3 ways to even out your skin tone

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Red, blotchy patches, brown spots and pigmentation can make you feel self-conscious, but there are some clever tricks you can try to even out your skin tone. Personally, I suffer from a severe case of Kate Bosworth skin envy –seriously, could the girl get any more luminous?!

Instead of layering on foundation and concealer, follow this game plan for combatting uneven skin tone (and say hello to naturally clearer, brighter skin)!


Between stress, certain foods, skin sensitivities and hormones, there are a number of reasons why your complexion can become red. Keep it calm by arming yourself with products that are specially formulated to soothe, relieve and cool skin. Also, try to pinpoint times when your skin becomes inflamed so you can work out what might be causing the redness. If redness persists, make an appointment with your dermatologist to suss out why your skin’s flaring up.

bh loves: Jurlique Calendula Redness Rescue Restorative Treatment Serum, Paula’s Choice Skin Recovery Replenishing Moisturiser


Brown patches and spots form over time as skin is exposed to ultraviolet light from the sun. This accelerates the production of melanin in the skin, causing brown spots to appear. Thankfully, there are products out there that exfoliate those pesky layers of skin on brown spots, so they gradually fade in colour over time. And don’t forget the all-important step of slathering on an SPF moisturiser every day to prevent spots from darkening and new spots popping up.

bh loves: NeoStrata Enlighten Pigment Controller, Shu Uemura Whitefficient Spot Pen


Uneven skin tone can make your skin look dull and lacking that luminous glow we all know and love. Brighten up your complexion by using serums and treatments that work to remove dead skin cells and boost moisture, improving the overall health of your skin. They’ll also help to get rid of build-up in your pores, allowing you to put a smoother-looking face forward. Kate Bosworth, eat your heart out!

bh loves: Ultraceuticals Even Skin Tone Serum, Proactiv Original Proactiv Clear Purifying Mask

Do you have uneven skin tone? Have you tried any of these tricks to combat it?





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Posted by: TheUglyDuckling (Australia)

The good old contraceptive pill can be a cause of pigmentation issues in women. Check out the pamphlet that comes with your prescription.

Posted on: March 09, 2015 (Mar 9, 2015 11:18am)

Posted by: Lucrecia629 (Australia)

I like the idea of a spot pen for brown spots.

Posted on: March 09, 2015 (Mar 9, 2015 11:58am)

The best celeb fringes we can’t get enough of

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Fact: the fringe is having a BIG moment in the spotlight. The retro revival of the fringe is quickly becoming one of this year’s most enviable styles, biggest hair trends, and all-round aspirational accomplishments - and we have these beauties to thank:


Suki Waterhouse


Suki’s unfailingly glossy mane is what dreams are made of. Her thick, textured locks are set off perfectly by a full, soft fringe. Could she be any cooler?!


Behati Prinsloo


The model recently traded in her face-framing layers for a fresh, piece-y fringe that’s just heaven against her slept-in waves and glowing skin. The rock-infused edge she’s put on bangs has revved up our desire to get them. Now.  


Dianna Agron


She’s a real hair chameleon but with a face that sweet, she really does benefit from a little fringe action. Full frontal or swept to the side, she rocks them all.   


Emma Stone

She rocked the textured bob, featured in our celebs who own short hair list and made it into the top three best-tressed of the Golden Globes - and now we want to praise her side swept face-framing fringe, too?! Obsessed? Us? Big time.


Alexa Chung

Alexa always makes a strong case for pulling out the scissors. Want to reach ‘it girl’ status? A chop should do it.


Zooey Deschanel

Can anyone rock a fringe quite like Zooey? She’s the poster girl for kitsch chic, and that’s due to her full, blunt fringe and 60s-inspired half up/half down ‘do (a perfect date night hairstyle). She knows exactly how to draw attention to those dreamy blue eyes. Work it, girl.


Kim Kardashian

Has Kimmy K ever had a bad hair day?! She’s experimented with plenty of styles (her amazing new chop springs to mind), so it’s no surprise she gets an honourable mention here.


Sienna Miller

Sienna’s killer boho bangs circa Alfie are still talked about (and majorly envied) ten years later. Bravo, lady, bravo.


Rooney Mara

Who could forget Rooney’s power fringe following her big break in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo? The ‘Rooney Mara fringe’, as it’s so affectionately known, is razor-cut, blunt and positioned high above the brows to make for one brilliantly bold statement.  


Liv Tyler

Why on earth Liv ever grew out these bangs, we’ll never know. If only professing our love for them would convince her to take out the scissors! Liv, if you can hear us…


Rose Byrne

Oh, Rose, you do Aussies proud. Cropped and polished, this little lady can do no wrong. It’s official, we’re tressed-obsessed.


Bella Heathcote

The actor proves once and for all that there are definite benefits to having a fringe. Do you dare to bang it?


Do you like a fringe? Which celebrity do you love the most with this hairstyle?




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Posted by: ray_jay (Member since 2008, Australia)

Its great to see there are all different ways and types to do fringes. I'm impressed. Not sure its for me though.
Love sukis hair... Amazing

Posted on: March 08, 2015 (Mar 8, 2015 12:54pm)

Posted by: MissM19 (Australia)

I love seeing the different types of fringe. I had side swept fringe for years

Posted on: March 08, 2015 (Mar 8, 2015 1:13pm)

7 products to keep in your purse for emergencies

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Working in the beauty industry, I must admit that I’m the product buff in my group of friends. There’s one question my girlfriends hit me with all the time – “what items do you always have on you?” So I’ve put together my purse emergency kit to help save them (and you!) from any sticky situation.

#1 Lip balm

Oh lip balm, how I love you. There’s nothing more frustrating than having dry lips, with no saviour in sight (or reach). I keep a tube of Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm in my purse for such occasions. I have another tube by my bed, and one at my desk so I’m never caught out with a parched pout. It’s safe to say I’m a little obsessed!

#2 Bronzer

You’ll rarely find me without a container of MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Powder. I buy it in a darker shade and use it as a bronzer. It’s perfect to keep in your purse for those days when you’re in desperate need of a little colour. As it’s technically a powder, it provides a decent amount of coverage.

#3 Moisturiser

I always keep a small tube of moisturiser in my purse for dehydration emergencies. Trilogy Vital Moisturising Cream absorbs quickly, and keeps skin hydrated for hours on end. I break the rules and use it on my hands and any areas of my body  craving a little love, too.

#4 Hair elastics

What is it with hair elastics going missing? It’s one of the world’s unsolved mysteries (along with bobby pins). I try to keep a hair tie around my wrist and several in my purse. This is particularly handy when I’ve gone from desk to drinks to dance floor, and want to pull my hair off my face. I love Lady Jayne Elastics – Super Hold. The snag-less design means they won’t rip or pull on your mane.

#5 Hand sanitiser

If you use public toilets, catch public transport or are just an all-round germaphobe, do yourself a favour and pop a hand sanitiser in your bag. My go-to is Dettol Instant Hand Sanitiser - it’s one of the best rinse-free solutions to washing hands.

#6 Condom

You never know where the night will end up, so it pays to be prepared. It’s better to be safe than sorry, am I right? And we can’t rely on guys! That’s why I stash a pack of Durex RealFeel condoms in my purse, and you should too.

#7 Perfume

When you smell good, you feel like you can take on the world. With that mindset, you can’t go wrong keeping a travel-sized perfume in your purse. Pop MOR Little Luxuries Perfume Oil – Lychee Flower on your wishlist. The roll-on perfume not only smells delicious, but is also the perfect size to whip out and re-apply on your pressure points throughout the day.



Do you keep any of these products in your purse? What other goodies do you have in your emergency kit?



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Posted by: Hayley644 (Australia)

Some good tips, I usually have a lip balm, hairbrush and elastics in my bag.

Posted on: March 07, 2015 (Mar 7, 2015 11:02am)

Posted by: dream-angels (Australia)

I just keep the hair elastics, lip balm, sanitizer, and deo

Posted on: March 07, 2015 (Mar 7, 2015 11:30am)

Reviewed: The Moroccan Hammam Ritual

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When I’m stressed, my whole body tenses up. My shoulders, neck and lower back cop the brunt of my state of mind, and getting a massage is the only way to relieve the tension.

I’ve been go-go-go lately, and I was so grateful when I was invited to try the Moroccan Hammam Ritual at The Spa at The Darling in Pyrmont, Sydney. This luxury five-star spa exclusively stocks La Prairie skin care and offers some of the most delectable treatments in Sydney, from body wraps and scrubs to facials and couples treatments.

I was lucky enough to be treated to their signature Moroccan Hammam Ritual, which I’ve heard is the Holy Grail of full body treatments for de-stressing, releasing pent-up tension, and finding zen. And right they were!

The two-and-a-half-hour full body treatment began in the Hammam room, which is heated to 40 degrees. The therapist asked me to lay on a towel on a stone bed (which is way more comfortable than it sounds) before drenching my body with warm water. The reason the room is heated is because it helps to open your pores, allowing the products to deeply penetrate skin.

moroccan hammam ritual

Then, the therapist massaged Moroccan ‘Savon Noir’ – which is a black soap made from black olives, olive oil and eucalyptus – from my toes all the way up to my neck to cleanse my body. After rinsing it off, she exfoliated my body using an exfoliating glove, and then applied a rhassoul clay and rose water mask sourced from the Moroccan Atlas Mountains. Jealous yet?

As I lay there in my zenned-out state while my body absorbed the mask, the therapist turned her attention to my hair. She applied an Argan oil treatment and before giving me a super soothing scalp massage. After ten minutes, I rinsed off completely, popped on my robe and slippers, and headed to a calm chill-out room to wait while the masseuse prepared for my full body aromatherapy massage. I sipped on champagne and The Darling’s signature ginger tea, and nibbled on nuts and dried fruit before being taken to the candle-lit treatment room.

moroccan hammam ritual

I was asked to decide whether I’d like to feel sleepy or energised after my massage, as that would determine which essential oils they’d use on my skin. I chose sleepy, and so my 60-minute massage began with the gorgeous-smelling combination of ylang ylang and sandalwood oils. But the treatment didn’t stop with the full-body massage – to top it off, I was given another hair treatment and scalp massage for the ultimate blissed-out experience.

After the treatment, I felt incredibly relaxed, mentally at ease and like my body had let go of all that tension. I would definitely recommend this treatment to anyone who feels like they need to escape both mentally and physically from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You deserve a little luxury.

The Moroccan Hammam Ritual at The Spa at The Darling costs $360. To make an appointment, call (02) 9657 8088 or 1800 800 830 (toll free).

What’s your favourite spa treatment? Would you like to try the Moroccan Hammam Ritual?




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Member Comments

Posted by: Kharma (Australia)

Yes I am definitely jealous of you, how lucky for you lol :D I would give anything to be able to experience something like this, but sadly being Disabled with MS does not pay enough to afford anything as luxurious as this :( Maybe one day when I win a little on lotto I can treat myself lol.... Its expensive but sounds and looks like it is worth every penny. :)

Posted on: March 06, 2015 (Mar 6, 2015 4:44pm)

Posted by: Kharma (Australia)

PS: Sorry I always forget to say something lol. My favourite spa treatments are definitely the skin treatments, and the aromatherapy massages. Anything that can help ease my 24/7 pain and have my skin looking alive and great is for me. :D

Posted on: March 06, 2015 (Mar 6, 2015 4:53pm)

Chloe Morello’s inventive beauty trick

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Chloe Morello is a bonafide star in the YouTube beauty community. Not only is the girl pretty talented when it comes to contouring, highlighting and applying lashes like it ain’t no thang, but she has a quirky sense of humour, too.

Case in point: her Kylie Jenner Bronze Glam make-up tutorial

Chloe is happy to admit (and even does so in the vid) that she’s a big fan of the youngest Jenner’s beauty looks, so she decided to recreate one of them:

kylie jenner instagram
Image credit: @kyliejenner

So there Chloe was, seamlessly applying her eyeshadow as per ush…
chloe morello eye makeup
Image credit: YouTube

When suddenly she pulls out two large, white semicircles.
chloe morello makeup trick

chloe morello makeup trick
Image credits: YouTube

If you can’t make it out already, the very resourceful Chloe cut up a sanitary pad (we wonder if it was a Carefree Original Liner?) to stick under her eyes to catch the fall-out from the loose powder she was about to use.

And lo and behold, it actually worked.
chloe morello beauty trick
Image credit: YouTube

Once she peeled off the pads, they didn’t seem to remove any of the foundation she artfully applied and there wasn’t a trace of gold powder on her cheeks – meaning she could go about her business without having to do any annoying clean-ups.

chloe morello makeup howto
Image credit: YouTube

If you think about it, it’s actually pretty smart. How often have you tried to balance a tissue under your eyes while applying shadow only to have it flutter away? This way, you’ve got both hands at your disposable and well-protected cheekbones.

Oh, and in case you’re interested, this was Chloe’s final look. Pretty spot on, right?
chloe morello kylie jenner
Image credit: @chloemorello

You can watch the full video tutorial here.

Main image credit: @chloemorello

Have you ever used pads to catch eyeshadow fall-out? What inventive beauty tricks do you use?


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Member Comments

Posted by: Anita1502 (Australia)

OMG! That is hilarious! I was actually going to watch her tutorial on this look today! Now I doing this big time!

Posted on: March 06, 2015 (Mar 6, 2015 10:55am)

Posted by: GildedButterflies (Australia)

Lol how inventive. I'm going to have to try this now. :)

Posted on: March 06, 2015 (Mar 6, 2015 12:00pm)