The fragrance that makes you feel more attractive

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Woody, citrus, floral, fruity, Oriental - there are so many fragrance families out there it can be hard to know where to start looking for a new scent. But don’t let the vast amount of choices deter you from wearing a perfume because according to a new report, “97 per cent of people feel most confident when wearing a fragrance.”

The 70 Years of Fragrance Report from the Master Perfumers at Imperial Leather reveals that 90 per cent of consumers agreed that a bouquet of flowers is the most appealing scent (just ahead of freshly baked bread), which explains why floral is the most favoured fragrance family.

According to the report, women feel most attractive wearing a floral scent and in return, men agreed that floral fragrances are their favourite scent for a partner. Psychologist Sabina Read explains: “Fragrance is commonly linked to our mood and behaviour via learned emotional responses associated with smells and past experiences.”


Not sure what a floral fragrance is?

Fragrances are made up of three notes: a top note, middle (or heart) note and a base note. Quite simply, a floral fragrance is a scent that contains notes of a flower. It could be a combination of notes from different flowers, or a singular flower complimented by other notes such as citrus or an underlying woody note. If you’re unsure what family your favourite perfume belongs to, simply look on the box to find the notes it contains and if the top or heart notes are that of a flower, it is a floral fragrance. But it’s not just perfumes that can belong to the floral fragrance family. Other beauty products such as body wash, candles and soap can also contain floral notes and emit floral scents.


Our favourite floral-scented beauty products:


1. Imperial Leather Oriental Bloom Cherry Blossom + Vanilla Bodywash ($5.49, 500mL, Coles)

2. Daisy by Marc Jacobs ($69, 50mL,

3. Yankee Candle Beach Flowers 

4. L'OCCITANE Magnolia & Mûre Perfumed Soap

5. Giorgio Beverly Hills


Do you have a favourite floral fragrance? Does wearing a certain scent help you to feel more confident?



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Member Comments

Posted by: Miss Chief (Australia)

Unfortunately florals just don't work on me- but luckily my partner prefers the musky scents I wear anyway ;-)

Posted on: July 02, 2014 (Jul 2, 2014 11:04am)

Posted by: Seashells (Australia)

I don't mind florals, as long as there's another element to them - I'm a fan of Calvin Klein's Downtown (a woody floral). I wouldn't say a scent makes me feel more confident, but I do feel nice when I (remember to) wear perfume.

Posted on: July 02, 2014 (Jul 2, 2014 11:31am)

L’Oreal ELVIVE Fibralogy Trial Team: the six-week final report

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If you suffer from fine, barely there hair, then you’ve probably been following the six-week L’Oreal ELVIVE Fibralogy Trial Team closely. Unlike our regular Trial Teams, this has been what I like to call a ‘live’ Trial, with fortnightly reports at the two-week and four-week marks to fill you in on our member’s progress with the products.

If you missed it, never fear. The six-week trial has now come to an end and our testers have submitted their final reviews. What did they find? Well, the overwhelming majority of testers found that their hair had improved in density and fullness during the trial, meaning that the three-part system is a must-try if you’re on the quest for locks as luscious and voluminous as L’Oreal Ambassador Blake Lively’s.

Check out what the Trial Team thought of their six-week experience with the L’Oreal ELVIVE Fibralogy products below…



L’Oreal ELVIVE Fibralogy Thickening Shampoo

“My hair immediately felt a lot softer, smoother and more manageable after the first wash. After two weeks my hair looked a lot stronger and felt a lot thicker. I noticed that ELVIVE Fibralogy left my hair feeling really clean and very silky, not limp or greasy. After six weeks my hair feels and looks so healthy and has much more volume than before. An added bonus is that I get lots of compliments on how shiny my hair looks. Great value for money.” – Elle09

“After the first few uses of this shampoo, I noticed that my hair felt more voluminous than when I used other shampoos. It was also advised to shampoo twice to ensure that the active ingredients penetrated the hair follicles. Even after shampooing twice, my hair did not feel dry. After a few more weeks the hair at the crown of my head even looked fuller and thicker. Continued use of this shampoo has given my hair the right amount of fullness and body.” – Jasmen111

L’Oreal ELVIVE Fibralogy Thickening Conditioner

“The conditioner was a modestly thick texture, and delightfully fragranced. I found I didn't need to use much either. It left my hair untangled, soft, shiny and looking fabulous. It also didn't weigh down my fine hair in the slightest. I have been delighted with the results from this range. I feel L'Oreal have really looked at what fine hair needs (i.e. volume, thicker strands, and products that don't weigh down hair) and delivered the perfect range. Highly recommended.” – Linda_Vesinger

“I found that in conjunction with the matching products, my fine hair became thicker and fuller. The conditioner was thick and conditioned and softened my hair excellently. It did not weigh my hair down at all. My hair has become much softer and more manageable. It worked well with the other products in the range to boost the thickness and volume.” – Jasmen111

L’Oreal ELVIVE Fibralogy Double Serum

“OMG. Holy Grail alert! This serum is amazing. It leaves my hair feeling so nourished and healthy, but not greasy. I have been using this leave-in treatment consistently every second day for six weeks and I love, love, love it. It leaves my hair feeling strong, really silky, with lots of fullness. I would recommend using this treatment with both the shampoo and conditioner to get the best results. I will definitely repurchase this serum again and again. Brilliant stuff!” – Elle09

“I have used just the shampoo alone on some days and the results were good. But on days that I used all three products, I found it to be the best. My scanty patch on the top of my head isn't so visible now (not that I'm missing it!) and my hair seems to have a deeper, more intense colour to it. You know, the intensity your hair has after it’s just been coloured. 
Overall, I'm extremely pleased with the results from the entire range including this serum. It’s so low priced which is a great incentive to try it if you have hair fullness issues.” - CherryBlossom


What do you think of the Fibralogy range? Would you give the products a go or recommend them to a friend?


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Member Comments

Posted by: Marza (Australia)

wish I can get on a trial

Posted on: July 01, 2014 (Jul 1, 2014 4:34pm)

Posted by: Chickybabe1 (Australia)

This does sound like a great hair care range.

Posted on: July 01, 2014 (Jul 1, 2014 5:20pm)

Who is the world's most powerful celebrity?

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Who runs the world? Girls! She sung it, we sung along and now it’s official. Beyoncé runs the world! How do we know this? Forbes Magazine just ranked Beyoncé as the world’s most powerful celebrity of 2013 to 2014.

The Forbes Magazine Celebrity 100 list measures money and fame to compile a ranking of the most powerful celebrities from film, television, music, sports, writing and modelling. Beyoncé surpassed even her own muse, Oprah – who fell from the #1 spot last year to rest at the #4 spot for 2014.  Ellen DeGeneres came in at #5 and even her beau (Beyoncé’s, not Ellen’s) Jay-Z, who came in at #6.

Her success doesn’t really come as a surprise though, does it? With five hit albums, a bunch of sold-out tours, a few good movie roles, a line-up of killer fragrances and the best weave in Hollywood, it can be said that Beyoncé has done pretty well for herself.

It’s fair to say that here at bh we are pretty inspired and/or jealous of Queen B. And of course, her hair.


Do you love Beyoncé as much as we do? What’s your favourite Beyoncé beauty look?


Member Comments

Posted by: IndieAna (Member since 2008, Australia)

I'm not at all surprised. Beyonce is successful thanks to her hard work and determination. This girl can do no wrong! :)

Posted on: July 01, 2014 (Jul 1, 2014 3:32pm)

Posted by: Lucrecia629 (Australia)

I know I'm in the minority here but I am not a fan of Beyoncé at all. I just don't get the hype.

Posted on: July 01, 2014 (Jul 1, 2014 3:49pm)

How-to: create kissable lips

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Are your lips feeling worse for wear thanks to the cold winter air? Well, with International Kissing Day just around the corner on Sunday 6 July, now is the perfect time to prettify your pout!

Try these tips and tricks to get your lips looking and feeling more luscious and kissable than ever.

Lip tip #1: Drink plenty of water

Did you know that dry lips are a sign of dehydration? Dry, cold air and central heating can wreak havoc on your body’s hydration levels, so keep your skin and your lips moist by sipping plenty of water throughout the day. Just be sure not to lick your lips too much as saliva evaporates quickly, leaving lips drier than they were.

Lip tip #2: Exfoliate your lips

A dried-out pout can leave lips looking flaky, rough and parched. Treat them to a natural scrub by mixing a teaspoon of brown sugar with olive oil and gently rubbing it over your lips in a circular motion. Gently wipe off the scrub with a wet washcloth and pat dry. Doing this once a week during the colder months will help to gently slough away any dead skin cells to reveal fresh and revived lips.

Lip tip #3: Pucker up with a hydrating lip butter

You can’t have a truly kissable pout without a slick of a scented moisturising lip butter, so keep your lips nourished all day long with the new NIVEA Lip Butter in Raspberry Rosé. A treat for your lips and your senses, this sweet new lip butter leaves a hint of colour and contains special Hydra IQ technology to enable moisture to deeply penetrate and get locked into the lips. It’s also enriched with shea butter and almond oil to leave your lips soft and kissable at all times. The sensuous new flavour will no doubt be a welcome edition to the NIVEA Lip Butter range that you already know and love.

Lip tip #4: Give your lips a natural boost

Want to make your lips look more luscious? Give your pout a natural boost with an all-natural ingredient most likely sitting in your pantry right now – cinnamon! Simply mix a pinch of cinnamon with a dollop of coconut oil and rub it gently into your lips. The cinnamon may give your lips a temporarily plumper appearance.

How do you create kissable lips? Will you be trying any of these tricks?



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Member Comments

Posted by: Snazzie (Member since 2008, Australia)

I've tried these tips except for the cinnamon. I'd never have thought of that but am happy to give it a try . . my lips could use a bit of plumping.

Posted on: July 01, 2014 (Jul 1, 2014 9:03am)

Posted by: maydayismyday (Australia)

I've been wanting to get my hands on that raspberry rose lip balm for a while now. I just wish it was in a stick and not a pot.

Posted on: July 01, 2014 (Jul 1, 2014 9:11am)

Kelly Osbourne’s new scalp tattoo

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Kelly Osbourne surprised us all with her violet ‘do and now she’s added to the effect, inking the side of her head in a matching hue.

The 29-year-old television personality took to Instagram to reveal her new look, sharing several snaps of the tattoo, which reads ‘Stories…’ in bright purple letters.


                       Photo credit: kellyosbourne Instagram


Kelly was clearly pleased with the result, calling it “magic” and thanking her tattoo artist, Dr Woo from Shamrock Social Club in Hollywood.

While we’re not sure we’d attempt such a bold beauty look, if anyone can pull it off, it’s definitely her!

Do you have a favourite celebrity tattoo? If you had to get one yourself, where would you get it?



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Member Comments

Posted by: bmill229 (Australia)

Different, but don't a thing that I would do.

Posted on: June 30, 2014 (Jun 30, 2014 5:37pm)

Posted by: Trish_D (Australia)

Oh dear - how out of touch am I? I'd be horrified if a family member did anything like this.

Posted on: June 30, 2014 (Jun 30, 2014 5:42pm)