Questions every new mum asks

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beautyheaven recently partnered with Bio-Oil® to create a support group for soon-to-be mums looking for a safe and knowledgeable place to ask questions. The ‘Bio Oil® mums-to-be' group is a great destination for women wanting to learn about preparing for motherhood as well as chat about skincare concerns, body fears and how to best look after themselves on their exciting journey. Since the group began, a few of the members have seen the arrival of their little ones and more and more questions about motherhood are being raised. We collated some of the most common questions from new mums and asked the experts at Tresillian and Bio-Oil® to answer them.


Q. What are some suggestions for healthy snacks while breastfeeding? I’m always hungry but don’t want to gain a lot of weight from my snacking habits.

A. Having a healthy appetite during lactation is quite normal for many breastfeeding mothers. It’s your body’s way of ensuring you’re getting enough energy and nutrients to support the metabolic and nutritional requirements while lactating.

During pregnancy, the body usually lays down an extra 3–4 kilos of body fat as reserves to meet the maternal energy requirements for the first 6 months of lactation. While it’s true that breastfeeding mothers require some extra energy and nutrient intake, it shouldn’t be more than the equivalent of an additional sandwich, yoghurt and piece of fruit per day. Breastfeeding uses a lot of calories, so it’s a good way to control weight gain with little effort.

When you’re busy or exhausted, it’s easy just to reach for a carbohydrate-rich snack to boost energy, but these are often nutrient-poor and high in sugar and fat.  We suggest mothers pack a lunch box for the day, similar to what you took to work before the baby was born but perhaps a little more generous.  Be creative and include things like cut-up vegetables and hummus, fruit, cheese and crackers, natural Greek yoghurt, trail mix, low fat muesli bars or wholegrain rolls with tuna, egg or sliced meat.  This way you’ll always have ready-made fresh, healthy lunches and snacks! 

To make the most of your meals, try to eat mindfully and avoid gulping your food down Take the time to chew, taste and enjoy each mouthful. Develop a regular routine of shopping and planning your meals for the week.  Also, peeling vegetables and preparing parts of the evening meal ahead of time can help you avoid making rushed or poor food choices when things get busy in the evening. 


Q. What advice can you offer for managing those marathon feeds at crazy hours of the night?  I will feed for hours, alternating sides (entrée and main on one, dessert on the other, then repeat). This baby seems to be a bottomless pit. I know that she’s stocking up for a long sleep but after starting at 7pm and going until midnight or 1am, I’m exhausted. What advice can you give so we can maintain some level of sanity? Also, it kind of hurts having to feed that long, even if attachment is good. 

A. It sounds like you’ve been doing it tough! Exhaustion and sleep deprivation can certainly tax the strongest person’s sanity and you’re definitely doing the right thing by seeking more information and support so you and your baby can enjoy breastfeeds together.

Since you haven’t given details about your baby’s morning behaviour, weight or urine/stool output, we’ll generalise in answering your question. Child and family health nurses would not expect any one feed to take longer than 30 – 40 minutes.  There could be a couple of things happening.

Firstly, the latch may not be as effective as it appears, especially if you’re experiencing some nipple pain. Left unaddressed, this could have an effect on your supply; for example, if your baby is not draining the breast well, this could result in under supply. This situation can usually be sorted out with a skilled feed assessment, appropriate support and the correction of any feeding problems.

Secondly, if your baby feeds for long periods, or snack feeds very frequently, he/she may be consuming a great deal of high volume/low fat breastmilk, which can go through the digestive tract too quickly. This undigested lactose can cause colic-like abdominal pain, explosive bubbly stools and very unsettled behaviour. This is known as ‘lactose overload’ and is only temporary. It is not the same as a true lactose intolerance. It can cause babies to want to breastfeed more often in search of comfort and reassurance. The cycle of unsettled behaviour then continues. I wonder if this is what is happening in your case?

If your baby is not experiencing any of the above, then he/she may actually have a normal cluster feeding pattern. This is common in the evenings as breastfed babies often feed every couple of hours to store low volume/ high fat reserves so their night time sleep spans 5–6 hours. The good news? This feeding pattern will pass!

If you’re still stuck, please visit or contact our experienced child and family health nurses at Tresillian’s Parent Help Line. The phone number is (02) 9787-0855 or 1800-637-357.


Q. I used Bio-Oil® during my second and third trimesters of pregnancy but unfortunately experienced a few stretch marks on my lower tummy. I have been applying Bio-Oil® to the area at least once and occasionally twice a day since I came home from the hospital. How long will it be before the colour starts to fade?

*The below response is from Bio-Oil®*

Bio-Oil® reduces the possibility of pregnancy stretch marks forming by increasing the skin’s elasticity. It should be applied twice daily from the start of the second trimester. 

However, Bio-Oil® can also help to address the visible signs of existing stretchmarks. This can take time and everyone is different, but for best results, massage Bio-Oil into the skin in a circular motion twice daily for at least three months.  


Q. My baby is four months old and I’m considering stopping breastfeeding.

I wanted to make it to six months but I don’t think I can hold out.  I just want my body back.  Is it okay to feel like this or should I just suck it up and keep going?

A. Research shows breastfeeding provides mothers and babies/young children with many short- and long-term benefits. This is best achieved by exclusively breastfeeding until your baby is about six months old. However, at around the four-month mark, things should get easier and both you and your baby can start to more fully enjoy the freedom and ongoing benefits of breastfeeding, especially as you reconnect with friends and family and the wider world in general. Breastmilk is tailor-made for your baby and appropriate to his or her age, nutritional, developmental and health and immunity needs. 

Breastfeeding also helps you to use up fat reserves laid down in pregnancy, delay the return of menstruation and fertility, stabilise your blood sugar levels and prevent health issues such obesity as well as Type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and pre-menopausal breast and ovarian cancers. 

You mentioned your wish to continue breastfeeding your baby until he or she is six months of age. This is a great goal to strive towards. Don’t try to rush or put too much pressure on yourself; just take it a day at a time and try to enjoy the close interaction with your baby during breastfeeds. With an informed and positive approach, this brief but very special time in your lives can progress for as long as both you and your baby are happy to continue.

Your desire to have your body back is something that should be respected and anticipated, but there is no reason that a compromise can’t be reached right now!   Have you considered occasional expressing after or between feeds or storing/freezing your breastmilk for the occasional supplementary feed? Both those tactics will give you some time out. Perhaps you would could use that time to relax, socialise or do some reinvigorating exercise.

As Tresillian child and family health nurses, we understand the first few months of breastfeeding can be a very challenging and demanding learning curve; especially if your baby is your first child or you have limited support.

It is certainly okay to express your feelings and needs – these are very valid and should be respected and addressed in a practical manner.  While we encourage you to contact Tresillian Services or your local child and family health nurse or GP to discuss weaning off the breast, the decision is entirely up to you.  Keep in mind that the most important thing is your relationship with your baby. Whatever decision you make needs to be the right one at this point in your life for both you and your baby.  


Are there any questions you would love to ask a Tresillian Nurse? Can you relate to any of the ones asked above? Do you have any good advice for new mums?




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Posted by: CherryBlossom (Australia)

Great helpful information which is always good to know and keep in mind.

Posted on: October 28, 2014 (Oct 28, 2014 9:29am)

Posted by: Anitas Artistry (Australia)

Yes, I remember those days....

Posted on: October 28, 2014 (Oct 28, 2014 10:00am)

3 creepy make-up looks to try this Halloween

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When it comes to Halloween, woman typically fall into one of two camps: those who embrace the festival for what it is – zombies, witches, ghouls and all; and those who follow the Mean Girls mantra of “Halloween is the one night when girls can dress like a total s**t and no other girls can say anything about it” (aka put ‘sexy’ in front of your chosen occupation).

If you fall into the former category and are keen to try a creepy make-up look, here are three that are bound to make a spooky statement:

The undead
zombie vampire halloween makeup

Sure, you can wrap yourself in some toilet paper, say you’re a zombie and call it a day. Or you can go all out and make it look like you’ve been through the wringer for real. 

Key products for this look:

asap pure mineral eye color in twelve
Sexy Eyes Dracula Contact Lenses
Bottle of Blood

The corpse bride
corpse bride halloween makeup

Why dress up as a regular ol’ bride when you can go as a dead one? Much more fun. And the more black eye make-up, the better!

Key products for this look:

Lush Liquid Lips in Confident
Johnson’s Baby Powder
MeMeMe Eye Inspire Trio in Smoky Eyes

The skeleton
skeleton halloween makeup

Wearing a black onesie with white bones on it is a cool way to embrace your, um, inner skeleton, but why stop there? Paint your face white, enhance the hollows of your face and be sure to add a touch of glamour, too.

Key products for this look:

Global Colours Makeup Face Paint in White
Maybelline Kajal Cream Kohl Liner in Pitch Black
Napoleon Perdis Pro Lips Lipstick Blanc
L’Oreal Paris False Lash Butterfly Wings Mascara

Sexy Eyes Dracula Contact Lenses, $48,
Bottle of Blood, $9.99,
Lush Liquid Lips, $24.95, 1300 587 428
Napoleon Perdis Pro Lips Lipstick Blanc, $25, 02 8595 0911

Do you celebrate Halloween? Will you try a spooky make-up look to complete your outfit?




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Posted by: strike77 (Australia)

The undead is way too creepy I'd scare myself

Posted on: October 27, 2014 (Oct 27, 2014 4:13pm)

Posted by: Trish_D (Australia)

Definitely NOT into Halloween.

Posted on: October 27, 2014 (Oct 27, 2014 4:16pm)

How to target acne face-first

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We all know that girl with ridiculously gorgeous skin. It’s clear, supple and evenly toned. She doesn’t have to pick up foundation in the morning and her skin care routine consists of the simplest steps. Ah, the jealousy…

Unfortunately, for many of us, a clear, glowing complexion can seem far out of reach. Whether you’re a teenager or an adult, acne can have a huge impact on not only your skin, but also your sense of self worth.

So what’s the solution? Well, the brains behind Obagi® Medical have harnessed the power of effective ingredients to clear skin and control blemishes via two bespoke skin care systems: one for normal to oily skin, and one for normal to dry skin, available only through a professional skincare consultation at cosmetic clinics, dermatologists and plastic surgery centres.

The Obagi CLENZIderm M.D.™ Systems contain a specially formulated solubilised form of five per cent benzoyl peroxide that provides enhanced penetration into the root of hair follicles, where acne begins. Many traditional benzoyl peroxides are formulated with insoluble crystals that remain on the surface of the skin, however this range, with Obagi’s patented SoluZyl Technology™, helps remove acne-causing bacteria from deep within the pores. It’s clinically proven to deliver clearer, healthier-looking skin in as little as one week, while also helping to prevent future breakouts.

If you’re a fan of fuss-free skincare regimens, you’ll be pleased to hear these complete systems are streamlined. Each system is made up of three products, so you won’t feel like you’re spending time and effort slathering your skin with a million products both morning and night.

The Obagi CLENZIderm M.D. Normal-to-Oily System consists of the CLENZIderm M.D. Daily Care Foaming Cleanser, which helps to unclog pores and whisk away dead skin cells with two per cent salicylic acid, while calming the skin with menthol. After cleansing, the CLENZIderm M.D. Pore Therapy - a ‘toner’-like acne corrector - is applied to unclog pores at a deeper level and further remove dead skin cells with two per cent salicylic acid, helping to eliminate acne-causing bacteria at the source. Skin is then ready for the final step in the system, which is the application of the CLENZIderm M.D. Lotion. This lightweight acne concentrate lotion contains five per cent benzoyl peroxide to help quickly clear the skin with minimal drying.

The Obagi CLENZIderm M.D. Normal-to-Dry System features the soap-free M.D. System Daily Care Cream Cleanser, a non-irritating formula that soothes the skin while removing impurities and make-up. The lightweight CLENZIderm M.D. Lotion is also part of this acne-clearing range. After application of the acne concentrate lotion, a drier skin may require a moisturiser. Non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic, the CLENZIderm M.D. Moisturiser is specifically formulated to calm, soothe and protect drier, acne-prone skin with 20 per cent glycerin.

It is essential with both systems that you wear an SPF 30 or SPF50+ during the day, and keep in mind that some stinging, tingling or sensitivity may occur, but it’s generally short-lived. Be sure to ask your skin care professional if you have any questions or concerns.

If you think one of the Obagi CLENZIderm M.D. Systems would enhance your skin care routine, check out what our members who recently trialled the ranges had to say:

“My complexion was significantly smoother. It gave me a lot of confidence that I could wear less heavy foundation during the day.” – chocolatelace

“The lotion even reduced the size of the massive pores on my chin, because they were full of gunk and therefore more open than they should be. Once they were clean, they really appeared smaller.” – Kezziebelle

“My skin was so moisturised! It felt soft and smooth, and my pores visibly lessened. I really, really like this product and would like to continue using it.” – Miss_Bella_Boo

“Using the Pore Therapy in conjunction with the Foaming Cleanser and Lotion has definitely improved the appearance of my blemishes. My skin looks and feels cleaner. I highly recommend this to everyone with acne-prone and problematic skin.” – Senorita

“After each wash with the Cream Cleanser, my skin feels very clean. The product is not drying at all. It does not break me out and preps the skin for the next few steps of the Obagi regimen.” – Mdy_118

Do you suffer from acne? Would you like to try the Obagi range to help clear up your skin?




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Member Comments

Posted by: Thepinkshoe (Australia)

Thankfully my acne has calmed down but I definitely suffered when I was younger! I haven't heard of this brand before so I will do some reading up on it :)

Posted on: October 27, 2014 (Oct 27, 2014 12:39am)

Posted by: Linda_Vesinger (Australia)

I like how the products are dispensed only after a proper consultation. Fortunately my combination skin rarely breaks out, but it does look like a great range for anyone with problem skin

Posted on: October 27, 2014 (Oct 27, 2014 12:59am)

Will skipping breakfast help you lose weight?

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If you’re a 90s baby like me, chances are you were always told to eat a hearty breakfast. As my parents said (or lectured), it’ll “kick-start your metabolism” and “give you energy for the day”.

But new research suggests that when it comes to the morning meal, we may have been misguided. A Monash University study showed that skipping breakfast could actually promote weight loss and, in turn, help to reduce Australia’s obesity epidemic.

As part of the study, 32 people suffering from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (a side effect of obesity) were only allowed to eat between the hours of midday and 8pm. That’s a pretty small window, but the results were incredible: everyone lost weight within the first 12 weeks.

The key finding? They were also able to significantly reduce the circumference of their waist, which points to the liver repairing itself.

Speaking to The Sydney Morning Herald, Melbourne-based gastroenterologist Dr Alex Hodge said the findings could present a new solution to the growing obesity epidemic in Australia.

While the results were convincing, time will tell whether breakfast is really a great health myth. Until then, I’m sticking with my morning muesli!

Would you skip breakfast in the name of losing weight? What other health myths have you heard?



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Posted by: CherryBlossom (Australia)

I have skipped breakfast when too busy but not nowadays, I'd either faint or not be able to concentrate.

Posted on: October 23, 2014 (Oct 23, 2014 11:18am)

Posted by: Lucrecia629 (Australia)

My own personal experience says that it makes no difference either way. The older I get, the more I feel that I need my breakfast, but it makes absolutely no difference to my weight. But maybe I'm just the exception.

Posted on: October 23, 2014 (Oct 23, 2014 11:19am)

How to tone the body

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You’re comfortable with your weight, happy with your fitness level and have perfected the balance between lots of veggies and pizza – but you just wish everything was a bit tighter. There are many ways to tone the body and sometimes it’s just a matter of trying new things and finding what works best for you. So between now and bikini season, here are three tactics to take to tone those wobbly bits.


#1 Start a challenge 

Whether it’s the 30-day squat challenge, 100-day arms challenge or one of your own, setting daily goals is a great way to work on toning your body. By increasing the number of reps you do each day, the body part you’re targeting will become stronger and firmer as the challenge goes on. These programs usually also include ‘rest days’ to ensure you don’t overwork your body. To stay on track, convince a friend to join in. That way, you can motivate each other, even with a simple text: “have you done your 20 for today yet?” Plus, there’s a finish line in reach, which is always a great motivator.


#2 Change up your workout

Whether you’re a gym junkie, long distance runner or the kind of person who’d rather pull out some dance moves to break a sweat, it’s easy to get trapped in a workout rut. When that happens, you’re consistently working the same muscles over and over and as a result, ignoring the ones that actually need work. Not to mention you’re probably incredibly bored with doing the same routine every day.

Skyfit is so fun, it doesn’t feel like a workout – til the next day, that is! It targets different muscle groups AND the whole thing is held on trampolines. SO. GOOD.


Co-founder Nic Monteforte explains, “Training in an ‘unstable’ environment, such as on a trampoline, engages and incorporates core and stabilising muscles far more effectively than a standard gym workout. Studies have shown that training on trampolines can burn between 400 and 500 calories within a 30-minute period.”


For more information on classes and timetables, visit


#3 Begin a new bodycare routine

Of course, there are beauty tricks that help to tighten everything up. If you look after the skin on your body, it’ll become smoother, tighter and firmer. Elasticity is a wonderful thing! Try adding dry body brushing into your routine every 2-3 days to promote blood circulation, and switch your regular moisturiser for a firming and toning one – we like Doctor BABOR Body Cellular Ultimate 3D Cellulite Lotion.


Have you tried any of the toning suggestions above? What are some of your toning tricks?


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Member Comments

Posted by: MoniqueKerstin (Australia)

Im currently lying in bed browsing BH wearing my work out gear trying to find the motivation to get on the exercise bike, perfect timing for this article BH!

Posted on: October 25, 2014 (Oct 25, 2014 12:09pm)

Posted by: Animal Lover (Australia)

So your sayiin those times that i jump on the trampoline with my girls is actually doing me good, yayyyyy the perfect excuse to jump on their everyday :)

Posted on: October 25, 2014 (Oct 25, 2014 12:42pm)