineral Redness Corrector is just what the doctor ordered.

Lanolips Lovely Lanolin Herbal Treatment Body Oil
In the mission to prevent skin peeling after you’ve been severely kissed by the sun, try massaging a nourishing body oil into the affected areas of your skin each day. The eucalyptus oil found in this body oil by Lanolips will help to soothe irritating sunburn, while the ultra-pure medical grade lanolin oil will assist in providing the skin with intense nourishment to help prevent unsightly skin peeling.

How do you protect yourself from annoying sunburn?

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Member Comments

Posted by: ModernSnowWhite (Australia)

I swear by neutrogena sunscreen, i seriously wore that sunscreen all day at the beach yesterday. My skin is perfect condition today :)

Posted on: January 11, 2013 (Jan 11, 2013 3:03pm)

Posted by: MoonStone (Australia)

I love le tan sunscreens. The coconut one is so great. To treat sunburn if I get it I prefer aloe vera based products. It just soothes quickly.

Posted on: January 11, 2013 (Jan 11, 2013 3:18pm)