Simple ways to start being healthier

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Whether you have made it a New Years resolution or not, becoming healthier is something we should all be striving for. And the key to reaching any goal is to break it down into small steps. Trust me, cutting out everything ‘bad for you’, all at once, will only leave you crying into a bunch of kale.

So why not start by making the switch to natural beauty products, or adding a health boosting supplement into your diet? Those changes are easy enough. Here are some other simple ways to turn 2015 into your healthiest year yet.



Products that live in the bathroom are typically the ones you use most, so it’s the best place to start if you want to go down a more natural route. When it comes to everyday goodies like hand soap and body wash, you’ll want something that’s not only gentle on the skin, but hydrating and nourishing as well. We like Natural Instinct Hand Wash, because no matter how many times you need to wash your hands (damn that ‘drink more water’ resolution), they’ll stay nice and soft. For body wash, we couldn’t be more obsessed with Natures Care Organic Vanilla Ylang Ylang Moisturising Wash – the smell is delish.  

Oh, and did you know that even your wax can be natural? Yep, the new Waxaway Aquawax Roll On Kit is made with an all-natural formula AND it’s vegan friendly. Follow your wax with a slathering of GAIA SKIN+BODY Body Moisturiser and your skin will feel silky smooth, minus the nasties.



Why does the new year have to kick off at a time when ciders and sliders in the sun is all the rage?

If you’re struggling to get back to your pre-silly season self (nobody can say no to a beach burrito), there are a few healthy tricks you can adopt in the kitchen to save you from falling off the bandwagon completely.

We recommend drinking a glass of water with NuZest in the morning. This will ensure you get your complete recommended dietary intake of fruit and veggies – all before leaving the house!

And regardless of whether you’re a masterchef or mix-it-and-go kind of gal, Isowhey’s range of wholefood superfoods will have something for you to bake, create or simply throw in the blender (#fitspo snaps optional).



The next time you clean out that never-ending hole us ladies call a handbag, spend some time ‘detoxing’ it. Once you’ve ditched the fun-size Snickers bar and twenty bobby pins, try swapping out your dusty lip-gloss for Natralus Natural Paw Paw Ointment. It will not only keep your lips completely kissable, but it’s also handy for emergency insect stings, rashes and sunburn. 

Finally, meet your new on-the-go beauty staple: a tube of Glasshouse Kakadu Water Lily Hand & Body Crème. It smells divine, has a powdery finish and its packaging looks so good, you won’t even be embarrassed the next time you trip and spill your handbag contents, a la Carrie in Dior Paris.


Are you a fan of natural beauty and health products? How are you going to be a little healthier this year?


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Member Comments

Posted by: MissM19 (Australia)

Always been a fan of natural and organic products. Whatever you put on your face and body it gets absorbed so it's important to use only the best, quality products.

Posted on: January 07, 2015 (Jan 7, 2015 12:24pm)

Posted by: Coconut Jayne (Australia)

I'm guilty of using many not-so-natural products, but 2015 is a year of change and healthy living! Bring on natural and organic beauty!

Posted on: January 07, 2015 (Jan 7, 2015 12:34pm)

The beauty comeback from beyond the grave

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Marilyn Monroe has just been named the global ambassador for Max Factor – despite having passed away 53 years ago.

The curvaceous American beauty was, and still is, well-known for her sultry red lip, dramatic eyeliner and creamy complexion, making her the perfect fit for the beauty brand.

Max Factor Global Creative Design Director, Pat McGrath, says the Ruby Tuesday lipstick shade is ideal for instant, 40s-inspired glamour.


Are you a fan of Marilyn Monroe? Have you ever tried to recreate her iconic beauty look?


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Member Comments

Posted by: talk-a-lot (Australia)

Marilyn is an icon such a Hollywood beauty. I don't have the right features to pull of a Marilyn look.

Posted on: January 05, 2015 (Jan 5, 2015 2:07pm)

Posted by: Stensen (Australia)

Good for her! I wonder who gets paid?

Posted on: January 05, 2015 (Jan 5, 2015 2:18pm)

Your pregnancy BFF

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When you fall pregnant, your body goes through many changes. Between morning sickness, fluid retention and the rollercoaster of emotion, it’s easy to feel as though what’s happening to your body is completely out of your control.

Although you may feel overwhelmed by these changes, you can take back some power by arming yourself with the one product that’ll help to keep your skin healthy and prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

The product that’s rumoured to be on the vanities of some of the yummiest mummies in Hollywood is Bio-Oil®. That’s right, Victoria Beckham, Natalie Portman, Sienna Miller and Kim Kardashian are apparently avid users of this liquid gold – and it’s no wonder why.

Thanks to its blend of vitamins A and E and nourishing calendula, lavender and rosemary and chamomile oils, Bio-Oil® works to soothe, heal and regenerate the skin covering a rapidly-expanding baby belly.

When your body expands, it can cause the skin to tear and form scars, appearing on the surface as – you guessed it – stretch marks. Give your skin a helping hand by using Bio-Oil® at the start of your second trimester and throughout the rest of your pregnancy. Apply it twice daily to your tummy, breasts, hips, bottom and thighs and massage it into the skin using circular motions.

Perfect for busy mums-to-be, Bio-Oil® contains PurCellin Oil, which ensures the oil’s goodness is quickly absorbed, but it’s also light and non-greasy on the skin, so there’s no need to wait around before pulling on your jeans.

And after you’ve welcomed your bub into the world, you can continue using Bio-Oil® to improve the appearance of existing stretch marks, and treat your skin to some nourishment every day.

Read on to find out why some of our members swear by Bio-Oil® as their go-to product during pregnancy…


“Bio-Oil helps with the itchiness you get when things start to stretch out! I definitely recommend it!” – Redhair


“I got really dry skin during pregnancy (I felt like a reptile!), and Bio-Oil reduced the scaliness completely. I noticed the biggest benefit after I had my daughter: no stretch marks from where her rapidly-expanding little body had been for nine months. I also used it afterwards to help my skin regain its 'springiness'.” – bh’s Laura


“I’ve been using Bio-Oil since I found out I was pregnant! I have been told by lots of friends that it is the best thing to prevent stretch marks.” – Radical Renay


“The marks on my tummy have gone due to Bio-Oil and I highly recommend it to any mummy. I take it as baby shower gift for all mums-to-be because it works.” – Marza



Do you use Bio-Oil during pregnancy? How has it helped you?


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Member Comments

Posted by: MissM19 (Australia)

Nice! I'll be using it hopefully in the future whenever I want to have children

Posted on: January 05, 2015 (Jan 5, 2015 12:10pm)

Posted by: talk-a-lot (Australia)

Bio Oil is such a wonderful skincare product, great for massages.

Posted on: January 05, 2015 (Jan 5, 2015 2:04pm)

The party girl’s guide to festive tresses

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It’s officially party season, which means I’ll be scurrying about Sydney on any given night complete with party make-up and my hair cascading down my back in what I HOPE is a sexy mermaid-ish type of way. In all honesty, I often don’t have the time for the maintenance required for such a long blonde ‘do, therefore I rely on the following products to keep me looking as fab as I deserve...


The Colour: DIY Blonde

It takes many, many hours for a hairdresser to manage/colour/tame my locks and in the funny words of YouTube sensation Sweet, Sweet Brown, ‘Ain’t nobody got time fo dat.’ Well I don’t anyway. I have far better things to do on a Saturday like you know, give the old finger a workout on Tinder with Sex and The City repeats on in the background. The easy solution for this sheer laziness is DYI, which saves me a hell of a lot of time AND money. #winning.

Once a month I pat John Frieda Precision Foam Colour into my roots all over my head, followed by a few packets (hey, I gotta lot of hair) of the silver toner by Schwarzkopf LIVE Colour. I find that these two particular products don’t dry my hair and leave a really beautiful, natural result. Result being a very modest blonde bombshell #justsayin.




Ok so you know how Dry Shampoo is awesome? And have you tried texturising dust (I love this one by Fudge)? Yep, so you know it’s also awesome. So imagine a product that is basically all of the above in ONE SINGLE CYLINDER OF AWESOMENESS. Well, that’s what you have with the Label.m Texturising Volume Spray. My holy grail of ‘beach to bar’ hair styling, this product makes tousled tresses super simple with it’s non-sticky, malleable formula. I simply spritz it into my roots and it immediately gives my locks this edgy, voluminous look.  You know those ‘I’m a model and I have fab hair and this is how I woke up. Duh!’ locks? That’s the hair that I get using this secret weapon so I’m obvy obsessed.


The Health: No More sad tresses and not-so-hot roots


Curling, straightening, blow drying, dying, and crimping. My locks take an absolute beating with all the styling stresses I place on my tresses each night. PLUS the added strain of so much sun beating down on them while I frolick in the surf thinking I look like a graceful swan. My saving grace is using a hearty dollop of Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask on my hair twice a week and sleeping in it occasionally so it really penetrates the follicles and unleashes hydration. I also apply a cheaper mask (I LOVE the Garnier Fructis Nutri-Repair 5-min Ultra Nourishing Butter Mask - it smells yummy and is super nourishing) all over my strands before heading to the beach as it hydrates and protects my hair from getting all stiff and gross. I ALWAYS brush the masks through my hair with the Lady Jayne Tangleze as it's the only brush I’ve ever used which doesn’t pull hairs out and is therefore the best thing ever. I used to think I was going bald when I brushed, not anymore thanks to this bad boy.


So there’s my go-to hair products for party season. What are yours?



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Member Comments

Posted by: TheUglyDuckling (Australia)

I would love the details on some new leave in moisturisers rather than just masks. My hair has been suffering from this summer heat wave (and the humidity itchies). I'm out of leave-in, so any new suggestions would be most welcome!

Posted on: January 04, 2015 (Jan 4, 2015 12:11pm)

Posted by: Hayley644 (Australia)

I use a Sukin Protein Treatment Hair Masque once a week.

Posted on: January 04, 2015 (Jan 4, 2015 12:16pm)

7 ways to use coconut oil on your skin

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Coconut oil is everywhere at the moment. You’ll find it’s used as a cooking oil, in green smoothies, and some health nuts even put a teaspoon in their morning coffee. 


So what’s all the fuss about coconut oil? Firstly, it’s praised for its high smoking temperature, as well as its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and weight loss properties.


But did you know this miracle oil is good for your skin, too?


Buy a jar for your beauty cupboard, and use it in the following ways: 


#1 Moisturiser


Coconut oil is a great moisturiser. It penetrates deeply into the skin to moisturise without leaving a greasy residue on your face. The light coconut fragrance will make you feel like you’ve just got off a plane from the Bahamas.


bh tip: In summer, coconut oil turns to liquid so you can apply it directly to your skin. In cooler temperatures it solidifies, so you might need to run the jar under a warm tap before you rub it over your limbs. 


#2 Shaving cream


Rub a good amount of coconut oil on your legs in the shower to ensure a super close shave, sans razor burn. But be warned: the oil won’t wash off as easily as shaving cream does, but that also means you’ll use less of it. The best part? It doubles as a moisturiser, so you’ll save time from your morning routine. 

#3 Exfoliator


For an at-home exfoliator, mix one part coconut oil with one part raw sugar. Keep the mixture in a jar in the bathroom and use every time your skin needs a little bit of loving. We recommend you use it in the shower, as it can get a little messy!


If you can’t be bothered to make your own, why not try Elemis Frangipani Monoi Salt Glow? The body scrub combines coconut oil with Tahitian monoi oil and frangipani flowers to leave the skin fragrant and smooth. 


#4 Make-up remover


Coconut oil is also a super effective, all-natural make-up remover. Apply the oil to the face and eyes with a cotton pad, and wash off with a warm washcloth. It will even get rid of that waterproof mascara and stubborn foundation you always struggle with. 


#5 Insect repellent


Do you hate the smell of Aeroguard and other insect repellents but are forced to use it anyway? Give coconut oil a go. It will keep those darn mosquitos at bay, plus, its anti-bacterial properties mean it’s a great treatment for inflamed bites. 


#6 Lip balm


Apply a tiny amount of coconut oil to dry or cracked lips for ultimate hydration. If the taste is a little too much for you to handle, try out a lip balm with coconut oil as a main ingredient. Burt’s Bees Replenishing Lip Balm combines pomegranate oil with sunflower oil, sweet almond oil and coconut oil to replenish and soften the lips. Beeswax and lanolin also provide a protective coating, to prevent lips from drying out. 


#7 Lubricant


In true bh style, we’ve saved the cheekiest for last. Coconut oil is a great as a personal lubricant as it’s free from any nasties. Just make sure you swap your latex condoms for polyurethane ones. For more ways to use coconut oil in the bedroom, check out this article.


Do you like to use coconut oil on your hair, skin or body? What’s your favourite coconut oil based product?



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Member Comments

Posted by: jatz (Member since 2008, Australia)

Wow, so many uses for Coconut Oil. I remember as a teen we used to use Coconut Oil to get a tan. We also used it as an exfoliator mixed with sugar way back then also but I had completely forgotten that till I just read the article.

Posted on: January 03, 2015 (Jan 3, 2015 10:11am)

Posted by: Hayley644 (Australia)

I haven't used coconut oil before but I might buy some after reading this article.

Posted on: January 03, 2015 (Jan 3, 2015 10:27am)