7 awesome things to mark 7 incredible years

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Breaking up is hard to do, and boy, this sucks.

It’s true. I’m leaving. And this time, it’s not just a four-month hiatus in London. No, this time I’m off for real, which feels strange – I have absolutely loved working at beautyheaven so very much, but change is good!

In my seven years as a beauty journalist, I’ve been lucky enough to meet and learn from some of the best in the biz. I’ve collected tips that have really changed the way I look at beauty – and as a parting gift, I’m sharing those gems with you.

I’ve also revealed the seven products I’ll never again live without – and delved deep into the memory bank to bring you seven of my most sacred beautyheaven memories. (Are you sensing a theme here?)

Okay, I’m signing off now! I’ll miss virtually hanging out with you beauties, but don’t worry – I’ll still catch you on the forums! (How do you get on the Trial Team anyway?!)

7 top beauty tips from the professionals

“Add a bit of sparkle to your eyes – it’s my favourite thing to do when I’m feeling a little flat!” – Delta Goodrem.
“Always straighten your hair on an angle for extra volume and movement.” – Zoë Foster Blake.

“Let your curls cool before brushing them out!” – Anthony Nader, International Stylist and owner of RAW Salon.

“Brush your brows up and fill in any sparse areas with a sharp brow pencil before styling the hairs to reach back towards the tail of your brows.” – Kristin Barnes, eyebrow artist and founder of Kristin Fisher Eyebrows.

“Always leave on your hair mask for at least 10 minutes, otherwise it’ll just make your strands look shiny instead of penetrating deeply where it’s needed most.” – Grant Withnell, National Technical Educator for Schwarzkopf.

“Just cocktail some Moroccanoil with a little gel to get that wavy, ‘beach babe’ look without the crunch or the damage.” - Violet Sainsbury, Moroccanoil Creative Design Team Educator.

“For an instant hit of volume and a new look, simply part your hair somewhere other than where you normally do – voila! Instant height with no effort.” Leigh Campbell, Cosmopolitan Beauty Director.

7 memorable moments

#1: My very first Star Awards in 2007

What baby faces! I thought this flapper dress and silver headband combo was ah-mazing.


#2: Winning ‘Online Beauty Writer of the Year’ at said awards 5 years later…

This is one of the proudest moments of my life to date. After bagging the Best Beauty Blog award with then-editor Debbie a few years before, I was very honoured to be recognised as the best online beauty writer in 2012.


#3: The Wella member event – the first time I hosted an event

There were beautyheaven members and bloggers galore in attendance! Plus, this event was a major learning curve – I had to sort out my nerves to speak in front of Sydney’s best fashion bloggers and record a video in a room full of industry experts.


#4: NIVEA event at Fort Denison in 2011

To celebrate 100 years of NIVEA, we caught a speedboat over to Fort Denison for dinner before retiring to Sebel Pier One for the night – so fab! You can’t imagine my surprise when I got off the boat, walked into the marquee and bumped straight into my MUM! NIVEA and Maxted Thomas PR cleverly – and secretly – contacted a ‘special someone’ of every beauty editor and asked them to come along! It was an incredible surprise, and a truly unforgettable night.


#5: Talking sleeping naked with Karl and Lisa on the TODAY show

I’ve probably never been more nervous in my entire life. I found out I was appearing on Monday morning’s show on Friday night and didn’t sleep for three days. But I was thrilled once it was all over – and Karl and Lisa are two of the most professional, genuine people you’ll ever meet. It was a real career highlight I’ll never, ever forget.


#6: Producing Debbie’s wedding video

We had just found out our editor at the time, Debbie, was engaged and we had a lot of fun putting together a video to Bruno Mars’ ‘I think I wanna marry you’. Office antics!


#7: The day I discovered the donut

This was a great day. A few friends came back from Europe with a “giant donut-looking thing” for me, and I was hooked – line and sinker. I went on to create many galleries, articles and videos using my newfound love.

7 can’t-live-without beauty products

(… and I’ve tried A LOT)

bhave Riot Control Serum – This product range actually changed the way my hair behaves (pardon the pun!). Thanks to the Riot Oil, frizz is a thing of the past, and my hair dries almost straight! I can definitely wash and wear now, which was a thought that made me cringe before discovering this brand.

Avon Ideal Flawless Invisible Coverage Foundation – I have honestly never found another foundation that sits as well on my skin. This stuff is gold.

Neutrogena Hydroboost – My skin just loves this stuff, especially in summer. It offers a fantastic burst of moisture. My man loves it too – hello, unisex beauty!

Bourjois Rouge Edition 12 Hours in 31 (Beige Shooting) – This colour is perfect for any occasion. It’s neutral enough for day wear and chic enough for the evenings – and silky, too!




Giorgio Armani Si, $85, 1300 651 991 – This scent is beyond good. If you haven’t had a sniff already, you simply must. The new intense variety is just as delicious.

Conair True Glow Sonic Cleansing Brush – My skin has never looked as good as it does after using this on the low setting daily. Myself and the mister love combining it with an exfoliating face wash. (It does seem like he steals all of my products, doesn’t it?)

Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Power, $66, 02 9695 5678 – This is the ultimate subtle bronze hue for everyday wear. It glides on effortlessly and blends like a dream. I build it up if I want a slightly darker look or swipe it on for just a hint of matte/slightly shimmery colour.


What is your favourite beautyheaven memory? What are your 7 favourite, can't-live-without beauty products?



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Member Comments

Posted by: MoonlightSak (Australia)

Oh My Olivia, Are you really leaving BH for good. That is so sad to hear. You will be truly missed. I really enjoyed all your informative articles. The times that I met you at BH degustation events, you made me feel comfortable and welcomed. I wish you all the best in your new venture . WISH YOU GOOD LUCK My Love :) :) . You will be dearly missed :(

Posted on: November 26, 2014 (Nov 26, 2014 12:12pm)

Posted by: Sharose (Australia)

Love your face Olivia, I will miss seeing you on this site. Best Wishes xx

Posted on: November 26, 2014 (Nov 26, 2014 12:19pm)

5 minutes with Natalie Imbruglia

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Rather than unzipping their beauty bags and revealing what products they really use, more and more Aussie celebs are choosing to launch their own brands.

From J Bronze by Jennifer Hawkins and The Base by Lara Bingle, to LUMA Natural Beauty by Jess Hart and Miranda Kerr’s KORA Organics, these homegrown stars are quite literally bottling their beauty secrets and popping them on shelves just for you.

The most recent Aussie beauty to add 'entrepreneur' to her resume is none other than singer/songwriter, Natalie Imbruglia. We caught up with the stunner to chat about her new anti-ageing skin care line, Iluka, and how she keeps her skin looking so damn flawless.

bh: Tell us about Iluka…

Natalie: Iluka is an all-natural, anti-ageing range of skin care products. About two years ago, my business partner approached me about creating my own skin care line, and I jumped at the chance on the condition that I could be really hands-on with the development of the range. From everything down to the absorbency, the colour of the products, and the ingredients, I was completely involved. It’s something I’ve wanted to do since I was a little girl.

bh: What inspired the range?

Natalie: Iluka is an Aboriginal word that means ‘by the sea’, and the range is inspired by my upbringing on the Central Coast of New South Wales. I wanted to use as many Australian ingredients as I could, so we sourced manuka honey from Tasmania and Kakadu plum from the Northern Territory.

bh: What’s your favourite product in the range?

Natalie: It would have to be the Luxe Night Cream. It’s great for cell rejuvenation and is a bit richer than the day cream, so it’s perfect to apply at nighttime. I also use it when I’m flying to keep my skin hydrated.

bh: What is your top skin care tip?

Natalie: I know I have my skin care line now, but I think you should drink a lot of water, get plenty of sleep, and exercise. Combined with a really good skin care routine, these are the best things you can do for your skin.


bh: What’s your biggest beauty mistake? 

Natalie: Wearing too much make-up when I was younger. I think sometimes you get carried away and over-do it. A lot of make-up suits some people, but on me it's just too much - plus it can age me. Most men will tell you that less is more!

What are your must-have skin care products? Will you be trying Natalie’s range?




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Member Comments

Posted by: Anita1502 (Australia)

I might try one product or two! I think
Natalie is so beautiful!! She has always been stunning!

Posted on: November 26, 2014 (Nov 26, 2014 11:11am)

Posted by: Lucrecia629 (Australia)

Lucky girl! It sounds like a great opportunity and I would have jumped at it too if I was her. She definitely has enviable skin so it makes sense for her to go that route. With all of the competition within the market now, I'm curious to try the line to see if offers something new.

Posted on: November 26, 2014 (Nov 26, 2014 11:13am)

Body & Health category launch!

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Christmas has come early here at beautyheaven – we’ll soon be gifted with a brand new section of the site. 

Our shiny new tab will be called “Body & Health”, and it will appear on your computer screens, tablets and smartphones as of next week.

From the best body exfoliators to the foods you should be eating everyday, this section will arm you with everything you need to nourish your body from the inside and improve it on the outside.

Along with this new category, we’d also like to formally introduce our new resident Health and Fitness expert, Luke Horder. He’ll be using his personal trainer background to help us provide you with the best tips, tricks and how-tos – because true beauty starts from the inside.

The trainer behind the international book and DVD, Get the Fat Outta Here, Luke’s goal is to motivate, inspire and encourage others to reach their full potential. (And he looks good doing it…)

And while Luke whips our bodies into shape, the beautyheaven team you already know and love will point you in the direction of the best long-lasting tans, deliciously scented shower gels and most amazing moisturisers. Why? So your outside can match how good you feel on the inside!

Plus, we’ll be teaming up with an array of experts (think life coaches, naturopaths, meditation masters and yoga instructors) to focus on things like body confidence, mental health and overall happiness and wellbeing.

We hope you’re as excited about the Body & Health launch as we are!


What kind of things would you like to see in the new Body & Health category? Are there any particular experts you’d like to hear from or products you’d like to know about?


"How I lost 10 kilos in 12 weeks."

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Member Comments

Posted by: Anita1502 (Australia)

GREAT!!!!! Cant't wait!

Posted on: November 25, 2014 (Nov 25, 2014 4:03pm)

Posted by: Linda_Vesinger (Australia)

Looking forward to it. Info on how to lose weight when you're unable to include cardio based exercising would be helpful

Posted on: November 25, 2014 (Nov 25, 2014 4:08pm)

Will meditation help you lose weight?

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Miranda Kerr swears by meditation to help her cope with her hectic schedule, and now there’s talk the practice could lead to weight loss.

Yep, a new book is claiming meditation (and more specifically, ‘mindfulness’) can help you control your diet.

Written by Patrizia Collard, a psychotherapist, mindfulness teacher and stress management consultant, and Helen Stephenson, a mindfulness-based cognitive therapist, The Mindfulness Diet stresses the importance of tuning in to your eating habits and understanding your dietary needs.

With the message 'Mindfulness is the new attitude to living’, the book covers the myths and risks of extreme diets and offers tips on identifying your eating habits and understanding your real food needs. Plus, it includes mindfulness meditations, recipes and mindful eating plans.

While I question whether ‘mindfulness’ really just means ‘common sense’, it seems the mood-boosting Buddhist practice previously reserved for hippy types has officially made it into the mainstream.  

And with the book’s blurb emphasising “there is no dieting, calorie-counting or fasting” needed, it’s more a matter of eating less of what you don’t need, while filling up on nourishing foods. It certainly seems like a dietary approach most of us could master!

Do you think meditation can help you lose weight? What other weight loss tips do you swear by?



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Member Comments

Posted by: IndieAna (Member since 2008, Australia)

I guess it would help if I was meditating instead of eating, lol

Posted on: November 25, 2014 (Nov 25, 2014 2:55pm)

Posted by: MissM19 (Australia)

Not sure if it would help me but I would try it out

Posted on: November 25, 2014 (Nov 25, 2014 3:17pm)

How to quickly take off your make-up before bed

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Confession time: how many of you have defied the rules of simple skin care and gone to bed with a full face of make-up on? Even just once?

Yeah, we’ve all been guilty of it. I’m not even that ashamed* to say I’ve done it more than once. But it doesn’t make it right.

So here’s the solution for the girl who just wants to get into bed as soon as she walks in the door: micellar water

love to sleep gifFox/via giphy.com

Sure, make-up wipes are incredibly useful, but micellar water is a winning solution. Its unique formulation works that little bit harder to remove all traces of make-up – even that pesky eyeliner and mascara that never budges.

taking off makeup gifVia dailyedge.ie

See, the water-like formulation contains micells, an active cleansing ingredient that basically targets dirt and impurities on your skin (i.e. make-up) and gently washes them from your face.

To get the most out of your micellar water, squirt a generous amount on a soft cotton pad and wipe your face repeatedly until your skin is clean and clear of any traces of dirt and make-up. Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Cleansing is one of the newer micellar waters on the market and works wonders to effectively remove dirt and impurities without the need for vigorous rubbing (so it’s really gentle). The formulation is suitable for all skin types and is incredibly kind to the ol’ bank account.

take off makeup gifDisney/via bemusedlybespectacled.tumblr.com

Another added bonus? Along with removing make-up, it also leaves skin feeling clean and fresh, too. So, in theory, it wouldn’t be a total disaster to head to bed after this step. But obviously we would never condone that…

* Okay, I’m a little ashamed.

Have you ever used micellar water before? Are you guilty of going to bed without washing your face?


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Member Comments

Posted by: CherryBlossom (Australia)

I love using makeup removal wipes and especially trying new ones.

Posted on: November 25, 2014 (Nov 25, 2014 9:06am)

Posted by: Lucrecia629 (Australia)

I can safely say that I have never fallen asleep with makeup on. No matter how tired I am, I can't go to bed without having a shower so I always go to bed with a clean face. I have a couple of samples of micellar water that I'm looking forward to trying because I've heard such great things about it.

Posted on: November 25, 2014 (Nov 25, 2014 9:11am)